Herman Law Restoring Justice Where Hearts are Sinking

Early Career and First Sexual Abuse Case
Jeff Herman is a trial lawyer, an advocate for survivors of sexual abuse. He founded Herman Law in 2011 to pursue taking on more cases of sexual abuse that were taking place in the country. The founding idea for Herman Law came from an experience from 1997, when a young Mother has suspicions her young autistic son was being sexually abused at daycare.

The young boy returned from school one day and told his parents someone had touched him and made him feel uncomfortable. The concerned Mother brought the case to Jeff Herman who took on the case. The person doing the abusing was a registered sex offender who moved to another state to avoid detection.

Becoming passionate for Justice
Jeff Herman had been working as a successful lawyer working with large corporations, but something inside himself changed after he won the case and became a “voice for the silent” autistic boy. He later decided to leave work as a corporate lawyer and dedicate his legal practice to representing exclusively sexual abuse cases. During this time there were many sexual abuse cases arising from within the Catholic Church and his greatest settlement for victims of sexual abuse by priests came from this early period.

Work Ethic
Jeff Herman gives himself 100% to all his work, so when he takes on a case he and his staff form a perfect support team for every client. It takes particular courage to come forward after a person is abused sexually. He feels privileged to be the person that survivors of sexual abuse turn to during their trial.

Herman Law handles multiple kinds of sexual abuse: daycare, residential care, clergy abuse, campus assault, Hollywood Sex Abuse, and others.

Beginning a Case
The first things that Jeff Herman and his team do at the beginning of a case is set out a clear timeline of what happened in a case from before the assault until after the victim reports the abuse. They address every red flag along the way and gather all the documented facts that are necessary to make a case.