Southridge Capital will Get Your Finances in Order

Located in Connecticut, Southridge Capital has been helping the community since its founding in 1996. The company’s primary purpose is to invest in other companies and help them grow. They volunteer their time and give to many charities in the community. The founder and CEO Stephen Hicks gives to several organizations and founded the Daystar Foundation with his wife.

The Daystar Foundation gives back to help support health, the arts, and preserving education. They give to several different charities through the foundation and donate thousands of dollars every year. Some of these charities include Save a Child’s Heart Foundation, the Western Connecticut Health Network Foundation, and the Eric B. Huss Memorial Scholarship Fund. In addition to Stephen Hicks, Southridge has a management team made up of some great individuals. They are listed below.

  • Narine Persaud – Controller, CFO
  • Laurence Ditkoff – Director of Research
  • Henry Sargent – General Counsel
  • Linda Carlsen – Management Member

Southridge Capital offers several types of financial services for their clients. They offer balance sheet help, financial analysis, and help with mergers among other things. Southridge offers Equity Purchase Agreement which allows their clients to look towards the future depending on what the goals are for their company. The company is able to work with companies to help work with creditors to help get rid of their debt by giving common stock instead. This can help a company thrive and find the capital to expand which is the goal. Check out

The focus of the company is the satisfaction of their clients and they are proud to work outside the box with some of their services and the way they approach things. They know each client is different than the next and this means everyone will need service tailored to their individual company. Check out Newswire to know more.

Southridge Capital has been able to invest over a billion dollars helping other companies to grow. It plans a financial future for its clients based on their current stock equity. With a huge focus on the client’s interests and a proven track record of helping others, Southridge Capital is a great firm to turn to when you need help getting your finances in order.

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