Richard Dewayne Blair Financial Planning Stategies

Wealth Solutions has helped people all over Austin, Texas and surrounding areas reach their financial goals for successful retirement. Many people do not adequately or beneficially prepare for retirement. Retirement always seems so far, so people do not take time to prepare they wait until it is almost that time to prepare for retirement. Wealth Solutions was founded by Richard Dewayne Blair not long after he graduated from college. Richard Dewayne Blair received his bachelor’s degree from the University of Houston. In 1003 after he completed his bachelor’s degree, he began working in finance. After gathering information about finance, he started Wealth Solutions. He is the founder of the firm and an advisor at the firm.

Richard Dewayne Blair and Wealth Solutions have accumulated a significant number of certifications in finance to help them coach people successfully. Wealth Solutions helps their clients who have been known to be families, small businesses, and individuals reach their financial goals in an effective manner. Blair created a system for his company that would allow them to serve their clients according to their personal needs. They would not be able to help their clients if they used the same techniques for everyone that they worked with.

Wealth Solutions works by the three pillar system when they are working with their clients. The first pillar of the system is where they look at where their client is present. They need to know what their strengths and weaknesses are so that they make a plan that allows them to overcome any difficulties that they may be having at the moment. The second pillar enables the advisor to create a detailed plan with goals that the client needs to reach in order to achieve financial success. The third pillar of the system is where the advisor watches the clients account to make sure that they are doing everything that they discussed with their advisor. If something goes wrong, the advisor makes sure to make changes to the plan to ensure success for their client. The goal of the advisor is merely to have successful clients.