Dabie Tsai Discusses the Value of Multinational Experiences in Business

The world is focusing on increasing levels of globalization. Multinational experience is currently considered an essential element in business. More companies are hiring staff members who have served in the international landscape to increase their diversity and create more business opportunities. To understand the value of hiring individuals with multinational experiences in the current world, professionals have consulted experienced individuals such as Dabie Tsai an accounting and auditing expert with significant international experience.

One of the main reasons why many individuals hire workers with global experience is to utilize the diversity and practice they may bring to an organization. The variety is vital, since it enables businesses to create solutions for problems. If a tactic has failed to offer results, an alternative strategy can often be sought (Aboutme).

By hiring employees with multinational experience, brands hope to build on understanding the diversified strategies of running businesses that have become prominent in other countries. Tsai is familiar with this viewpoint. She has gained a lot from her experience working in different countries. She has also learned how different environments affect one’s ability to achieve goals.

Another useful element of multinational experience to employers and employees is the awareness and openness gained throughout the period one spends working in a foreign country. According to Dabie Tsai, the flexibility to adapt to a new environment and culture is caused by exposure to unique cultures. Adapting to this new culture at work or the different rhymes of life will teach one to modify their behavior to succeed. This is invaluable in various sectors, since it accommodates the evolving demands of a global economy.

Tsai was an audit partner with KPMG, and had served as the lead partner on some of the world’s largest financial institutions and worked in the United States, Canada, Spain and Chile.

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