Beautiful Shiny Hair in a Bottle

Recently a fashion and Beauty editor for Bustle decided to try out the WEN ( Cleansing Conditioner by Chaz Dean ( ). After a full seven day trial, which results she also shared on her twitter account, would she have wonderful bouncy, shiny smooth hair or was it too good to be true? Wen Cleansing Conditioners are known for being a healthy alternative to usual shampoos and hair products with all those harsh chemicals. Taking the place of Shampoo, conditioner, deep conditioner, detangler and leave in treatment products, it could save you more than just time.
The very first day returned happy results with thicker feeling hair that was shiny and smooth. Even though more product was used than expected, there wasn’t any hair pulling and noticeable less hair loss during the washing process. Day after day WEN Cleaning shampoo returned clean thick, shiny hair with plenty of Volume. Even getting a confidence boost from her facebook friends noticing the extra shiny smooth hair she had during that week.

This recommended brand taking the place of 5 products in one so it is certain to same time, money and space on your bathroom counter. Being made with so much natural healthy good stuff like green tea, almonds, bamboo and amino water how can you go wrong. With regular use WEN Cleansing Conditioners boasts it can repair and strengthen hair and helps improve elasticity and shine in all hair types and textures. With it coming in so many formulas and scents the hardest decision wont be whether to try it out but which one to choose first.

Soros and China: Fears of a 2008 market repeat

George Soros made a bold statement to the press recently, stating that he believed the volatility of the current global market could end in a snafu just as severe as the 2008 economic collapse. A January article from Bloomberg News states that China’s shift from a manufacturing to a more consumerist economy has spelled disaster for the yuan, which has lowered in value since the new year. As the second largest economy in the world on, this has created the beginnings of a potentially serious crisis, with a plunge in Chinese equities causing the complete standstill of trade for a day in early January.

Read more at The New York Times about George.

Soros is known for giving quite accurate predictions on global trends, famously winning a bet in 1992 that Britain would be forced to devalue the Pound, netting him $1 billion. George Soros also stated in 2011 that the Greek economic crisis was “more serious than the crisis of 2008”. To many, his more recent statement about the current economy, considering his immense success in predicting trends, rings some alarm bells. “China has a major adjustment problem,” George Soros stated. “I would say it amounts to a crisis”.

Soros, a well known progressive democrat, was a key player in assisting formerly Communist Eastern European countries on with their transition to democracies. Russia views his Open Society Foundations as a threat to their state and rightly so, considering the Foundation’s seminal work in opening up the formerly iron shut Eastern bloc. While some may question his meddling in other countries’ affairs, his work in Eastern Europe helped open up the region to intellectual freedoms that were unknown during communism. This is the extent of his global status, which makes George Soros expertise greatly valued in business circles and his recent quotes about the current market so potent.

In addition to the lessened value of the Chinese yuan, multiple volatility reports have surged in 2016, including The Chicago Board Options Exchange Volatility Index, which is up 13 percent. With all of these signs pointing to the fact that something is amiss globally, maybe it doesn’t take an investment genius like Soros to realize that something is very wrong in the economic sector. Learn more about his profile at

Wen By Chaz Can Be A Very Useful Hair Care Product

Many women want to have hair that is clean, shiny and easy to manage. This can be hard when a woman is busy and does not have the time to get her hair done properly each day. In a recent article that was originally published in Bustle Magazine, one intrepid reporter had a look at a popular hair care line to see if it works. She wanted to find out if WEN hair care products were right for own hair care needs. She also wanted to find out for herself if the QVC commercials about Wen are true and if she could get good results from using them.

Her Own Story

The reporter decided to use the products as directed. In a series of facebook photos, she demonstrates what happened to her hair when she used the products as directed. She carefully looked at the directions on the items to make sure she was using the products properly. She then used Wen By Chaz each day for a few days to find out if she got the results she wanted and hoped for with her hair. Her aim was to have hair that looked good and felt soft as well as shiny and manageable at the same time.

Her Results

After using WEN for several days, she was able to exam her hair closely and report on the product to her readers. She found that the product were easy to use but made her hair a bit greasier than she preferred initially. However, after using Wen By Chaz for a few days in a row, she found that her hair did look pretty good. It was soft and easy to manage. The writer concludes that product is ideal for those who have fine hair and choose to take a shower and style their hair each day.



New Specialist Team To Start Fresh Branding And Marketing Targeting New York City Real Estate Development

A long time company that has been investing in real estate developments in the suburban areas finally is on the toe to join the New York City luxury real estate development. Dave, the founder of RE/MAX, is positive that his team of local brokers and salespersons once they venture into the city will succeed in real estate and go to all major areas of the city. That the game is played right if the agents have the modern methods of generational rebranding; since they have been able to penetrate and succeed in areas of England, New Jersey and Manhattan they will in the New York. Dave also thinks that success of the team is by choosing the right management team with great ambitions and leadership styles.

Certainly the real estate market of the New York City is thriving radically for the past 5 years. This has attracted the attention of other real estate developers like Dave Ligner to the town along other real estate agents that have been in the city for the 5 years. TOWN Residential is a famous investment brokerage firm that for over 5 years has established itself in the New York City. The firm has been majoring on top notch customer care services in their real estate business and providing top class developments in the New York. TOWN Residential agents are professional in sales of apartments, commercialized developments, and leases in the most luxurious regions of the New York City.

The brokerage agents provide the investor with guides to all sales, finances and the markets of the New York region. They are there to help in the selection of apartments, neighborhoods amongst other preferences for buyers’ ad those interested in leases. TOWN Residential professionals are all over the city, with top notch expertise and experience in the region neighborhoods and also well connected to contractors, technical surveyors, and architectures for investor’s interested in new developments in the region. The firm has a variety in sales both single and multiple apartments, and commercial regions for businesses also connected to regions with exotic building and large history like Brooklyn. TOWN Residential knows it all in the thriving real estate development of New York.