OSI Food Solutions wins the Globe of Honor Award for the third time

OSI Food Solutions was one of 18 companies around the world to be awarded the 2016 Globe of Honor Award for its management of environmental risks by the British Safety Council. For an organization to qualify for the competition, the minimum requirement was five stars in the environmental management audit scheme organized by the British Safety Council between August 2015 and July 2016 to participate in the competition. The organization must also demonstrate its excellence in environmental management throughout the business to an independent group of specialists. It is also worth noting that OSI has won the Globe of Honor twice, in 2013 and even in 2015.

History of OSI

OSI Group is a leading food provider around the world that boasts of over 60 facilities based in 17 different countries with more than 20,000 workers. It began as a small butcher shop based in Oak Park, Chicago in 1909 owned by Otto Kolschowsky, a German immigrant. By the end of the First World of War, the business had expanded into wholesale which included moving to Maywood. In 1928, the business enterprise changed its name to Otto & Sons. For years it continued to grow as a local business until its partnership with McDonald which saw it skyrocket. The ability of the company to adapt to new technologies enabled it to maintain its position as the leading meat supplier for McDonald’s to date. As it transitioned as both a local supplier and a fast-growing Midwest provider, Otto and Sons later came to be known as OSI Industries.

Growth of OSI

In the last ten years, OSI Food Solutions has developed into a leading supplier of protein products ranging from sausages to hamburger patties. The company also launched a beef production plant in 2010 in Japan. After that, two more plants were launched in India in 2012. The venture has also expanded into Poland, Germany, and the United Kingdom. Moreover, two culinary innovation centers, one in Shanghai and one in Aurora were established.


OSI Food Solutions bought a storage warehouse and food processing facility in Chicago previously owned by Tyson Foods. Tyson Foods had announced the closing of its facility to improve efficiencies. The property is intended to provide infrastructure for the booming business especially with its proximity to the existing OSI Chicago facility. Since its acquisition, OSI has expanded its manufacturing capabilities. OSI Food Solutions also acquired a Dutch food manufacturer, Baho Foods. Baho Foods owns five branches with processing facilities in Netherlands and Germany. However, unlike Tyson Foods, the management team of Baho Foods remained part of the business and worked under OSI.


OSI Food Solutions has withstood the test of time and succeeded in becoming a trailblazer in the food industry. The business enterprise continues to expand in other continents as it provides quality food products to the market.

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Richard Dewayne Blair Financial Planning Stategies

Wealth Solutions has helped people all over Austin, Texas and surrounding areas reach their financial goals for successful retirement. Many people do not adequately or beneficially prepare for retirement. Retirement always seems so far, so people do not take time to prepare they wait until it is almost that time to prepare for retirement. Wealth Solutions was founded by Richard Dewayne Blair not long after he graduated from college. Richard Dewayne Blair received his bachelor’s degree from the University of Houston. In 1003 after he completed his bachelor’s degree, he began working in finance. After gathering information about finance, he started Wealth Solutions. He is the founder of the firm and an advisor at the firm.

Richard Dewayne Blair and Wealth Solutions have accumulated a significant number of certifications in finance to help them coach people successfully. Wealth Solutions helps their clients who have been known to be families, small businesses, and individuals reach their financial goals in an effective manner. Blair created a system for his company that would allow them to serve their clients according to their personal needs. They would not be able to help their clients if they used the same techniques for everyone that they worked with.

Wealth Solutions works by the three pillar system when they are working with their clients. The first pillar of the system is where they look at where their client is present. They need to know what their strengths and weaknesses are so that they make a plan that allows them to overcome any difficulties that they may be having at the moment. The second pillar enables the advisor to create a detailed plan with goals that the client needs to reach in order to achieve financial success. The third pillar of the system is where the advisor watches the clients account to make sure that they are doing everything that they discussed with their advisor. If something goes wrong, the advisor makes sure to make changes to the plan to ensure success for their client. The goal of the advisor is merely to have successful clients.


Possible Futures of Fashion And Academy of Art University

Academy of Art University definitely recognizes fashion as art. A lot of recent attention has been brought towards fashion. One thing that can be said about the attention paid to fashion is that it is earned. People are seeing fashion as something that is going to have a very interesting future. One good thing about the future of fashion is that it can be influenced by designers and consumers alike. This can bring something that can make many different groups happy. One thing that Academy of Art University contributes to fashion is that it has a lot of influence in the future of fashion.

