ClassDojo Is Making the Classroom Available to Parents

ClassDojo is an app that was created by two educators, Liam Don and Sam Chaudhary in 2011. It is designed to help non-English-speaking parents to be able to plug in and be a factor in the education of their children. The app is currently being used in 90 percent of American schools, in over 180 countries, and in 35 different languages.

The purpose of the app is to overcome the gap that is created when parents do not speak English as a first language and to supply support to the students from home. ClassDojo allows parents to have access to student reports, homework, and class activities. Pictures, photos, lessons, plays, musical and art activities, and whatever else the teacher deems appropriate are examples of the information and activities that are available.

ClassDojo can also be individualized as the teacher can create a “class” for that student. With a “class” the teacher can assign exercises that would help a student understand a math problem, practice a musical scale, or extra reading of specific materials for better understanding.

The mission statement of ClassDojo states that the platform is designed to foster the building of community between school personnel, family members, and students. By being able to allow the parents to participate in student lessons and activities be being able to have access, is a huge dynamic for student motivation. Parents will know what is going on at school with student motivation, effort, and results. The parents will have a head start on monitoring school activities and homework.

If for any reason, a parent has a question or a comment for a teacher, they can simply write a note on ClassDojo and the teacher can respond using the same platform. The possibilities are 3endless with the ultimate goal of allowing total transparency between the school classroom and the parents of the students.

ClassDojo runs on Bank Grade security so that no personal information is ever shared with anyone who is not entitled to receive it. ClassDojo is in compliance with the Child Online Privacy Protection Act and the Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act.

Vinod Gupta; Changing Women’s Lives through Donations to Schools

It looks like the modest Vinod Gupta has done it again. This time, he has chosen to invest in Rampur Maniharan, a community in his hometown. Apparently, he has donated $1 million towards the development of Ram Rati Gupta Polytechnic, an institution that was formed in 2000. Over the years, this school has changed women’s lives as they have been able to earn their postgraduate degree in about two years. Moreover, the establishment of this school gave life to a technology driven institution that has provided more focus to the success of women in addition to enabling them to stand on their feet and be independent.


Through the use of computers, this institution has empowered many mothers to be able to land technical jobs in the country’s leading corporations. Besides, with the assistance of Vinod Gupta, the school is now in a position to provide textbooks, buses and computer applications. Even with such contributions, Gupta does not forget his roots and how daunting of a task it has been to grow his career into what it is today.

The Observation

From modest beginnings, Gupta recalls how he lived in a small city in India. Straight from his junior school, he learned the value of money and how it can affect the community. As he grew up, he wanted to be something and perhaps change people’s lives in every way that he could. Having attended a small school in his community, he always wished to move to a land that would offer his greener pastures. Perhaps that is why he worked hard to become one of the few students who made it to the Indian Technological Institute. While in school, he majored in agricultural engineering. After school, he relocated to the United States of America and focused on acquiring a master’s degree in the same course he majored in while at India. This time, he joined University of Nebraska. Until now, Vinod Gupta has seeded millions in many businesses across different sectors.

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Herman Law Restoring Justice Where Hearts are Sinking

Early Career and First Sexual Abuse Case
Jeff Herman is a trial lawyer, an advocate for survivors of sexual abuse. He founded Herman Law in 2011 to pursue taking on more cases of sexual abuse that were taking place in the country. The founding idea for Herman Law came from an experience from 1997, when a young Mother has suspicions her young autistic son was being sexually abused at daycare.

The young boy returned from school one day and told his parents someone had touched him and made him feel uncomfortable. The concerned Mother brought the case to Jeff Herman who took on the case. The person doing the abusing was a registered sex offender who moved to another state to avoid detection.

Becoming passionate for Justice
Jeff Herman had been working as a successful lawyer working with large corporations, but something inside himself changed after he won the case and became a “voice for the silent” autistic boy. He later decided to leave work as a corporate lawyer and dedicate his legal practice to representing exclusively sexual abuse cases. During this time there were many sexual abuse cases arising from within the Catholic Church and his greatest settlement for victims of sexual abuse by priests came from this early period.

