Securus Technologies – Highly Respected Technology Firm in Correctional Space

Securus Technologies has made a name for itself in the correctional sphere in a very short period. The company aims at offering highly advanced products and services to the inmates as well as the law enforcement agencies. Securus Technologies provide LBS as well as Investigation PRO services that are highly useful for the crime prevention and law enforcement officials. Moreover, the company offers parolee tracking and government information management services as well. Apart from the above-mentioned services, there is a huge range of services offered in the inmate communication sector.


Inmate communication is one of the fastest developing sectors in the correctional sphere, and Securus Technologies is the market leader in providing such services. At present, over 2,600 law enforcement agencies and 1.2 million inmates use the services offered by Securus Technologies. The company recently released a media release on the internet where it published many remarks taken from the letters sent to the company by the police and law enforcement officials. It was an exercise by the company to share with the world the contribution of the company and its efforts to help make enforcement agencies better equipped to protect and serve.


The company also believes in providing fast and attentive customer care service, which is why it was given the Golden Stevie Award for the best customer service training. In the press release that the company published online, it also extended an open invitation to all the potential and existing investors, customers, and technology experts to the company’s technology center situated in Dallas, Texas. The company would offer a presentation to the guests to show the achievements of the company and latest technology that is being developed. As a law enforcement official myself, I can’t be more impressed by the way company has been growing in the past decade, and the contributions company has made in the correctional space.


How Entrepreneur Sawyer Howitt Is Developing His Business Skills

Sawyer Howitt is a young entrepreneur who lives in Portland, Oregon. He comes from a family of entrepreneurs. His father, David Howitt is the Founder and Chief Executive Officer of Meriwether Group. His mom and dad also co-founded Oregon Chai, a very successful brand of tea which they founded in 2004. Sawyer joined Meriwether Group in September 2015 as a Business Strategy Analyst. His success in this role led to him becoming a Project Manager in early 2017 where he focuses on changing how commerce works.

Meriwether Group works with entrepreneurs every day that want the company’s help in order to accelerate their business and products. This has enabled Sawyer Howitt, who is a senior at Lincoln High School, learn a broader understanding of what it means to be an entrepreneur and the mindset one needs to have in order to be successful. While he learned quite a bit about entrepreneurship from his parents, learning about how others have gone about building a business has given him even deeper insight into what he plans on doing for a living. He has also deepened his skill at some of the business fundamentals he will need to have such as giving presentations and developing spreadsheets.

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So that he will have the necessary education and skills in order to attain his dreams of opening his own businesses in the future, Sawyer Howitt is planning on attending Columbia University. At this acclaimed school he wants to take part in their Entrepreneurial Finance degree program which has graduated many successful entrepreneurs over the years.



Brick-and-Mortar Growth in U.K., Expansion to U.S. Set for Honey Birdette

Honey Birdette, the lingerie brand based in Australia, recently launched an e-commerce site dedicated exclusively to consumers in the U.S. The retailer has also revealed plans to increase its number of stores in the U.K. from three to 40 by 2018.

Entrepreneur Eloise Monaghan founded Honey Birdette in Brisbane in 2006. Over the past 12 months, Monaghan has seen U.S. orders increase by 374%, leading to the company’s decision to base a website around its U.S. customers. The U.S. website offers free shipping for orders over $50, faster delivery, and an expanded product range. Monaghan says the new U.S. platform “aims to enhance the customer experience.”

In the future, Honey Birdette plans to expand its retail outlets into the U.S. as well as growing its U.K. consumer base. The lingerie and intimate products company has 55 stores in its native Australia. Honey Birdette’s first store outside of Australia opened in 2016 in Covent Garden, London. Two more shoppes in Victoria Gate in Leeds and Westfield White City followed.

HB plans to open an additional ten retail outlets in the U.K., including stores at the Westfield Stratford Shopping Centre and in Liverpool and Newcastle as well as another location in Leeds. Its target is to open a total of 40 new U.K. stores by the end of 2018. Later expansion is set to include other countries in Europe.

The premium brand’s prices start around £35 per pair of briefs and £60 per bra. Perth-born model, actress, dancer, and burlesque performer Tiah Eckhardt-Delaney has been a brand ambassador for the company since 2015.

Investment company BBRC is a primary backer of the Australian chain. Brett Blundy founded the private investment group, starting with the purchase of a single music store in rural Australia, in 1980. Today it has offices in Melbourne, Sydney, and Singapore.

Lori Senecal’s Contribution to the Success of CP+B

Lori Senecal is well known for her knowledge of advertising and marketing, as well as her robust personality. Whenever new innovative advertising techniques come into play, she is always a pioneer. Senecal has specialized in coming up with innovative technology solutions capable of solving business challenges. It was through her reliability in the advertising industry that she got appointed as the Global CEO of Crispin Porter + Bogusky (CP+B). Senecal used to be the Chairman of Kirshenbaum Bond Senecal (KBS). She is popularly known as a person who never gets into a comfort zone, and this is something that plays a key role in her success. While working at KBS, her work ethics coupled with her efforts in expanding the global vision of the company played a major role in the swift growth of the firm.

For Senecal, the urge to get into the world of business began while she was still in high school. She used to coach gymnastics, and this is where she developed leadership traits at both individual and team level. Lori Senecal claims that the coaching job helped her set goals and pursues them, improved her communication without being judgmental, and provided her with a clear vision necessary to get into the business realm.

Senecal points out that she only makes money when others make money. She upholds a common mantra in the advertising world that says “a person is only as good as his last advertising campaign.” Senecal adds that perseverance and performance are what yield income in the ad world, and this is something that she learned early in her advertising career. See more details on her LinkedIn account.

Transformation of CP+B under Lori’s Leadership

In her position as CP+B’s global CEO, Senecal oversees the firm’s global expansion and growth, focuses on the firm’s continued global development, and runs the coordination of a dozen global offices under the CP+B. Since joining the firm in 2015, Senecal has been able to impact tremendously on the culture and business of CP+B. The agency has been transformed into a global entity that is agile, collaborative, and inventive. This has made the firm consistent in its global offering – while maintaining its resilient local market flair.

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