Dick DeVos Joins Wife Betsy In Fight For Education Reform

Dick DeVos has been at the forefront of many activities affecting the lives of citizens in his hometown of Grand Rapids, Michigan for decades now. One example of his activism took place when a team of developers communicated plans to build a mega sports arena in the downtown area of Grand Rapids.


DeVos was familiar with the destruction a similar construction caused the city of Detroit year before and did not want his own city to suffer a similar fate. He immediately began a campaign against the arena that led to the formation of the Grand Action Group. The group successfully thwarted the arena plans and went on to complete a number of notable constructions of their own.


Dick and his wife Betsy both benefit from being heirs to large family fortunes. The couple has not been shy about using the sizable influence they possess to affect the political climate in Grand Rapids as well as the state of Michigan as a whole.


Betsy has been a frontline fighter for charter school expansion. While Dick played an instrumental role in a 2012 law that transformed the state into one that favored right to work policies. Previously, Michigan was a state that leaned heavily in the direction of organized labor.


Dick DeVos also started the West Michigan Aviation Academy. The charter school is a non-profit that began in office space located at the Gerald Ford International Airport in Grand Rapids. The school began its operations with 80 students.


The Aviation Academy now provides an education to more than 600 students who live across seven counties in the state of Michigan. The school also has its own campus now.


The school is in line with the rhetoric and philosophies communicated by Betsy for years. It is also in line with the concepts she wishes to push throughout the nation in her new position as the Secretary of Education.


The Great Lakes Education Project is a school advocacy group founded by Dick and Betsy DeVos. The organization includes a political action committee. The Education Project and other groups associated with Betsy DeVos fought against a proposal in Detroit to create a commission that would oversee the openings of schools in the city.


Betsy DeVos expressed her belief recently that the problems with the educational system in America cannot be solved by bigger government. She says the key is listening to parents and dealing with education on a local level.


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Neurocore Leverages Advanced Technology To Optimize Brain Function

Kirk Cousins just had a terrific year in the NFL. He’s the starter for the Minnesota Vikings and is working the first year of an $84 million contract. But just a couple of years ago Kirk Cousins was facing the end of his career. He was ranked 94 on the top 100 list of NFL players. How did he make the changes he needed to become one of the NFL’s premier quarterbacks? He credits a company called Neurocore, a firm that provides “brain training” techniques based on neurofeedback leveraged by advanced brain scanning technology. In short, Neurocore teaches individuals to use their brains more efficiently.

It pinpoints behaviors and mental health patterns that are holding people back, and then retrains the brain to operate at optimum efficiency. It’s not necessary to be a rich and famous athlete like Kirk Cousins to benefit from Neurocore. The company works with thousands of people from all walks of life every day at their Brain Performance Centers located in Florida and Michigan. Neurocore has invested heavily in advanced brain training technology putting it on the leading edge of this form of human enhancement methodology.

About Neurocore approach recognizes that the brain has been identified to possess a robust ability to change. Scientists call this “neuroplasticity.” It means that brain function can be shaped and formed to solve an array of problems, from illnesses like migraine headaches and types of depression. Neurofeedback can also be used to enhance basic skills, from athletic performance to improved memory, learning speed, self-discipline and much more.

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New Residential Investment Corp Update

Founded by Mike Nierenberg in 2011, New Residential Investment Corp is a real estate trust focused primarily on residential real estate opportunities. Also known as NRI Corp, this private IPO company is for profit, and explores specialized investment strategies. Operating as a qualified REIT and being a company traded publicly on the NYSE is a featured aspect of this active asset management company. New Residential Investment Corp also deals with many non-Agency residential mortgage-backed securities. Two major items that the company focuses on are active asset management as well as passive asset management. This describes New Residential Investment Corp and their method of implementing active resolution where applicable.

Handling each of the three common investment challenges. Not only have they been on top of their game when dealing with investments, facing their top three challenges helps keep the asset managers on their toes. Knowing that any strategy employed could have full scale benefit or damage to the company, these moves must be managed carefully and agreed upon in a timely fashion. The three challenges faced the majority of the time are known to be tedious tasks and not to be taken lightly. The first would be the requirement of Constant Portfolio Monitoring, and this entails a very active approach and daily commitment. Active managers in investments have to keep a very delicate balance when dealing with series of transactions.

