The Many Styles of Wengie

I started by going to youtube and searching for Wengie. She has so many different types of videos out there and such a huge following. When you put in Wengie hair into the search bar there are several videos that come up about hair hacks. I chose the first hair hack video titled “10 Hair HACKS every LAZY PERSON Should KNOW!!! AWESOME LIFE HACKS FOR HAIR!“. The first thing you notice is how colorful Wengie is and how lively she is. She starts by talking about her fans and how grateful she is, and that because of that she is giving away a laptop. After a couple of minutes and a skit involving eating unhealthy food, she begins explaining that a good diet will is a key step towards having great hair. She seems very knowledgeable and even goes into detail about which vitamins are needed for healthy hair. The next hack is an easy braid that can be done by pretty much any person. The hack after involves using shampoos that are sulfate free, because sulfate is harmful to your hair and your hair color. Wengie gives different ideas on how to keep track of your bobby pins by using a tic tac container or magnetic strips you can put anywhere. She also describes using a metal utensil as a curling iron when you do not have one. She is quite genius. Wengie even uses a bobby pin to keep braids from coming loose. There is a section on hiding roots by changing your parting line, how to use your hair dryer while you are doing your makeup, using hot glue to keep a hair clip from slipping, and using an unused clean sock to help create a perfect messy bun. Wengie ends the video with a very bubbly conclusion and thanks her followers again. Each hack is easy and possible for any person who does not have much time or is just to lazy to spend an hour doing thier hair.