How QNET has made Long Strides in the Quest for Women Empowerment

A modern woman seeks to find a balance between work and nurturing her family. In this regard, acquiring entrepreneurial skills plays a vital role in enabling them employ time management and be their own boss. Direct selling is a good way to start. It has proven to be a quick and a low risk opportunity for women empowerment.

About QNET

Empowering a woman has been widely embraced by one company known as QNET. It was established in 1998 and has its capital offices based In Hong Kong. The firm specializes in the sale of various products ranging from weight management strategies, fashion accessories and luxury goods. Currently, it is the leader and pioneer in e-commerce: 

The company is vastly QNET in a number of countries. There are about 25 agencies and offices worldwide. In the years to come, it looks forward for further expansion. Additionally, it has localized franchise in various countries across the globe.

Glassdoor reviews pinpoint that the stable environment the company enjoys stems from the fact that employees are highly valued. This enables them to work as art of a system in a bid to achieve the set objectives for the success of the company.

Contributions to for Women Empowerment

The company has always been on the forefront to support gender equality. Statistics pinpoint that 74.4 percent of the overall workforce are women. They are able to set their own schedules and also be in a position to earn good income.

On the international women’s day, the company ventured into developing programs that help in nurturing women to become entrepreneurs. It encourages all women from various backgrounds to join their sales team.

USAID statement on the appropriateness of women leadership

This American agency which takes part in supporting various development projects around the globe has shown its support for women leadership. In order to realize this, all women need to have access to quality education, technology and healthcare. By so doing, they will be able to rise to the occasion and take up leadership roles.

Nevertheless, I occasionally meet publication of business success tips on social media sites such as Facebook, and twitter. In the long run, the journey towards entrepreneurship for women will be realized. Therefore, I recommend that all women take up this opportunity and get in contact with the firm for a sustainable professional development.

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