Renovia and Marc Beer Raise Millions For Women’s Health Issues

Marc Beer has been the CEO and Chairman of Renovia since 2016 and in this time he has focused his efforts on addressing pelvic floor disorder, a condition that affects 250 million women in the world. For many years, the life-altering disorder did not have that many treatment options available. Even to this day, options are still rather limited which is something that Marc Beer and Renovia hope to be able to remedy so these women can live with less severe symptoms.


Renovia’s first product was approved by the Food and Drug Administration in the United States in April of 2018. The Leva device was funded through Marc Beer’s first round of capital raising for the company. With the second round of funding that was just recently completed in 2018, Marc Beer is expecting more products to reach the approval phase. The Series B round raised around $42 million for the company that has a strong focus on women’s health issues. There were investors from the first round who were impressed by the progress Renovia was able to make already and decided to put more of their capital into current and future products with the last round.


The device that was approved earlier in 2018 was designed to help train the muscles of the pelvic floor in order to strengthen them and give patients more control over their disorder. The device uses an interactive system that connects via Bluetooth with an app. Through the use of training, the product by Marc Beer’s Renovia was designed to improve the urinary incontinence issues that are very common among people with pelvic floor disorders. Marc Beer plans to release a new version of the state of the art device using some of the recently raised funding.


Aside from the new Leva device, there are 3 other products that Marc Beer’s company is currently working on that will be progressed using the most recent funding. These devices are being designed for not only therapeutic purposes like the Leva but also for diagnostic purposes as well. The company is happy with the amount of support that it has received through funding and belief in the vision that Marc Beer has for the company. Learn more:


Marc Beer has been an entrepreneur in different sectors of healthcare for more than 2 decades and has built quite a reputation over the years. Because of his leadership, his companies have been able to get many of their products approved by the FDA. The CEO and Chairman of Renovia also serves in the position of Chairman for Minerva Neuroscience as of 2013 and Good Start Genetics as of 2010.


Expansion and Growth of OSI Industries to a Global Level

The enormous growth of OSI Industries is both remarkable and historical. The company has managed to stay afloat for more than a century after being founded by Otto Kolschowsky in the early 1900s. At first, Otto Kolschowsky established a retail shop that would supply meat to the people who resided in the Illinois Community. His business grew extensively, and it became a wholesale butcher shop. Since people were satisfied with the services and the quality of meat at Otto Kolschowsky’s butcher shop, the business continued to grow profoundly.

Otto Kolschowsky’s business was growing at a tremendous rate, and he had to seek the help of his two sons- Arthur and Harry. By working together with his two sons, the business turned into a family entity, and it was renamed into Otto & Sons. The name signified that Otto was working together with his sons and their combined efforts continued to propel the growth of the company. The company also gained fame since they were among the leading food processing companies based in Illinois. The quality of their products was also outstanding which is why Ray Kroc first signed a partnership agreement with Otto & Sons before venturing into the food industry.

The partnership entailed Otto & Sons supplying large quantities of meat products to the McDonalds restaurants that were owned by Ray Kroc. Although Ray Kroc only started with one restaurant, his knowledge about franchising helped him to expand the McDonalds entity. The larger the McDonalds entity grew, the larger the demand for meat products and Otto & Sons was gaining a lot from the company’s growth.

Although Otto & Sons have been in existence for more than a century, the company has gone by many names, and currently, the corporation is known as OSI Industries. The company has also come across various challenges such as being unable to transport meat products over long distances. To overcome this challenge, OSI Industries liaised with some researchers, and they came across cryogenic freezing that involved the use of liquid nitrogen. The liquid nitrogen was being used as a food preservative, and it made sure that the meat products being transported by OSI Industries would stay in a frozen state to preserve their freshness.

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The RealReal Report Gives Holiday Shoppers a Guide

If you are someone who is highly interested in luxury brands you will no doubt be familiar with the RealReal. The RealReal is an online startup and leader in in authenticated luxury consignment. With this being the holiday season the company has decided to unveil the most valued resale items on luxury-brand lovers’ wish lists.

The company released its 2018 Holiday Resale Report last week and it proves that few brands, if any, possess more staying power than heritage brands. This has been a common theme throughout the years. The top luxury brands understand how to take advantage of teh report and use it as a guide for luxury brands that have long term value.