Work Ethic
Jeff Herman gives himself 100% to all his work, so when he takes on a case he and his staff form a perfect support team for every client. It takes particular courage to come forward after a person is abused sexually. He feels privileged to be the person that survivors of sexual abuse turn to during their trial.

Herman Law handles multiple kinds of sexual abuse: daycare, residential care, clergy abuse, campus assault, Hollywood Sex Abuse, and others.

Beginning a Case
The first things that Jeff Herman and his team do at the beginning of a case is set out a clear timeline of what happened in a case from before the assault until after the victim reports the abuse. They address every red flag along the way and gather all the documented facts that are necessary to make a case.

Lime Crime’s Spring Fling

It’s that time of the year again, when new colors and trends are busting out all over the country and over the world. Certainly, Lime Crime, is one makeup line that is very aware of the new trends. However, the makeup company is also aware that they have established beauty trends for millions of their followers. Hot new trends for the spring season include very vibrant colors. In fact, the unicorn colors are busting out all over in fashion and beauty. Girls today, are heavily inspired by the magical unicorn colors that include lavender, aqua, blue, yellow, pink, and green.

The Beauty Connection

Lime Crime is a makeup company that established their brand name based on their love for bold and dazzling colors. Many are true to the unicorn colors too. It’s easy for a girl to follow trends with her beauty routine today. Simply, add the fashionable colors to your makeup palettes like those in the Venus Eyeshadow Palette. For example, add a touch of pink eye-shadow to the lids. Line the eyes with a color that is a bit non traditional like a lime crime green. Add a blush of color to the cheeks in a very cheeky color. The different hues of purple are also a very hot trend to follow this spring. Add a bit of that color to your lipstick wardrobe to follow that very hot trend.

Start With A Good Base

Any girl that would like to hop on board the new spring color trend should start with a good base. Scrub your face clean and apply a foundation that perfectly blends in with your natural skin tone. Select a foundation for your skin type too. Make sure the foundation includes a high SPF to protect the skin from sun damage. Always start your makeup routine with a good foundation.

Lime Crime

All the makeup that is produced by the company is vegan and cruelty free. This simply means that their products do not include any animal ingredients and the products were not tested on animals. The company also features the latest color trends in their highly successful makeup line.

Cyber-security expert William Saito

In recognition as one of the “100 Most Influential People for Japan”, Nikkei felt that William Saito is very well the man for the title. William Saito is a 47 year old Japanese American businessman. Born in Los Angeles, CA, he started out on the right path to becoming very successful. During his elementary school years, Saito began showing a great deal of interest in software programming. In junior high school he began a computer security venture and he started his own company while still in high school. After receiving his diploma from Damien High School he attended University of California. Even though he did not graduate and obtain a medical license as he may have mentioned, he does want to be recognized for his achievements and facts about his career journey. In 1998 he was named Entrepreneur of the Year and is known as one of the world’s leading authorities on cyber-security. Understanding and implementing a way to avoid a cyber attack makes him very popular in a world where technology is under constant attack. William Saito teaches organizations how to prepare for cyber attacks and what is needed to protect information.

William Saito has a full rewarding career history. He founded I/O software in 1991. He was an advisor for the Japanese Cabinet Office from 2013-2017. From 2016-2017 Saito was an advisor for the ministry of economy, trade and industry. He was honored to serve as a technical task member for the 2020 summer Olympics and Paralympics. In 2015 he accepted a role as a strategic advisor for Japan Airlines. Dedicated to advising in the industry of cybersecurity his experience is growing and expanding. During all of his accomplishments Saito managed to write a book called ‘An unprogrammed life: adventures of an Incurable Entrepreneur. His book is like an insight to his mind as it entered the world of business at a young age. Founding multiple profitable companies, he is now supporting up and coming entrepreneurs in their business adventures. Saito fully supports individuals that take risk when it comes to business because he feels it will help to reach financial levels people sometimes fail to realize are possible. He supports the notion that failure is a necessity to move forward.

