Greensky Credit creates real value for all parties to big-ticket retail loans

David Zalik is one of the more interesting characters in the financial technology industry. A former child prodigy, Zalik got a near perfect score on the SAT test at the age of just 12 years old. This caused him to be invited to attend classes at Auburn University, allowing him to skip high school completely. But it didn’t take long for Zalik to become bored with academia. He dropped out at around the age of 15 to pursue the development of his computer-assembly business, MicroTech.

MicroTech did well. And Zalik was able to sell the firm for approximately $5 million in 1996. At the age of just 22, Zalik had become a millionaire. He invested his capital in Atlanta-area commercial real estate. This proved to be a sound investment. By the time he was 32, Zalik was worth over $10 million. It was during this time that he first became aware of the opportunity presented by generating big-ticket point-of-sale loans.

Working with another one of his companies, e-consultancy firm Outweb, Zalik had noticed that a large number of his home-remodeling customers were losing business at the point of sale. Specifically, customers with little to no experience in contracting were systematically and severely underestimating the final costs involved in home remodeling projects. Contractors who were bidding on these projects found that customers were often so far out of the ballpark of realistic cost expectations that the bridge simply could not be gapped. Contractors were losing sales.

Zalik formed GreenSky Credit as a way to provide promotional financing for customers who couldn’t immediately afford their home-improvement projects. The genius in GreenSky Credit lies in the fact that it creates strong value for literally everyone involved. GreenSky Credit allows the customers to get the home improvements that they need, creating deep satisfaction with their homes and increasing their home’s resale value.

At the same time, GreenSky Credit delivers high-quality loans to lenders while helping contractors to nail sales that would have otherwise been lost. GreenSky Credit provides loans to mostly prime borrowers, almost eliminating the risk that lenders will have to contend with defaults.

Luiz Carlos Trabuco Cappi Lives On As A Legend In The Brazilian Banking And Insurance Sector

Even as Bradesco Group undergoes the much-awaited transition involving the change of guard at the helm of the group’s leadership, Luiz Carlos Trabuco remains an icon in its history of growth to the second largest private banking institution in Brazil.

Having served as the president of the various wings of the group, Trabuco leaves a mark to be fondly remembered by shareholders and colleagues. Mr. Trabuco served Bradesco for 38 years. He was the longest-serving member of the organization by the time he handed leadership to Octavio De Lazari.

The Career Marks Trabuco Leaves

He was widely known for his people skills. Luiz Carlos Trabuco Cappi is a graduate of Philosophy and Psychology among other qualifications. So he applied his knowledge of social sciences to help build a solid Institution that he now leaves in the hands of Octavio De Lazari. He is said to have cleverly combined wisdom, persistence, and professionalism to get the results he wanted. He served as the President of the largest Insurance company in Brazil before he climbed the ranks to head the whole of Bradesco Group as CEO and President.

Trabuco as the Head of Bradesco Insurance

Mr. Trabuco held insurance in high esteem. In one of the interviews, he mentioned that there was a lot of hope for the growth of insurance in Brazil because there were stability and growth. Mr. Luiz Carlos Trabuco Cappi helped Bradesco Insurance to become the best in the country. He was awarded twice as the Insurance Personality of the Year. He was always positive about the prospects for insurance. He took over the leadership of the insurance company in 2007. It wasn’t long before he received his first award. Trabuco advocated for the sale of insurance via brokers. He was promoted to head Bradesco Insurance after gaining experience and exposure in various Departments and wings of the organization. He served as the Director of Marketing for the group and Vice President of Bradesco among other significant positions. According to Trabuco, Insurance is part of the government since it offers a service that is a core responsibility of the state. Insurance, according to Luiz Carlos Trabuco Cappi, is a critical keeper of social welfare. Carlos opined that the biggest challenge that he faced was how insurance would continue on its growth trajectory when the country was undergoing so much evolution. However, he says that such evolution makes insurance even more urgent. So he was not overly worried that insurance would certainly pick up. The philosophy graduate from the University of Sao Paulo is a strong advocate of seamless communication for the purpose of attaining sustainable development.

Tracing Luiz Carlos Trabuco’s Career Path

Luiz Carlos Trabuco Cappi was nominated to become the next President of Bradesco two months after Bradesco Group was overtaken by Itau Unibanco. He managed to implement strategies that propelled Bradesco back to its original status. He led the Group in the acquisition of the Bank of America; A decision that shareholders must now be happy about, given the continued improvement of the bank. Trabuco has worked for Bradesco for about four decades. He started as a clerk and rose through the ranks to become its president.

