Tony Petrello- An Entrepreneur With Gold Heart Of Giving

Giving back to others is an integrated part of life and culture of Nabors Industries according to Tony Petrello the company Chief Executive Office. In 2017, the Houston and the surrounding areas were hit by significant Hurricane Harvey which destroyed homes, suppliers and flooded the streets making it scarce to meet the daily demand and needs of people food and necessities.

The Nabors Industries played a significant role in the community by taking time off and helping in relief efforts. The company as a sign of appreciating the employee’s dedication paid them for the time they used assisting the victims. The Nabors Industries workers served in various parts including the Gulf Coast where they played a prominent role in helping around. The employees also made a personal contribution towards the relief which totaled to 173,622 dollars and Tony Petrello their boss matched the donation. The fund was named Nabors Disaster Relief Funds which helped on various hands-on efforts. The company also put on the large open kitchen where they cooked in large volumes offering hot meals to the local families three times daily.

The hurricane also affected at least 10% of the company employees according to their corporate communication manager. Nabors Industries employs 1200 workers, and it’s well known for responding to various cries that happen within their community and nationally. They have donated to national organizations like Bike MS, and the Komen Foundation. Through its Nabors Charitable organization, they have paid over 3 million dollars catering for education scholarship to employees and their children.

Tony Petrello love for giving has seen him create a unique name in Houston; he is an entrepreneur in the oil industry who takes the social responsibility to high heights. Together with Cynthia his wife the two love giving generously. Their desire to help children with the neurological disorder has seen them donate 7 million dollars to the Texas Children Hospital. These will aid in treating children suffering from such diseases. Tony Petrello serves as the Texas Children Hospital board member. His love, care, and dedication to daughter Carena who was born with a neurological disorder that affected her brain making it hard to speak, walk or even eats have played a significant part in his donations. Carena has inspired her parent making them have a heart of constant donating to different researchers hoping to find the cure for her and others with the same condition. The hospital Neurological Research Institute facility is the first globally to conduct neurological research for different childhood disorders.

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The Disaster Relief Efforts of Green Structure Homes Deliveres and CEO Barbara Stokes

Green Structure Homes Delivered is one of the fastest-growing entities in a very niche market. During the past several years, we have seen the amount and capacity for destruction of natural disasters continually rise. After a major natural disaster like some of the ones we have seen recently, Green Structure Homes Delivered Chief Executive Officer, Barbara Stokes realized a major difficulty that was holding up the process of an efficient cleanup and transition and was keeping people without homes out on the street or transient. Learn more about Barbara Stokes at Crunchbase.

Barbara Stokes realized that one of the main problems that was causing a tragic ripple effect and hindering the rebuilding of areas affected by natural disaster was access to any type of housing. Houses that aren’t destroyed are typically damaged in some way, whether by water or fire or other elements that makes these homes uninhabitable. Barbara Stokes and her husband Scott decided to found Green Structure Homes Delivered (GSH) in order to fill that niche problem that was affecting people suffering from natural disasters. Follow Barbara Stokes on

Green Structure Homes provides twofold services that both entail the on-site construction of modular structures. First, when a natural disaster occurs, the immediate issue is that people are displaced from their homes. Whether it be water, fire or any other type of occurrence, many people head to places like major sports domes or city buildings to wait out the storm. However, once the storm passes many have no place to return to. This issue causes a ripple effect that traumatizes the town or region. Green Structure Homes is designed to quickly and efficiently plan and build on-site housing. These modular residences are designed to be put up at a rapid face, while still maintaining the highest of quality for a temporary residence. Barbara Stokes and her team also pride themselves on handling the entire logistical process of the transit of materials from the company headquarters in Alabama to the location that the company is needed to be at.

When looking at the issue of lack of residences, the other issue was the damage that could be done to commercial structures. Barbara Stokes noticed that there were little commercial places where relief teams and people like FEMA could gather to plan relief efforts. For this reason, GSH also builds on-site commercial structures designed to help the relief process get rolling. Barbara Stokes and her team are continuing to expand the company’s relief efforts nationwide.