One possible future of fashion is that it becomes very diverse. While there are still going to be trends, people are going to be encouraged to express their own sense of style. When people use fashion to show other people the type of person they are, then they are going to be able to contribute to the many different styles and the availability of such. This means that there are going to be more types of items which include the trendy items of the season. This can be something that is very exciting and attractive for new customers.

Another possible future is the fashion police version of the future. This is the type of future where there is no creativity. Also, people may feel as if they do not have any options in the world of fashion. Fortunately, Academy of Art University is training many designers with the passion to bring something different into the fashion industry. With enough different styles, people are going to be encouraged to see if they can find something that gives them a personal sense of adventure when it comes to their clothing. They will be in their own world of fashion while impressing others with their sense of style.


GoBuyside, a Recruitment Platform

Gobuyside is a renowned recruitment platform that deals with hedge funds, private investors, and investment managers across different areas. It relies on tactical approaches and technology to carry out its mandate and recruit best-fitted individuals. The platform has the competitive personnel, who search and screen candidates before recruiting them. It gives everyone a fair chance during recruitment, and this helps to ensure that only the best are selected. The team has educational credentials and professionalism, which helps GoBuyside to meet its targets. Currently, more than 400 people use the platform and trust it to meet their demands. The platform has managed to source talents for more than 500 cities and it is expanding operation in other areas. Read more at Wayup about GoBuyside.


Brandon Ferguson, a blogger at affiliatedork.com, wrote about GoBuyside recruitment solutions and what you stand to gain by using the platform. Investment managers and CEOs often express fears about finding new talent to deliver results. Most of the times, they find people who have no expertise in what they are doing or are not passionate about their work. This is where GoBuyside comes in handy to help managers to get talented individuals who not only deliver results but love what they do. Most managers are optimistic about recruiting investment management skills and talent with specific expertise. The surest way to end recruitment problems is by using recruiting experts that are in the management sector and know what they are doing. Also, it is advantageous to leave the work to experts because they will recruit only those who are qualified for the job. Learn more about GoBuyside’s founder at Interview.net.

Since GoBuyside is a search firm, alleviates the burden of searching for talented individuals fit for any role. They use practical methods to eliminate recurring issues and find specialized talent. Although using sector-specific recruitment experts instead of generalizing the process does not eliminate all the recurring issues, it is better than other options. It increases the chances of getting great investment management talent and reduces opportunity cost. GoBuyside is a great platform for managers and CEOs searching for talent and investment options. Using the platform is helpful when investment management companies choose to recruit firms with similar skills.

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Freedom Check Being Paid In A month: Matt Badiali Investment Plan

It is the time investors who had the motivation to know more about the Freedom checks and then invest in them. Those who didn’t understand lost a great opportunity of having a nice payday. This all behind a man called Matt Badiali. Little is known about Matt Badiali. He is a master graduate from Atlantic University in Florida. Having pursued geology, he became a consultant and traveled to different countries like Iraq, Singapore, Turkey and many more. When he was working in those countries he used to learn and research different governments and their local laws. In addition, he ensured he has gained knowledge about politics, resources, and governments. Read this article at Medium.com.

He is currently working at Banyan Hill”s as an expert in investment advise. He is in the editorial department. What he values in terms of investments are metals and natural resources.

According to Matt Badiali, the checks will be paid before the end of 2018 June. Many people have been mistaken with checks, but they are not issued or paid by the government of United States. The checks, on the other hand, have the capacity to offer a monthly payment that is exceeding anything you can expect to receive in a governmental program like that one of social security. Read the Q&A session with Matt on Frontline Profits Live.

It has become something to rethink because you might think that there is something sketchy about the Freedom checks. Even many marketing departments are using that term in marketing efforts. There are ads in televisions and they are giving impressions as if the government is the one issuing these checks and it won’t gain anything for return. This is what raised a red flag especially to those with little or no investment experiences. The reality is that they are legitimate checks and no one is given free money. So that you can be considered the potential in receiving the checks you will be required to make a commitment to the ongoing investments. Then a huge payout will be given to you as the investors are waiting to receive in the month of June.