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Southridge Capital will Get Your Finances in Order

Located in Connecticut, Southridge Capital has been helping the community since its founding in 1996. The company’s primary purpose is to invest in other companies and help them grow. They volunteer their time and give to many charities in the community. The founder and CEO Stephen Hicks gives to several organizations and founded the Daystar Foundation with his wife.

The Daystar Foundation gives back to help support health, the arts, and preserving education. They give to several different charities through the foundation and donate thousands of dollars every year. Some of these charities include Save a Child’s Heart Foundation, the Western Connecticut Health Network Foundation, and the Eric B. Huss Memorial Scholarship Fund. In addition to Stephen Hicks, Southridge has a management team made up of some great individuals. They are listed below.

  • Narine Persaud – Controller, CFO
  • Laurence Ditkoff – Director of Research
  • Henry Sargent – General Counsel
  • Linda Carlsen – Management Member

Southridge Capital offers several types of financial services for their clients. They offer balance sheet help, financial analysis, and help with mergers among other things. Southridge offers Equity Purchase Agreement which allows their clients to look towards the future depending on what the goals are for their company. The company is able to work with companies to help work with creditors to help get rid of their debt by giving common stock instead. This can help a company thrive and find the capital to expand which is the goal. Check out

The focus of the company is the satisfaction of their clients and they are proud to work outside the box with some of their services and the way they approach things. They know each client is different than the next and this means everyone will need service tailored to their individual company. Check out Newswire to know more.

Southridge Capital has been able to invest over a billion dollars helping other companies to grow. It plans a financial future for its clients based on their current stock equity. With a huge focus on the client’s interests and a proven track record of helping others, Southridge Capital is a great firm to turn to when you need help getting your finances in order.

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The win of the BBB Torch Award by Aloha Construction because of the Ethical Practices

After the end of the year, the Better Business Bureau will give an award to the firm that has demonstrated ethical practices that are exceptional in their company services in the cause of that year. There will select different companies, after that, they will go through the process of careful screening, and then a panel of independent judges will ultimately select one. In 2017, when the selection was going on Aloha Construction was on the list, and they were the proud recipient of the 2017 Torch Award. The reason that the Aloha Construction won the award was because of so many reasons one being that they contributed a lot when it came to local community according to the panel of judges.

Since 1996, that’s when the program of Torch Award started, and they have been trying to recognize companies that will demonstrate leadership, best practices, social responsibility, and care about the customer’s needs, employees, community. The award is known because it’s very high standard. So for a company to receive the award, it’s a significant honor on their part. Aloha Construction Company was honored when they won this award because it meant they fitted all the qualities needed. Although for Aloha Construction company they will pride in the fact that they offer their services as roofers and siding contractors, they value the opportunities that they provide to the community too.

There are so many ways that Aloha construction have impacted the community, but one of the noticed ones is that they made the impact when they partnered with learning express. The partnership was so that they would launch a shop for toys for the family in the community that were in need. With the help of the charitable branch that they had, it was the one that helped in search of the family that was in need of the support. The one that got the opportunity was a single mum that had three kids they were given the chance of collecting as many toys as they could in the toy shop for 60 seconds. After the challenge, the family had gathered toy worth $7,000.

Ample Turnouts

NexBank is a financial services industry helping a variety of clients who range from financial institutions, corporate bodies, and commercial institutions who are located around the world. They have recently released a fifty four million dollar loan to high society institutions and high net worth individuals which greatly benefited Nexbank in multiple ways. They have already used the funds and rewards to upgrade their facilities, and they are holding their current policies for a length of five years with a total interest rate of over six percent in their favor. So far with an accumulated interest return Nexbank has made a considerable gain on investment of two hundred and eighty three million dollars in capital. Because the loan is not under a security act, it can not be distributed anywhere in the United States through a sale deal. Nexbank serves their clientele within their three branches of commercial banking, mortgage banking, and institutional banking to help aid clients into a better financial situation than the one they were currently in before. They do this by organizing a financial statement solely fitted and tailored to the clients of major corporations, financial institutions, and international banks to ensure their financial health and future. They are devoted and committed to doing nothing less than professionally serving all their prospects with a proven track record of success and excellence. Nexbank holds nothing but the highest standards for themselves when approaching each client with the highest quality services that they offer. Whatever banking needs they have, if it’s just increasing the amount of the companies cash flow so that they can double their sizable profit margin, or start providing interest to the client every time they put in a deposit, or to helping the institution or company run more efficiently, or to even raising the necessary capital required to execute a business transaction, Nexbank has their clienteles backs and has earned their reputation of being touted as a legitimate banking system to do business with.