While complex, these transactions can prove to be very difficult to even the most seasoned New Residential Investment Corp investors. The last of these three challenges is maintaining larger cash positions. While holding large balances can be beneficial, they can also reduce earnings like those from cash holdings or investment returns. All in all, New Residential Investment Corp has successfully managed to rise above such asset management challenges by creating more that one strategic solution. Implementing a crucial strategic solution such as having a team adept at tackling demanding daily issues is a must. Facilitation of investment opportunities and beneficial deals creates more business in the mortgage origination and servicing areas. New Residential Investment Corp now includes ownership stakes in both of these businesses.

Betterworks Receives Over $65 Million During the Series B Investment

Betterworks was happy to announce that they had received an additional $27 million. The corporation was engaging in a series B investment, and they were able to garner over $65 million. Many companies were present including Kleiner Perkins and Emergence Capital. Betterworks will use the money received to ensure that there is increased product innovation within the firm. They will also focus on accelerating their sales momentum.

The firm offers performance management software, and many clients rely on this software. Since the company is always keen on making sure that they have catered to the needs of their clients, they have maintained their ability to innovate. Activities such as performance conversations, feedback, and goal creation have also increased, and they relate to continuous performance management. The clients of Betterworks were able to benefit through an increase in the enterprise agility, alignment, overall performance, and talent retention.

Betterworks is experiencing a rise in the number of sales regarding continuous performance management software. Corporations are using this software since it gas proven to be beneficial as compared to outdated annual performance review software. Among the benefits of using the software provided by Betterworks is that it is data backed and it has a continuous approach regarding performance management. A company that is looking forward to developing and motivating its workforce can benefit greatly from the services offered by Betterworks.

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Although some businesses are unable to improve the performance and productivity within the workplace, they can utilize the continuous performance management software since it will help them to gain a competitive advantage. When a company uses such software, it helps people to gain more knowledge about HR technology and the role it plays within a firm. Businesses can grow further after utilizing the HR software produced by Betterworks. Managers can also gain some insight into goal alignment, coaching, and feedback. Corporations can also be ready to face tomorrow’s challenges.

Allied Wallet Making Online Payments International

Allied Wallet is a globally recognized firm that is ranked the leading provisioner for processing of online payments, and specifically mainstreamed. Allied Wallet is managed under the leadership of Dr. Andy Khawaja, who is currently the company’s Chief Executive Officer. Since 2005, the company has been making remarkable technological innovations regarding the payment services offered within the financial industry. Its mission, since its establishment, is to work hard and develop payment services as a form of better monetary solutions for entrepreneur owners, business people and the consumers who conduct or operate their transactions online (Crunchbase).

With years of dealing with constant and changing innovation, Allied Wallet has encountered various tough challenges. However, through the firm’s cultural tradition and exemplary leadership, Allied Wallet has learned to take up the challenges as opportunities that can be innovated and turned into success. Khawaja states that once the firm takes up on a challenge, it provides a way of growth and evolvement for the company. The main focus of Allied Wallet is in advancement. The firm is implementing AI technology in the creation and development of payment services. This will help the firm’s potential in creating new standards for online shopping that are expected to be in use up to the near future, months, years or decades.

Allied Wallet’s regional offices are located throughout London, New York City, Frankfurt and Los Angeles. Khawaja believes in the culture of the firm in having freedom and positivity that accredits success. He further disclosed that the firm is set to release new franchise, products and services. He promises an impression for the world that will guarantee new experiences for online shopping customers and business people. Allied is set to revolutionize the future, considering the company’s belief in what good things the future holds for the firm.

Allied Wallet is a revolution taking the electronic commerce industry in the world. It introduces to its customers, retailers, merchants and entrepreneurs innovative and foreign payment services that are provisioned monetary solutions. This payment services help in the promotion of international payments by businesses and customers in their online transactions.

