Ara Chackerian Encourages People To Talk About Suicide

A lot of people do not feel comfortable when it comes to talking about suicide but Ara Chackerian believes that it’s time to start some much-needed discussions. With the deaths of several celebrities over the last few years due to suicide, the public is just starting to overcome to stigma enough to talk about it. With 45,000 people killing themselves in the United States every year, it’s clear that something needs to be done. Ara Chackerian believes that if the stigma of suicide and mental illness is lifted, we can help prevent these deaths. The stigma attached to depression keeps many people from seeking the help that they need. While many obituaries don’t bring up the cause of death with suicides, it’s time that someone does.

Ara Chackerian has a long career as an entrepreneur, angel investor, and dedicated philanthropist. Currently, he is a board member along with the co-founder of TMS Health Solutions that focuses on a state of the art way to treat depression and other mental illness. In addition, he is part of the executive staff of ASC Capital Holdings as a Managing Partner. This company is focused on investing in healthcare companies that are still in the early stages of development.

Ara Chackerian graduated from Florida State University in 1991 after majoring in marketing for his bachelors of arts. He is excited about where the future of health care is going digitally. If he could give his younger self some advice for the future, he would suggest being more careful when choosing partners to work with. While he has had the opportunity to work with many great and inspiring people, he has also had to deal with problem partners that didn’t have much to offer. He also notes that it’s important to be able to appreciate the different things that others have to offer in business.