Hermès’ saverage has risen to the top this year among luxury brands. The popular women’s brand resale price increased 67 percent in 2018. While there are brands that benefit during the holiday season like Hermès, there are also brands that fall behind by this time of year. Both Tory Burch and Miu Miu experienced declines in resale value.

Despite Italian fashion house Gucci being known for its strong heritage status among women, it was with men that the most giftable Gucci style was found according to the RealReal. The collaboration with Nike has served Gucci very well as pieces consistently sell above retail cost.

Kenzo’s resale value among men’s good took a sharp turn for the worst during the season falling by 19 percent. this shows that not every brand looks forward to the holiday season.

It should come as no surprise that fine jewelry was added to many individuals wish lists in 2018. You could argue that it was trending more strongly than apparel. Van Cleef & Arpels took the first number 1 spot on the RealReal’s report for a consecutive year. The report was created to aid shoppers in their search for a gift that it is appropriate and also doubles as an investment piece.

InnovaCare Health Chief Administrative Officer, Penelope Kokkinides

Penelope Kokkininides has been the CEO at InnovaCare Health since 2016. Her experience in the running and management of clinical programs is extensive, having worked before in such capacity under government programs involving public health, social work and overseas medical aid programs such as Medicaid and Medicare. Before joining InnovaCare Health, here are some of the various capacities she served under in various organizations: Chief Operating Officer and Executive Vice President at CentreLight HealthCare, at Touchstone Care Health as the Chief Operating Officer, at AmeriChoice, as the Vice President in the Department of Disease and Care Management.

Her recent interview with IdeaMensch helps to shed more light and give insight into who she is and why she has been successful and fundamental in the growth of and excellence of InnovaCare Health, over the years. Her work involves travelling a lot, and she stated that this has made her travel time to be her most productive time idea wise at it keeps both her mind and body on its toes. She also stated that it is very important to be surrounded by a great team because that is how ideas come to life. She also stated that she appreciates how technology has been successful in interconnecting people through screen sharing and video conferencing and stated also that she is very pleased by the way InnovaCare Health has explored the technological angle and used it as a tool to enhance efficiently in the provision of a world-class healthcare model that benefits those in need immensely.

As a successful entrepreneur, she stated that one of the most important habits to have is to always focus on positivism on the job and the willingness to take a chance to be different, to deviate from the norm or what everybody else is doing. To be a successful entrepreneur, her advice is that one should always take the time to gather information and be aware of what is happening in the industry through reading and using other resources as well and using this information to see how it could fit into an overall strategy. She said stated that being organized and paying attention to detail is a very important part of who she is. One of her favorite books she would recommend is called “Start With Why,” by Simon Strek and one of her favorite shows is STAT News for its analytical approach to healthcare.

Brian Torchin: A Chiropractor and Business Man

Graduating from the University of Delaware and then receiving his doctorate from the New York Chiropractic College, Brian Torchin is one of Philadelphia’s most esteemed businessmen. Shortly after graduating, he moved to the city of brotherly love to open his own chiropractic clinic. There, he acquired many patients and gained a reputation as reliable chiropractor.

Opening his own clinic and running it himself opened his eyes to one of the main issues that plague the healthcare industry: employee turnover. Being the progressive, forward thinking business man that he is, sought to alleviate this issue in any way he can. This issue led him to create HCRC Staffing which would provide clinics and hospitals the tools they need to quickly fill vacant positions that were vital for the efficiency of their operation. Today, over 200 companies (medical and legal) use the tools and services that HCRC Staffing provide. These businesses are not just limited to the United States, as HCRC Staffing serves businesses with employment needs around the globe. Brian Torchin also, with his company, puts out publications pertaining to employment within the medical industry. These publications are frequently authored by Dr. Torchin himself. See more of Brian Torchin at Vimeo

Being the active business man, doctor, and author that he is, Brian Torchin has an extremely active twitter page where all of the happenings and updates from HCRC can be found. He also uses his twitter page to advertise positions that various clinics and hospitals need filling, and he has a growing following with well over 1k followers. A quick glance at his page will show any person looking for employment in the medical field (and legal sector) that his business helps employ people all over the United States. One of the main accomplishments that HCRC boasts, and one of the primary reasons the company is so successful, is that they claim with full confidence to fill any vacant position within 72 hours. Holding true to this promise, it is no wonder that his staffing company is rapidly growing in success and popularity.