The program under Matt Badiali is offering an opportunity for investment and it is a proven profitability and legitimate. It is high time for the investors to get time and learn how this investment is working. Matt Badiali has been stressing, again and again, using an eye-opening newsletter, where he talks about this real wealth. He explains how you cant be able to receive the checks if you have not learned about forces that are behind them.

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Malcolm CasSelle Unites Digital Transaction Under One Token

Malcom CasSelle is a master’s graduate from Stanford University. He founded his first company, NetNoir, back in the heady days of 1995. He was top executive in Tencent’s joint venture with Groupon, and was top level executive for Xfire, MediaPass, and Tronc Inc.

CasSelle became CIO for OPSkins in 2017 and has aided the company in becoming a top-selling worldwide provider of in-game assets. He also invested in bitcoin early, allowing OPSkins to gain ground as the largest merchant of Bitcoin in the world. Currently he is the president and CEO of WAX, a brand new trading platform from OPSkins. WAX is the future of the cryptocurrency market, and an innovation stemming from CasSelle’s expertise.

The thing about cryptocurrency is almost anybody can create it. Bitcoin is just one form, but there are dozens of digital monies being created by numerous companies. Each of these cryptocurrencies is given its own value, an act called tokenization. Tokenization assigns value to virtual assets, giving them a trade value for other commodities. The problem that stems here is different cryptocurrencies have different values, resulting in a FOREX market system. A system that requires a middleman.

CasSelle and the designers of WAX created a solution, the WAX token. WAX token’s tokenize assets, but they use the same common token. The games connected the WAX network, do not deal in different tokens, just different providers who are split up into guilds according to the game. Since the tokens are the same, the value is the same, so no middleman is required for conversion. No matter the region, no matter the physical currency used in that region. They all purchase the same tokens, which are used for selling and trading.

This innovation makes buying and selling quick, seamless, and painless. Gamers can buy and sell without clicking out of their present screen. It is fast and completely reliable. Such an innovation can change the entire industry, making cryptocurrency more of a viable trade medium. CasSelle has already gone on record stating that WAX may light a fire under the gaming market as a whole.

Find out more about Malcolm CasSelle: http://casselle.com/

ClassDojo Is Making the Classroom Available to Parents

ClassDojo is an app that was created by two educators, Liam Don and Sam Chaudhary in 2011. It is designed to help non-English-speaking parents to be able to plug in and be a factor in the education of their children. The app is currently being used in 90 percent of American schools, in over 180 countries, and in 35 different languages.

The purpose of the app is to overcome the gap that is created when parents do not speak English as a first language and to supply support to the students from home. ClassDojo allows parents to have access to student reports, homework, and class activities. Pictures, photos, lessons, plays, musical and art activities, and whatever else the teacher deems appropriate are examples of the information and activities that are available.

ClassDojo can also be individualized as the teacher can create a “class” for that student. With a “class” the teacher can assign exercises that would help a student understand a math problem, practice a musical scale, or extra reading of specific materials for better understanding.

The mission statement of ClassDojo states that the platform is designed to foster the building of community between school personnel, family members, and students. By being able to allow the parents to participate in student lessons and activities be being able to have access, is a huge dynamic for student motivation. Parents will know what is going on at school with student motivation, effort, and results. The parents will have a head start on monitoring school activities and homework.

If for any reason, a parent has a question or a comment for a teacher, they can simply write a note on ClassDojo and the teacher can respond using the same platform. The possibilities are 3endless with the ultimate goal of allowing total transparency between the school classroom and the parents of the students.

ClassDojo runs on Bank Grade security so that no personal information is ever shared with anyone who is not entitled to receive it. ClassDojo is in compliance with the Child Online Privacy Protection Act and the Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act.

Vinod Gupta; Changing Women’s Lives through Donations to Schools

It looks like the modest Vinod Gupta has done it again. This time, he has chosen to invest in Rampur Maniharan, a community in his hometown. Apparently, he has donated $1 million towards the development of Ram Rati Gupta Polytechnic, an institution that was formed in 2000. Over the years, this school has changed women’s lives as they have been able to earn their postgraduate degree in about two years. Moreover, the establishment of this school gave life to a technology driven institution that has provided more focus to the success of women in addition to enabling them to stand on their feet and be independent.