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Dabie Tsai Discusses the Value of Multinational Experiences in Business

The world is focusing on increasing levels of globalization. Multinational experience is currently considered an essential element in business. More companies are hiring staff members who have served in the international landscape to increase their diversity and create more business opportunities. To understand the value of hiring individuals with multinational experiences in the current world, professionals have consulted experienced individuals such as Dabie Tsai an accounting and auditing expert with significant international experience.

One of the main reasons why many individuals hire workers with global experience is to utilize the diversity and practice they may bring to an organization. The variety is vital, since it enables businesses to create solutions for problems. If a tactic has failed to offer results, an alternative strategy can often be sought (Aboutme).

By hiring employees with multinational experience, brands hope to build on understanding the diversified strategies of running businesses that have become prominent in other countries. Tsai is familiar with this viewpoint. She has gained a lot from her experience working in different countries. She has also learned how different environments affect one’s ability to achieve goals.

Another useful element of multinational experience to employers and employees is the awareness and openness gained throughout the period one spends working in a foreign country. According to Dabie Tsai, the flexibility to adapt to a new environment and culture is caused by exposure to unique cultures. Adapting to this new culture at work or the different rhymes of life will teach one to modify their behavior to succeed. This is invaluable in various sectors, since it accommodates the evolving demands of a global economy.

Tsai was an audit partner with KPMG, and had served as the lead partner on some of the world’s largest financial institutions and worked in the United States, Canada, Spain and Chile.

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Isabel dos Santos’ 2 Cents And More: Women Empowerment

Times are changing and many women can be found in the board room and in high level positions, but there is still a massive gap when considering gender disparities in the corporate world. Women today that hold positions of power are making major strides ensuring that other women get a leg up. One of those women is Isabel dos Santos. In her article “INSPIRATION.WOMEN EMPOWERMENT” she states, “Managers have a duty to encourage and support women as they build their careers and take on leadership roles”. As a manager she herself is in the fight to ensure that women are given the same opportunities as men.

The fight to close the gender gap is one that has gone on for years and will take years before there is a sense of equality that is reached. In this fight, it is encouraging to see women like Isabel dos Santos in positions of leadership take on the mantle to change the mindsets that have kept the gap wide. Pushing for there to be a reform and creation of balance in salaries,and advocating that women be allotted the same access to career growth as men.

Needless to say the fight is a good one but it is made better when we as women do not look to put each other down but to build one another up. The beauty of what Isabel dos Santos does is that she does not just single out women, however she creates a space where both men and women can thrive in their own right. Isabel dos Santos’ investment in future generations allows for there to be a platform where men and women share a level playing field and one is not lorded over the other.

Isabel dos Santos can be quoted on her Instagram page saying, “There are many ways we can give voice to women and ensure their empowerment in society, whether in their families, in their villages or in their careers.For all the women out the looking for some inspiration, “Your best business bet is you, your skills, your motivation, and your passion.” – Isabel dos Santos.

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OSI Group: A Longtime Business Partner of the McDonalds Corporation

The OSI Group is one of the largest food processing firms in the world today, earning a $6.1 billion profit back in 2016. The company has been around for more than a century, and they have established facilities all over the world thanks to the expansion of McDonald’s, their business partner since the 1950s. The OSI Group McDonalds partnership has been going strong for years, and despite the advancements in technology, the restaurant chain kept on trusting the OSI Group with its supply of burger patties.

One of the facilities owned by the OSI Group which produces beef burger patties for McDonald’s can be found in Günzburg, Germany. The OSI Group McDonalds partnership enabled the creation of these facilities, and it helps the fast food chain gather a reliable source of meat for their products. The Günzburg facility manufactures beef patties entirely for McDonald’s, which accounts for 90% of their total production. The OSI Group McDonalds partnership boldly stated several agreements between the two companies, allowing them to operate safely and within the legality of the German rule of law.

