OSI Group: A Longtime Business Partner of the McDonalds Corporation

The OSI Group is one of the largest food processing firms in the world today, earning a $6.1 billion profit back in 2016. The company has been around for more than a century, and they have established facilities all over the world thanks to the expansion of McDonald’s, their business partner since the 1950s. The OSI Group McDonalds partnership has been going strong for years, and despite the advancements in technology, the restaurant chain kept on trusting the OSI Group with its supply of burger patties.

One of the facilities owned by the OSI Group which produces beef burger patties for McDonald’s can be found in Günzburg, Germany. The OSI Group McDonalds partnership enabled the creation of these facilities, and it helps the fast food chain gather a reliable source of meat for their products. The Günzburg facility manufactures beef patties entirely for McDonald’s, which accounts for 90% of their total production. The OSI Group McDonalds partnership boldly stated several agreements between the two companies, allowing them to operate safely and within the legality of the German rule of law.

Visiting the Günzburg factory would provide insight into how McDonald’s are getting their beef patties. The OSI Group McDonalds partnership has been going around for decades, and it is important that there are rules to be followed inside the factory to ensure that the food managed is safe to consume. One of the things that are strictly followed is hygiene. Germany is strict when it comes to food safety, and the OSI Group has to ensure that factory is abiding by the laws about cleanliness. Protective clothing is a must, and employees who are sick are not allowed inside the production.

There are also no loose items allowed inside the plant, and the beef patties are not mixed with any preservatives. The meat is also meticulously checked, making sure that there are no bones or other foreign objects. The meat is minced in pieces, and they are shaped into burger patties before being delivered to the store. This will ensure that each burger from McDonald’s is served fresh, and people who will be eating it would not be at risk for any digestive issues.

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