Cox Business School Takes James Dondero to Their Board

The Southern Methodist University Cox School of Business has appointed president and co-founder of Highland capital management, James Dondero to their executive board. Mr. Dondero is proud of being part of the Cox school, a business training institution whose impact on the Dallas community is known and appreciated by many. He is glad to be part of the school and looks forward to helpingits growth initiatives take off.The cox school board comprises of 100 members, most of whom are non-academics who give advice at the business school strategy. This executive board holds meetings three times in a year in spring, winter and fall.Mr. Dondero is not only a leader at Cox and Highlands but also the chair to the NexPoint Residential Trust, CCS Medical and Cornerstone Healthcare. He also serves in the board of MGM Studios and Jernigan Capital.

Highland Management Capital

This SEC registered company is an investment adviser bosting of managing up to 16 billion dollars’ worth of assets. Mark Okada and James Dondero established the company back in 1993 with the intention of helping small, upcoming and established businesses make better sense of their assets. It is renowned world over as a credible and one of the most experienced substitute credit manager.Highland Management Capital specializes in credit strategies. This includes separate accounts, credit hedge funds and long only funds.

The also handle special situation property and distressed private equity as well as CLOs (collateralized loan obligations).the company also has alternative investments.This includes foundations, pension plans, financial institutions, corporations and funds of funds. It also serves high net worth individuals. The headquarter of the company is in Dallas, Texas. It also has an office in New York. , Singapore, Sao Paulo and Seoul.

SMU COX Business School

The school was originally formed in 1920 on the Southern Methodist University in Dallas, Texas. It was named after Edwin Cox, the benefactor in 1978. The school offers a range of undergraduate and graduate programs on business education. it has different academic and alumni chapters all over the world.

George Street Video and Photo Capturing Moments in New York

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Despite the fussiness of the inner city, New York has beautiful places for couples to wed! One of those places is Governor Island. Normally used for community activities, Governor Island is 172 acres of gorgeous green pastures and calm waters! There on the island, George Street serviced summer engagement photos for couple Annie and Matthew. Luckily, this photography company offers a variety of services in: online proofing, digital files, film photography, printed enlargements, printed proofs, same day edits, and social media sharing! Based on the lovely photos, George Street was able to capture the couple’s day and personality!

Brain Bonar’s Career Rises to the Top on His Own Terms

Brian Bonar is a mechanical engineer who graduated from Stafford University with a Master’s Degree and is the founder of several different enterprises. Bonar has more recently transitioned to the role of business consultant. Bonar’s renowned skills in his new position include developing innovative sales and marketing strategies, improving company processes, and lead generation to get more clients for the company he is working with.

Bonar started his career with IBM in 1994 where he was successfully able to outsource many motherboards for the company as well as many of the personal computers IBM was making at the time. After that, Bonar moved on to work for Director of Engineering at QMS. During his 4 years there he was able to procure a team of over 100 individuals who worked with engineer and software design for the company. He managed that project very successfully.

After leaving QMS in 1994, Brian Bonar joined the Rastek Corporation as their Vice President of Sales and Marketing. Here at Rastek, Bonar got deeply involved in the printing business moved on to take the position of Sales Manager at Adaptec.

After only a year at Adaptec, Bonar decided to stop working for massive corporations as it was not getting him what he ultimately wanted. In 1994, Bonar became the founder and CEO of his own company called Bezier Systems. Hooking all of his experience together Bonar managed to create the company that would create the first SCSI-based printer.

Funny enough, Bonar found himself back working with Japanese and Korean producers just as he had during his previous jobs, but now as Vice President of Sales and Marketing for ITEC. Bonar managed to hold this position down for 4 more years before desiring yet another more interesting challenge. Bonar found that challenge when he joint up with Allegiant Professional Business in 2008 where he was hired on to help with the company’s need for sales and marketing professionals.

Since working for all those various companies, Bonar finally went on in 2011 to accept the position and become the CEO and Chairman of the of Trucept, which gave him, even more, responsibilities than he had as a sales marketing manager in the past. Trucept currently provides insurance products and temporary staff and products for companies within the San Francisco Area, and does it with a very capable leader, Bonar, at the helm.