Through the use of computers, this institution has empowered many mothers to be able to land technical jobs in the country’s leading corporations. Besides, with the assistance of Vinod Gupta, the school is now in a position to provide textbooks, buses and computer applications. Even with such contributions, Gupta does not forget his roots and how daunting of a task it has been to grow his career into what it is today.

The Observation

From modest beginnings, Gupta recalls how he lived in a small city in India. Straight from his junior school, he learned the value of money and how it can affect the community. As he grew up, he wanted to be something and perhaps change people’s lives in every way that he could. Having attended a small school in his community, he always wished to move to a land that would offer his greener pastures. Perhaps that is why he worked hard to become one of the few students who made it to the Indian Technological Institute. While in school, he majored in agricultural engineering. After school, he relocated to the United States of America and focused on acquiring a master’s degree in the same course he majored in while at India. This time, he joined University of Nebraska. Until now, Vinod Gupta has seeded millions in many businesses across different sectors.

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Herman Law Restoring Justice Where Hearts are Sinking

Early Career and First Sexual Abuse Case
Jeff Herman is a trial lawyer, an advocate for survivors of sexual abuse. He founded Herman Law in 2011 to pursue taking on more cases of sexual abuse that were taking place in the country. The founding idea for Herman Law came from an experience from 1997, when a young Mother has suspicions her young autistic son was being sexually abused at daycare.

The young boy returned from school one day and told his parents someone had touched him and made him feel uncomfortable. The concerned Mother brought the case to Jeff Herman who took on the case. The person doing the abusing was a registered sex offender who moved to another state to avoid detection.

Becoming passionate for Justice
Jeff Herman had been working as a successful lawyer working with large corporations, but something inside himself changed after he won the case and became a “voice for the silent” autistic boy. He later decided to leave work as a corporate lawyer and dedicate his legal practice to representing exclusively sexual abuse cases. During this time there were many sexual abuse cases arising from within the Catholic Church and his greatest settlement for victims of sexual abuse by priests came from this early period.

Work Ethic
Jeff Herman gives himself 100% to all his work, so when he takes on a case he and his staff form a perfect support team for every client. It takes particular courage to come forward after a person is abused sexually. He feels privileged to be the person that survivors of sexual abuse turn to during their trial.

Herman Law handles multiple kinds of sexual abuse: daycare, residential care, clergy abuse, campus assault, Hollywood Sex Abuse, and others.

Beginning a Case
The first things that Jeff Herman and his team do at the beginning of a case is set out a clear timeline of what happened in a case from before the assault until after the victim reports the abuse. They address every red flag along the way and gather all the documented facts that are necessary to make a case.

Lime Crime’s Spring Fling

It’s that time of the year again, when new colors and trends are busting out all over the country and over the world. Certainly, Lime Crime, is one makeup line that is very aware of the new trends. However, the makeup company is also aware that they have established beauty trends for millions of their followers. Hot new trends for the spring season include very vibrant colors. In fact, the unicorn colors are busting out all over in fashion and beauty. Girls today, are heavily inspired by the magical unicorn colors that include lavender, aqua, blue, yellow, pink, and green.

The Beauty Connection

Lime Crime is a makeup company that established their brand name based on their love for bold and dazzling colors. Many are true to the unicorn colors too. It’s easy for a girl to follow trends with her beauty routine today. Simply, add the fashionable colors to your makeup palettes like those in the Venus Eyeshadow Palette. For example, add a touch of pink eye-shadow to the lids. Line the eyes with a color that is a bit non traditional like a lime crime green. Add a blush of color to the cheeks in a very cheeky color. The different hues of purple are also a very hot trend to follow this spring. Add a bit of that color to your lipstick wardrobe to follow that very hot trend.

Start With A Good Base

Any girl that would like to hop on board the new spring color trend should start with a good base. Scrub your face clean and apply a foundation that perfectly blends in with your natural skin tone. Select a foundation for your skin type too. Make sure the foundation includes a high SPF to protect the skin from sun damage. Always start your makeup routine with a good foundation.

Lime Crime

All the makeup that is produced by the company is vegan and cruelty free. This simply means that their products do not include any animal ingredients and the products were not tested on animals. The company also features the latest color trends in their highly successful makeup line.