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The Incredible Work of Deirdre Baggot in Healthcare Services

The extensive experience of Deirdre Baggot runs from being a hospital executive and clinician. The Ph.D., MBA, BSN holder has pioneered various payment due to her different leadership roles. She is also accountable for the leadership and growth of various consulting practices with the aim of focusing on innovative bundled payment and payment reform for some advisory firms in the field of healthcare.

Ms. Baggot is well known in the medical profession for her contributions in speaking out and promoting the bundled payment method as a better and more efficient method of overseeing payments than the fee for service payment method. Trying to explain why she feels passionate about this subject she wrote on her blog about it. Visit to learn more

Baggot says that she has had numerous pitiful interactions with patients in her career life where patients especially those with chronic disease undergo through much stress especially with their recurring medical bills. Some of them are not able to keep up with the payments. The bundled payment mode aims at making the lives of all those who are involved. It’s a win-win for both the patients the nurses and the doctors.

The other contribution that Deirdre has made includes coming up with a checklist. She says that this will make it easier to deal with patients who need a lot of lab tests and diagnoses. Her innovative approach has today evolved to what is known as the “care protocol” which helps patients avoids undergoing numerous unnecessary test and medications.

Ms. Deirdre Baggot started her career in 1997 in Northwestern Memorial Hospital where she worked as a nurse, administrator, and resource coordinator. She then moved to Ann Harbor where she worked as a business administrator and business analyst. She was awarded the Lean/Six Sigma certification for impressive leadership skills. Working as a senior administrator at Cardiac and Vascular Institute she was able to open 11 clinic locations. Using her remarkable resume, she was able to get a position as a senior vice president. Here she worked on making the healthcare payment system better.


Deirdre Baggot talks about what she does with a lot of passion. She believes that there is no chance to fail in all her tasks. With her expertise and knowledge, she wants to make the health care system better.

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HGGC remarkable acquisition deals

HGGC has invested in many types of deals over the years. Currently, the firm has been recognised as being on the lead when it comes to private equity. In all the acquisitions it has transacted, it has now over $4 billion worth of responsibility in investment capital

The company operates from Silicon Valley in the state of California.

The reinvestment model that it uses is unique since it allows the firm to acquire different assets at very favourable deals. The company partners up with key stakeholders and sponsors to wheel their design.

The growth of HGGC over the years

Hggg transacts in new acquisitions, financial services, asset management, investment banking, liquidations, recapitalisations, and reinvestments. In 2016, the company’s net worth was a total of $12B. There are more than ten acquisitions that it has transacted and here is a look at a few of these remarkable deals.

HGGC’s acquisition of the Davies group

Davies group is a European company in the insurance secrot. It is based inlonodn, and it offers insurance covers to clients in the United Kingdom as well as Ireland. In this acquisition deal, they hired PriceWaterCoopers to be their financial and tax advisors.

Davies Company is a big establishment as it processes claims that amount to huge sums of money annually. This move helped them to be established in the international business environment.

The CEO of HGGC Richard Lawson commented that Davies Group was not just another investment move, but a strategic investment because Davies Group was already established in its field with cutting-edge technology and systematic planning and research efficiency. Other companies in the health services sector that they have invited in include Pearl and Holding Group which is a company that provides insurance services and Integrity Marketing Group, a company which distributes health and life insurance in the senior market.

HGGC acquisition of RPX

The company acquired RPX in May 2018 under the Fund II. .RPX was acquired for $500M and all its sitting executives replaced by the executives at HGGC. This is because the company prefers controlled investments and being majority shareholders gives them the upper hand in the management of such acquisitions.

Serge Belamant: Developing the Blockchain Debit Card

Serge Belamant is an American inventor who is also adept in blockchain technology and other forms of newly introduced tech. He recently made it to the headlines after he filed for a patent described as the first blockchain debit card. Serge Belamant stated that he would like to revolutionize banking and the financial institutions across the world, and creating a blockchain debit card is the first step in transforming the banking system that is being used for hundreds of years. Cryptocurrencies popularized the blockchain technology, but Serge Belamant found a way on how to develop it to benefit debit cardholders. The blockchain technology is highly acclaimed for its ability to create secure transactions, and it has also improved the security of those who are involved in cryptocurrency trading. The developer of the blockchain debit card wanted to use the high level of security offered by the technology to those who are using debit cards, and he also considered the unlimited possibilities in developing this new kind of system.

