As Rocketship Education Carries on the Work of Society

Stunning the school districts of Palo Alto, California, was among the first major feats achieved by Rocketship Education. Here’s a nonprofit that focuses on higher education but at a lower price. The work is being called affordable education and offers a solution for a reoccurring disadvantage. Low-income neighborhoods have statistically shown lower performances in school.

The aim of Rocketship Education is to give every child the best opportunity but without money having to buy it. We can’t exclude the importance of funding entirely, but R has managed to lessen the impact that money has on education. Leveling the playing field has been possible through the use of technology.

When R Children Learn via Computers

You may have foreseen the day when kids would be educated by computers. Computers have always been effective with data and have had a strong presence in modern society, but they haven’t always been the key to education. Rocketship Education has put computers at the “front and center” of each classroom, and no child has to take turns using one. There are more than enough to go around, but parents were, at first, skeptical about how effective this system would be.

Today, there is no apprehension about the idea. The work that R forwards creates the framework for low-income schools. The improved grades, the more-effective tools and the fresh-new books of wealthier schools can all be bypassed. This is a challenging idea for some to accept, but technology has shown its effectiveness and what it can do.

The Opposition Faced by Rocketship Education

Standing as the pioneer of any endeavor may bring criticism your way. What Rocketship Education stands against is a wave of doubt about how R is handling its money. The details were important at first, but then parents began to stand up: clearly sharing their own thoughts.

These are the same parents who got to choose the extracurricular classes that their kids have access to. Families are not only satisfied with the work of R, but many are hoping for the nonprofit to build schools in their districts.

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