CEO Sheldon Lavin Is Honored With The Global Visionary Award

Sheldon Lavin, CEO of the OSI Group, is a man with vision. He is also great at identifying potential. Lavin is the moving force behind the growth and international expansion of the OSI Group. When Lavin took over the company from its original owners in the early 1980s, it was called Otto & Sons and it was focused on providing quality cuts of meat for restaurants and supermarkets in the Midwest and beef patties for McDonald’s. He maintained the company’s reputation for high quality food, expanded its offerings to include fish, poultry, dough and vegetable products, changed it’s name to the OSI Group and took it around the world.

Today, thanks to the excellent planning and precise execution of Sheldon Lavin and the OSI Group staff, the company has a customer base that encompasses 85 countries. It also has over 70 food processing facilities in 17 countries around the globe. But under the guidance of CEO Lavin, the OSI Group not only produces the highest quality food products, it also has a reputation for worker safety and excellent environmental management. In fact, the company has won the Globe of Honor from the British Safety Council several times, along with countless other awards and accolades.

The OSI Group has enjoyed amazing growth under the guidance of Lavin. Part of the reason for its success is Lavin’s background in finance, accounting and banking. He studied accounting and finance in college. He also worked in the banking industry for many years. Lavin also ran his own accounting firm for years before taking over the OSI Group. Using his vision, planning, financial acumen and understanding of business, he was able to transform the Aurora, Illinois based company into one of the top 100 food companies in the United States and a major player in the global food production industry.

Sheldon Lavin is a talented, highly successful business executive. He has created a step-by-step plan for his company’s expansion on 5 continents. Lavin has also created award-winning worker and food safety policies and created systems designed to protect the environment long before ‘green’ business practices became popular. Plus, the expansion plan that Sheldon Lavin made for the OSI Group almost 40 years ago has become a reality. In recognition of his ability to fulfill his plan to make the OSI Group a global brand, Vision World Academy in India gave Sheldon Lavin their ‘Global Visionary’ award.

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In today’s world OSI group has proved to be the broadest food providers within the globe. The recently released report confirmed that the group consists of 20,000 staff with 65 facilities within seventeen states. The group’s inclination from a humble start into a significant mega corporate firm is a crucial slice of the American economic chronology within the 20th century. The firm presents a progressing presence within the static evolving recent world’s story, more so, the globalized economy.

The OSI Group has a history that is connected to the immigrant experience witnessed in America. At the dawn of the 20th century, Kolschowsky Otto was among the flourishing German immigrant society members within Chicago, Illinois. Germans made the city’s quarter population by then. This thriving town acted as the nation’s industrial center as well as an entry point where new immigrants could establish their stay within the plains. Carl Sandburg in his 1914 report described this city as “The World’s Hog Butcher, Wheat Stacker, and Tool Maker City.”

Two years after Kolschowsky’s arrival in the U.S., he opened a mini retail meat center as well as butchery shop aimed at serving the people of his community. As the World War 1 concluded, Otto had done a great job in his business and was operating on a wholesale basis. The movement of operations signified this to other Chicago suburb like Maywood.

Following another decade, Otto’s business took a familiar family-based storyline and was rebranded into Otto and Sons within the 1928 year. This business sustained stability within the local region for many decades.

As the postwar fiscal progression set in, Ray Kroc set up the McDonald’s restaurant at Plaines, Illinois in 1955. Before this, he had signed a handshake contract with Otto Kolschowsky sons to become the business’ fresh ground meat supplier. However, this was a poor progression. After some few years, Ray Kroc opted to purchase the McDonalds thus becoming its CEO.

The transformation of Otto and Sons from a regional supplier to a global union OSI Group resulted over the following two decades. Kroc’s franchising was symbolized with a primary element of each intimate restaurant as well as customers with consistent products. To remain in business, the OSI Group transformed into OSI Industries, and the name change was codified down from the seventy-five years transition from a relative butcher shop into a technologically improved firm functioning within the manufacturer’s scale.

