Expansion and Growth of OSI Industries to a Global Level

The enormous growth of OSI Industries is both remarkable and historical. The company has managed to stay afloat for more than a century after being founded by Otto Kolschowsky in the early 1900s. At first, Otto Kolschowsky established a retail shop that would supply meat to the people who resided in the Illinois Community. His business grew extensively, and it became a wholesale butcher shop. Since people were satisfied with the services and the quality of meat at Otto Kolschowsky’s butcher shop, the business continued to grow profoundly.

Otto Kolschowsky’s business was growing at a tremendous rate, and he had to seek the help of his two sons- Arthur and Harry. By working together with his two sons, the business turned into a family entity, and it was renamed into Otto & Sons. The name signified that Otto was working together with his sons and their combined efforts continued to propel the growth of the company. The company also gained fame since they were among the leading food processing companies based in Illinois. The quality of their products was also outstanding which is why Ray Kroc first signed a partnership agreement with Otto & Sons before venturing into the food industry.

The partnership entailed Otto & Sons supplying large quantities of meat products to the McDonalds restaurants that were owned by Ray Kroc. Although Ray Kroc only started with one restaurant, his knowledge about franchising helped him to expand the McDonalds entity. The larger the McDonalds entity grew, the larger the demand for meat products and Otto & Sons was gaining a lot from the company’s growth.

Although Otto & Sons have been in existence for more than a century, the company has gone by many names, and currently, the corporation is known as OSI Industries. The company has also come across various challenges such as being unable to transport meat products over long distances. To overcome this challenge, OSI Industries liaised with some researchers, and they came across cryogenic freezing that involved the use of liquid nitrogen. The liquid nitrogen was being used as a food preservative, and it made sure that the meat products being transported by OSI Industries would stay in a frozen state to preserve their freshness.

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