Through Net1 Technologies, it became possible for the blockchain technology to provide debit cardholders with free cash flows, and the tech company that helped Serge Balamant develop the blockchain debit card continues to soar. Many investors are now planning to buy their shares, and the company is expecting a surge in their stock prices in the years to come because of the development that they recently introduced. The blockchain debit card was recently showcased by the company, allowing the public to see it for the first time. It is in the form of a smart card, and the company revealed that it has a lot of uses aside from being a debit card. It is compatible with EMV, also known as Europay MasterCard Visa. Distributed ledgers will be used for every transaction, whether online or offline, protecting the user from unwanted transactions.

Serge Belamant revealed that the blockchain debit cards could serve as a bank account for the holder without the transaction fees associated with it. He is excited to release the technology to the public because it would provide them with less hassle with every transaction, while at the same time, securing the credits stored in each card.

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The Right Hair Care products for Women, WEN by Chaz

Finding the right hair care products for your hair can be tasking and daunting at times especially if you have no clue about hair products. Hair products are an essential part of hair growth and maintenance, and failure to find the right products can cause breakage, hair loss and thinning. Some of the hair products to consider when taking care of your hair include shampoos, conditioner and hair growth oils, and essentials. These hair products are important as they strengthen and induce hair growth leading to strong, healthy hair.

WEN by Chaz Dean are female hair products formulated to promote healthy, strong, beautiful and fluffy hair. WEN hair products are highly recommended for women that are having conundrums with the hair such as falling off, thinning and frizzy hair. The WEN by Chaz hair products includes styling products, creams, and deep conditioning essentials. The man behind Wen products are infused with natural elements that nourish your hair and add shine to it. With just one use of the WEN products, your hair will significantly improve and become more lustrous.

The WEN by Chaz hair products ( are made for all types of hair. Whether you have straight, curly, short or long hair, the WEN products suit you and contain natural ingredients to help boost and moisturize your hair. These products also give your hair the bounce that it needs and body.

Always do enough research about the hair products that you are about to purchase to avoid buying products that are not right for your hair. Look at the ingredients of the shampoos and conditioners to ensure that they do not have a lot of products that will weigh heavily on your hair. It is also important to ask for advice from an expert before investing in any types of hair products. Remember that beautiful and strong hair starts with the right products. For more information, visit the website at Follow Wen on Facebook.

The Wild 50th for OG Juan Perez

In February 2018 a picture made its way to the internet and instantly became a viral sensation. The picture was of rap mogul Jay Z standing in front of a crowd of people with Roc Nation Sports President OG Juan Perez. They were in the middle of celebrating OG Juan’s 50th birthday and it was quite the celebration. In fact, according to Jay Z himself, the night’s festivities topped 100K dollars! That is an immense amount of money to be spent on a birthday and it left many wondering who OG Juan Perez is and why is his birthday celebration cost what we would normally see spent on A-list celebrities.

To understand OG Juan and Sean Carter’s friendship, first you need to understand who OG Juan is and where he comes from. Born in Harlem, OG Juan grew up enthralled with the music business and how it is produced. After high school, OG Juan remained deeply entrenched in the music production business and had his own local recording studio where he honed his craft. Ultimately OG Juan was introduced to Jay Z in 1996 through Roc A Fella co-founder Kareem “Biggs” Burke and the rest was history. Through working together, OG Juan and Jay Z developed a deep friendship to the point where they go on family outings together and OG Juan is frequently mentioned in Jay Z songs.

The party for OG Juan’s 50th was extravagant and the buzz was that Jay Z was the one who covered the costs. These costs included a 13K dollar dinner, a 9K dollar round at a bar, and a whopping 91K dollars in champagne at the Playhouse Club. However, Jay Z went on record to say the OG Juan actually footed the bill for his own birthday celebration that evening showing that it’s not only the famous people in the Roc family that possess a large bankroll.