Securus Technologies Helping Protect Law Enforcement

When you work inside a very crowded jail, you have to be walking around each minute with your head on a swivel or you could be in for real trouble. These inmates are inside the facility around the clock, looking for any weakness in the system that they can use to take advantage of officers. When we saw a rise in violence towards corrections officers, my prison staff took action to turn things around before they became deadly.


The first thing we did was focus on getting and keeping all contraband out of the jail. To do this, we set up a huge police presence inside the inmate visitor center, and we let each person know that once inside, if anything changed hands they could face jail time too. We did scans and full body searches, but were not able to completely stop the flow of these items into the hands of the inmates.


It wasn’t until we had a visit from Securus Technologies that things really turned for the better for my team. Their inmate monitoring system is able to do the job of a number of officers, isolating conversations and detecting trouble inside the prison. My team was interested in locating contraband, and we had no idea at the time how valuable this resource would eventually wind up being.


During that first week, we heard inmates talking about the was their families are to prepare bringing prescription drugs into the jail and transfer to the inmate. We heard an inmate talk about a location outside his cell where he hides all the things he sells to other inmates. We even were able to locate places inside the cells inmates were bragging about that the officers could not find. We have been able to tighten down this facility to the point violence on officers has declined.

OSI An Example Of Excellence

OSI, out of Illinois, is one of the largest private business corporations in the United States. This Forbes Top 100 company is one one of the largest food providers for both retail and the food service industry.

Founded by Otto Kolschowlsky in 1909, the the company started as a meat market in the Chicago Suburb of Oak Park. As their market grew, it took on supplying wholesale meats and inevitably outgrew their shop moving to nearby Maywood in 1917, another Chicago suburb. Here they changed their name to Otto and Sons to OSI Group and developed a solid reputation as a major, high-quality meat supplier.

In 1955, with a handshake, Otto and a young restaurateur named Ray Kroc, the founder of McDonalds, made a deal that would forever change the company into a national and later international company. The two were able to form a bond in business as well as personally that endured through many years. Cryogenics paved the way for the flash freezing of beef making long distance shipping possible. This allowed McDonalds to buy from just a few frozen beef suppliers, and Otto and Sons won the contract to be one of four companies that supplied the restaurant super chain.

After years of high performance delivery and high quality beef supplies, the company changed their name to OSI Industries. They have diversified, and now supply other major chains like Subway, Starbucks, Papa Johns and Pizza Hut. They have also made solid acquisitions at the production end as well with the purchase of a Tyson Foods plant in Illinois, Baho Foods a Dutch specialty meats supplier and Flagship Europe, a diversified frozen food supplier.

Through the years, OSI has proven to be an award-winning employer, a positive community member and a preeminent performer in the food service industry.

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