The Skills Level Of Dr. David Samadi Enables His Patients To Recover Faster

Dr. David Samadi is a compassionate, dedicated and successful prostate surgeon. He ensures his patients have the highest possible quality of life once their prostate surgery has been completed. He is responsible for in excess of 7000 robotic prostate surgeries. He has earned his reputation as one of the finest prostate surgeons and urologists throughout the globe. He is one of the leading prostate surgeons in New York and the only surgeon who used the da Vinci robotic system in the performance of the SMART surgery technique.

Dr. David Samadi belongs to both the American Medical Association and the American Urologic Association. His clinical research is often presented as subject matter at medical conferences internationally and locally. His main focus is to find a solution for prostate cancer. Detecting this disease early is difficult because the preliminary stages do not have any symptoms. This is the reason Dr. David Samadi promotes a healthy lifestyle as a medical correspondent, appears on Fox News, writes blog articles, written publications and can be seen on the YouTube channel.

Testing for prostate cancer is critical since approximately ninety percent of all early detections are cured. The prostate specific antigen or PSA test is fast and simple. The only analyzing required is the patients blood. Prostate cancer is not impacted by age so Dr. David Samadi encourages testing for all age brackets. The treatment options include radiation, active surveillance, prostate surgery and HIFU. Dr. David Samadi performs roughly fifteen surgeries for prostate cancer every week. He is highly experienced in using the robotic laparoscopic prostate surgery. This is a cutting edge technique requiring the latest technology.

Dr. David Samadi runs the urology department at Lenox Hill. He uses the latest equipment, offers facilities both luxurious and welcoming and ensures his patients are reassured and well taken care of. He believes the future of medicine is robotic surgery. The most advanced tool currently available for a minimally invasive surgery is the Da Vinci surgical system. A large incision is necessary for traditional prostate surgery and the recovery often includes pain, blood loss and infections. The DaVinci system makes a smaller incision, enables a much easier recovery and preserves the prostate nerves.

Dr. David Samadi has a lot of experience as a urologist. His surgeries cause a lot less damage so his patients are able to recover faster. The DaVinci robot leaves very little or no scarring and the incisions heal faster.

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Clay Hutson, dominating the music industry

Boasting of expertise spanning to over two decades in the music industry, Clay Hutson is undoubtedly utilizing his education. Clay is the holder of a Stephen M. Ross Business School MBA and a BFA in Technical Production and Theatre Design from the University of Central Michigan.


Clay’s career journey

For almost a decade now, Clay Hutson has worked with Getagrip Touring as a production manager. He has also worked with the Ronin Event Creative Firm where he is currently the vice president of the production department. Clay is the official stage manager and rigger for the rock band, Kid Rock. He is the former automation expert and rigger for One Republic the Band. He is currently working for Halsey as a stage manager.


In 2005 he was part of the team responsible for the success of the Bleed Like Me world tour by Garbage. The tour dominated in several parts of Europe, North America, and Australia. During the whole tour period, Clay Hutson served as the monitor engineer.


In 2007, he worked with One Republic as the operator of the rigging system during their Honda Civic Tour that took place in the continents of Asia and North America. Furthermore, he has experience working with individual artists like Pink and the band Guns and Roses.


Clay currently runs an organization that provides managerial and technical services for musicians and professional event organizers. Owing to his experience, Clay mainly but not exclusively works with Rock bands and musicians.


The secret behind his success

Clay Hutson has been fortunate to gain marketing skills from working in various organizations. He has also learned that in the business, dedication and professionalism are attributes that most clients are attracted to. He has been able to create a reputation for himself for being a hard worker and paying keen attention to safety and the needs of the clients.


His perfectionist nature does not allow him any rest until he ensures that there is nothing in his way that would compromise the quality of his work. Clay Hutson is also an optimistic person who only picks positive vibes from every situation. When his employers were affected by the recession, he looked at the situation as a sign and opportunity for him to start his venture. Learn more: