Isabel dos Santos’ 2 Cents And More: Women Empowerment

Times are changing and many women can be found in the board room and in high level positions, but there is still a massive gap when considering gender disparities in the corporate world. Women today that hold positions of power are making major strides ensuring that other women get a leg up. One of those women is Isabel dos Santos. In her article “INSPIRATION.WOMEN EMPOWERMENT” she states, “Managers have a duty to encourage and support women as they build their careers and take on leadership roles”. As a manager she herself is in the fight to ensure that women are given the same opportunities as men.

The fight to close the gender gap is one that has gone on for years and will take years before there is a sense of equality that is reached. In this fight, it is encouraging to see women like Isabel dos Santos in positions of leadership take on the mantle to change the mindsets that have kept the gap wide. Pushing for there to be a reform and creation of balance in salaries,and advocating that women be allotted the same access to career growth as men.

Needless to say the fight is a good one but it is made better when we as women do not look to put each other down but to build one another up. The beauty of what Isabel dos Santos does is that she does not just single out women, however she creates a space where both men and women can thrive in their own right. Isabel dos Santos’ investment in future generations allows for there to be a platform where men and women share a level playing field and one is not lorded over the other.

Isabel dos Santos can be quoted on her Instagram page saying, “There are many ways we can give voice to women and ensure their empowerment in society, whether in their families, in their villages or in their careers.For all the women out the looking for some inspiration, “Your best business bet is you, your skills, your motivation, and your passion.” – Isabel dos Santos.

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