Lime Crime’s Spring Fling

It’s that time of the year again, when new colors and trends are busting out all over the country and over the world. Certainly, Lime Crime, is one makeup line that is very aware of the new trends. However, the makeup company is also aware that they have established beauty trends for millions of their followers. Hot new trends for the spring season include very vibrant colors. In fact, the unicorn colors are busting out all over in fashion and beauty. Girls today, are heavily inspired by the magical unicorn colors that include lavender, aqua, blue, yellow, pink, and green.

The Beauty Connection

Lime Crime is a makeup company that established their brand name based on their love for bold and dazzling colors. Many are true to the unicorn colors too. It’s easy for a girl to follow trends with her beauty routine today. Simply, add the fashionable colors to your makeup palettes like those in the Venus Eyeshadow Palette. For example, add a touch of pink eye-shadow to the lids. Line the eyes with a color that is a bit non traditional like a lime crime green. Add a blush of color to the cheeks in a very cheeky color. The different hues of purple are also a very hot trend to follow this spring. Add a bit of that color to your lipstick wardrobe to follow that very hot trend.

Start With A Good Base

Any girl that would like to hop on board the new spring color trend should start with a good base. Scrub your face clean and apply a foundation that perfectly blends in with your natural skin tone. Select a foundation for your skin type too. Make sure the foundation includes a high SPF to protect the skin from sun damage. Always start your makeup routine with a good foundation.

Lime Crime

All the makeup that is produced by the company is vegan and cruelty free. This simply means that their products do not include any animal ingredients and the products were not tested on animals. The company also features the latest color trends in their highly successful makeup line.