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The Chainsmokers Member Alex Pall Gives An Inside Look Into How The Band Has Become What They Are Today In Interview

The Chainsmokers Member Alex Pall Gives An Inside Look Into How The Band Has Become What They Are Today In Interview

The Chainsmokers are a group of members who share a passion for music and use that passion to build something strong. For Alex Pall and Andrew Taggart, they barely knew each other when they decided to join together to form the new Chainsmokers band. Andrew had originally been a member of the first group when his band mate decided to leave. When that happened, he wanted to bring someone else in and that is when he met Alex. From that point on, it was all history.

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Social media has opened doors for everyone to be able to share things that before now would have only been able to be shared among family and friends. Since the start of social media, people are able to reach out to an audience unlike ever before. The new friendships also lead to fans being able to communicate with their favorite bands, actors or actresses along with even models. For bands like the Chainsmokers, they have been able to see what their fans are up to.

The shows that the Chainsmokers are putting on are new and exciting. For the band, they love to please their fans and pleasing them around the world is something new and exciting for the band. They first started out by traveling for their first official album and since then, they have been to places that they have never been before now. Original fans are still buying tickets to shows and following them and new fans are coming along for the ride as well. Since their music is ever changing, so are the fans that are following them.

Before now, Andrew Taggart and Alex Pall have put on an exceptional show with their music but it wasn’t until just recently that the pair have begun to sing for their fans. With “Closer”, Andrew has taken to the center of their shows to sing. Before this time, their lyrics to the songs were done electronically. This upped the ball game to an incredible limit that has allowed them to remain as one of the best bands out there.

The Equities First Holdings LLC Expands International Group

Equities First Holdings Acquires Australia Market

Their small equity loan investment group at Equities First Holdings LLC is an outstanding mid-sized equity loan service provider. Their team of professionals are available for a financial evaluation of your equity with your small business or real estate property. They’re committed to getting you a loan according to the strict guidelines set forth by their evaluation process. Their goal is to assume very little risk because they have given their clients a personalized financial evaluation. Trust their team of professionals with your personal investment. They have also been able to expand their global market to Australia.

You can start a small business or make upgrades in your commercial property with a low collateral equity loan. They give their clients the benefit of having a trained equity specialist to back their equity loan goals at Equities First Holdings.

The Illustrious Career of Robert Deignan.

When talking about entrepreneurs who have come a long way to building their businesses, the name Robert Deignan comes to mind. He has survived the storms of life and now is a proud owner of ATS Digital Services. Robert is a graduate of Purdue University from where he obtained a Bachelor of Science degree in Organizational Leadership. After graduation, Robert worked at Fanlik Inc. where he sharpened his skills and expertise in the corporate world. After four years in the firm, Robert left to join NameiS3 Inc. after been offered the position of executive vice president.

Working in the corporate world shaped Robert Deignan to become the business leader he is today. After about a decade as an employee and gaining a vast wealth of experience, he decided to try his hands in the business world. In 2011, Inbound Call Experts currently known as ATS Digital Services was born. In few years, the company has grown exponentially with Robert heading the leadership team. Apart from being a co-founder, he is also the chief executive officer.

Under the stewardship of Robert Deignan, ATS continues to operate on specific principles that value the power of the customer. Robert believes that satisfying a customer is the first step in building a successful business. The company uses efficient tools in delivering their services. The apparatus have enabled the firm fix issues on time and thus fostering a good relationship with its clients. The corporation is helped by a qualified and experienced technical team that offers, executes, and uses the best solutions to tackle the different daily challenges.

Robert Deignan has seen ATS grow and become profitable and at the same time meet all parameters required for AppEsteem certification. The landmark certification allows ATS to provide premium services to other users of software applications. The team from AppEsteem requires a firm to match all 39 parameters before they can offer a certificate. Robert believes that the firm has been able to succeed due to their ability to follow all the rules set by AppEsteem. After the certification, security companies, regulators, software vendors, and consumers are now more confident with the leadership of Robert Deignan and the services offered at ATS Digital Services. (note: his name is not spelled correctly in this article)