A Background and Efforts by Isabel dos Santos to Empower Women

She is a successful businesswoman with interests in several fields. Her late father, Jose Eduardo dos Santos, served as the president of Angola. One of her most notable achievements was when she worked as the chairwoman of a local oil company known as Sonangol. The businesswoman had significant investments in the firm. Isabel dos Santos’s tenure at the oil firm is one of the main reasons why she has succeeded in her business ventures (FinancialTimes).


Currently, she is constantly involved in numerous philanthropic initiatives whose primary purpose is the economic empowerment of women. Isabel dos Santos encouraged other female entrepreneurs from Africa to join her efforts of giving back to society. According to her, her philanthropic work can help to grow the global economy. Isabel has been interviewed by several media forums to talk about her business success even though the industry is male-dominated in Africa.


One of the main reasons why African businesswomen face difficulties in their ventures is prejudice from the community. Isabel hopes that her philanthropic work will help to change the situation for the next generation of African businesswomen. She revealed that she had faced discrimination despite her business success and that made it difficult for her to close business deals. Some people think that she is just a mother married to a rich man and some think she has prospered due to the efforts of her husband.


Isabel dos Santos believes that prejudice is one of the main challenges that female entrepreneurs face during their efforts to raise capital for their ventures. According to her, most investors are only confident when men head firms. Despite various challenges that African businesswomen face, Isabel believes that they can still succeed in their investments.


She urges them to utilize their talents properly and have endurance in their business endeavors. According to Isabel dos Santos, every female entrepreneur must think about their passion and the skills they possess before starting any business venture. Some of the sectors of the economy that she thinks have huge potential in Angola include tourism, mining, agriculture, and manufacturing. She believes that the areas have become very lucrative with time.
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