The Political Chutzpah Of Betsy DeVos

There is no question about it, Trump Administration Education Secretary Betsy DeVos is one interesting individual. When you meet her in person, she can definitely come across as warm and inviting, but ask her political enemies and they will tell you that underneath that gentle veneer lies a political fighter who is every bit as dogged and determined as her boss President Trump. Betsy DeVos has a lot of passions in life, and she is willing to go to great lengths to defend them. One of these ideals would be in the realm of fighting for school choice. Indeed, Secretary DeVos has her own method of running the nation’s schools, and she does not deviate much, if any, from that path.


One example of this would be during reports last year of a Trump ruling that rescinded an Obama policy that allowed transgender students the ability to use the bathroom that identified with their chosen gender. DeVos was tasked with meeting with certain education leaders and alerting them to what was coming. Of course, aides indicated that Secretary DeVos had privately been against the move. However, if she showed any indication of there being a rift in the Trump Administration she definitely could have won an Oscar. Not only was she was a willing public participant in the announcement of the new policy, but she also told a committee called the Conservative Political Action Conference that the policy that was rescinded was a glaring example of “the Obama administration’s overreach.”


Of course, the one thing you need to know about Mrs. DeVos is she has fought for most her life for the inclusion of charter schools to be in the public education sphere. She realizes that everyone, not just the very wealthy, should have the right to send their kid to an environment that will offer them the best education possible. DeVos is one of the main reasons why Detroit is filled with charter schools while their public schools continue to deteriorate.


Of course, another interesting thing about Betsy DeVos – and one of the hallmarks of her political chutzpah – would be the fact she is not afraid to team up with individuals that she normally would vehemently disagree with on other issues. One instance of this would be when she teamed up with Miami-based rapper Pitbull to tour one of the charter schools he started in his hometown. You see, Betsy DeVos believes that giving public schools a little bit of competition will not only be good for charter schools, but also good for public and private schools simply because it will force all of the institutions to do better.


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