Paul Mampilly Provides Information on Companies One Should Invest In

Paul Mampilly is known to be one of the top investment experts in the country. He has worked in Wall Street for two decades, and it has allowed him to make a mark in the industry. He was born in India and moved to the United States to attend college. But, after completing his college, he started an internship in one of the top investment firms. In a short period, he climbed the ranks quickly. Today, Paul Mampilly has retired but offers his financial advice through his newsletter. He follows the economic trends around the world and makes sure that people keep themselves aware as it helps them make sound financial decisions that would benefit them.

Paul Mampilly also provides information on companies that people need to invest in. One of the industries that have huge potential is a tech companies. He believes that big data has taken over almost all the sectors and they can greatly benefit from hiring tech companies to study their data and provide them with valuable information that would help in running their business. There was a time when only big companies could afford hiring tech companies. But, Big Data is becoming more accessible, and it has allowed medium sized companies as well as small business owners to use the data to gain insight into the minds of the consumers. Once they have the information, they can put efforts into satisfying their demands.

Paul Mampilly says that advanced technology has changed the way businesses are done. Consumers today want customized services, and it is up to the businesses to ensure that they predict what their customers want and provide them with that. Companies need to set aside a part of their investment into using the Big Data to their advantage to move ahead of their competition. For small company owners, it is even more useful since they offer their services to a small group of people looking for a particular service or product that they only provide. According to Paul it is the right time to invest in tech companies that are providing analysis services to such companies.