Visiting the Günzburg factory would provide insight into how McDonald’s are getting their beef patties. The OSI Group McDonalds partnership has been going around for decades, and it is important that there are rules to be followed inside the factory to ensure that the food managed is safe to consume. One of the things that are strictly followed is hygiene. Germany is strict when it comes to food safety, and the OSI Group has to ensure that factory is abiding by the laws about cleanliness. Protective clothing is a must, and employees who are sick are not allowed inside the production.

There are also no loose items allowed inside the plant, and the beef patties are not mixed with any preservatives. The meat is also meticulously checked, making sure that there are no bones or other foreign objects. The meat is minced in pieces, and they are shaped into burger patties before being delivered to the store. This will ensure that each burger from McDonald’s is served fresh, and people who will be eating it would not be at risk for any digestive issues.

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Article Title: Igor Cornelsen Trusts His Own Knowledge And Instincts As An Investment Expert

Article Text:

To become a good engineer requires great skill at complex mathematics. Before the invention of the computer and calculators, that meant engineering students had to master the slide rule. That’s what young Igor Cornelsen did in 1965 when he was enrolled as an engineering student in Brazil’s Federal University of Parana.

But it turns out that those who could master math and a slide rule were also in demand by an entirely different profession — investment banking. There was a great need to accurately calculate compounded interest rates, and Igor Cornelsen was a young man who could get the job done. Early on he made a decision to switch his focus from engineering to economics. Upon graduation, he plunged into a career in banking.

By 1974, Igor Cornelsen was sitting on the board of director of Multibanco. He would later become CEO. After Multibanco was bought out by the Bank of America in 1978, Cornelsen opted to jump ship and went to work for Libra Bank PLC, an arm of the London Merchant Bank.

A significant aspect of his new job was getting paid in U.S. dollars. That simply opened a lot of doors in terms of investment opportunities. Igor Cornelsen continued to ply his trade as an investment expert for banks until he made the leap from being essentially an employee to establishing his own investment firm in 1995. He now controlled his own destiny.

Igor brought a keen sense of reading market data and trends based on his own observations of raw data, rather than doing what a lot of other investors do, which tends to be relying on opinion pieces published by other so-called experts. Among his favorite sources of information is Reuters, he said in a recent interview.

Favoring his own judgement earned him a remarkable and long career of success.

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JD.com Opens Offline High-Tech Retail Stores In Airports And Railways

JD.com is the biggest advocate of online shopping in China, selling all sorts of products to its millions of customers nationwide. In response to its “Boundariless Shopping” principle, the company also know that offline stores are still relevant in their own way and is, in fact, more convenient to some situations. Because of this belief, JD.com opened two innovative and convenient stores in Beijing Capital International Airport (BCIA) and Hohhot East Railway Station in Inner Mongolia to further bring convenience to customers.

Named as the “JD Box”, the stores in BCIA is located at the departure lounge of Terminal 3 which will be available for the next three months. Each store sells travel necessities such as clothing, mobile accessories, bags, suitcases, and beauty products. JD also sell daily necessities which travelers can use in their travels. What makes these stores innovative is their use of JD’s smart store technology which enriches customer experience by offering the right products. It uses JD Zu Chongzhi, which is a platform that analyzes customer behavior and traffic flow. BCIA spokesperson stated that the airport was happy to host JD’s pop up stores.

Meanwhile, JD.com and Chiana Railway Express teamed up to open a store located at Hohhot East Railway Station. This 100-square-meter unmanned convenience store uses JD’s bleeding edge technology and features such as the facial recognition payment and smart vending machines. In the near future, JD.com also plans to implement a Mini Program in WeChat where customers can shop online and have them delivered in a convenient location. This is in line with their “boundaryless retail vision” which aims to take shopping to the newest level: enabling shoppers to buy what they want, wherever they are and whenever they need it.

The convenience store in Hohhot East Railway Station is not only the partnership between JD.com and China Railway Express. Since 2014, the two has been working together in logistics transportations to help facilitate the JD Luxury Express called the “white glove” delivery service. A fresh food delivery via a high-speed rail is also available because of this partnership. This is JD’s effort to deliver high-class performance even to its traveling customers.

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