The Role of Genucel, Chamonix Affiliate, in Aiding Abuse Survivors

One suffers numerous occurrences after experiencing abuse. The most known forms of negativities individuals face include lower self-worth, self-esteem, and self-violence. The violence towards oneself is often non-physical entailing harmful thoughts towards the self. The risk of abuse is quite high causing people to adapt overcoming mechanisms. One of the recommended ways to go through post-abuse symptoms is to seek self-care, which will boost your personal growth. Professionals or survivors of certain tragedies should conduct the physical self-care sessions. Often, they recommend outstanding self-care routines that will revive the patients’ physical and emotional health.

Mental health professionals recommend different ways to heal from abuse. The routines they provide include the self-affirmation exercise, which continually reminds the victims that they are beautiful and loved. Studies indicate that continued affirmations after experiencing trauma results in a victim’s change in perception positively. The other way involves channeling negativity into positive and creative expressions. Often, medical practitioners recommend dance and art as an effective healing strategy. Focusing on maintaining your body is also a self-care routine for abused patients. Companies such as Genucel by Chamonix support abuse survivors, particularly women and children.

Genucel, which is an affiliate of Chamonix, achieves this by offering Women Aware of beauty bags. The bags consist of Genucel items and toiletries, which help the survivors, re-create themselves. As an initiative, Women Aware located in Middlesex attends to the battered individuals and families in the niche. According to statistics, New Jersey experiences a majority of domestic violence cases. Women Aware is an appropriate program to help the abused individuals regain their lives after a tragic experience.

Besides providing beauty bags, Women Aware offers food, recovery initiative and shelter for women and their families in the nation. Recently, another program famous as the Moving Beyond Abuse made its debut. The initiative collaborated with women aware in various ways including organizing a walk and raising funds. The founders of the charity walk consider walking as an essential self-care routine that survivors of abuse often seek. Mental health practitioners state that walking serves primarily as an antioxidant therapy that enhances self-worth and self-esteem. Besides, walking has a visual influence on the body and skin through improving blood circulation.

On the identification of the impact of walking on the skin, Genucel launched a four-step item that helps aged skin by minimizing wrinkle appearance. The organization incorporated PhotoCellTec Technology, which helps reduce the appearance of wrinkles better. Genucel has overtime gained popularity in assisting survivors to remodel their self-worth and esteem.

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