An Executive Profile of Jeffry Schneider

Jeffry Schneider, a principal executive in Austin, is the mastermind and CEO of an upcoming Texas-based boutique investment organization. The company is famous for incorporating an outstanding model in running its business operations. Jeffry Schneider leads the investment company in performing activities related to private equity and formulation of collaboration with stabilized firms in the market. Through affiliations with mature firms, Mr. Schneider’s investment firm generates high income and minimizes its debts. Currently, the firm has expanded thus supports over 55 workers. In the latter, the organization manages its activities using a variety of resources including investment advisors, family offices and broker-dealer services. The executive believes that the firm’s achievement originates from employees dedication and team spirit.

As a principal executive, Jeffry Schneider has interacted with numerous individuals in the market. As such, multiple companies have presented their experience feedback during the time they affiliated with Mr. Schneider. The corporations that have attested on the exemplariness of Jeffry include Virtuous Financial Group, Aspyr Media Inc. and Lyons Capital LLC among others. Terrell Gates, Virtuous Financial Group founder postulated that he often feels alleviated working with Jeffry. He posits that the principal possesses extensive technical knowledge and the ability to break down a project to the required essentials. As such, other executives are fascinated by the strength of Jeffry to execute and actualize operations.

Working at Ascendants Capital LLC illustrates his zeal and expertise gained from previous professional exposure. In the past, Jeffry Schneider has served at multiple corporations working for different personnel including Alex Brown, Smith Barney, and Merrill Lynch. Through these interactions, Mr. Schneider developed the passion and energy to manage Ascendants Capital. He engages in not only professional activities but also charitable courses. As such, Jeffry directs his passion for aiding the less fortunate by collaborating with philanthropic initiatives. He thus works with the Gazelle Foundation, Wonders and Worries, and Cherokee Children’s Home.

Agera Energy – Established and Stable Energy Supplier to Varied Customers

In the last few years, Agera Energy has grown rapidly in the field of energy and natural gas supply. The company presents itself as different from another a conventional firm as it not only provides comprehensive range different services when it comes to energy and natural gas supply but also is trying in many ways to spread awareness about energy saving plan.

The customer service of Agera Energy is also top notch resource, and every feedback and complaint it receives is worked upon seriously after contemplation by a team of energy and customer support professionals in the company. Agera Energy aims to expand its network in the country in the coming time.

About Agera Energy shows that businesses can focus on profits and the environment too. The company is dedicated to adopting renewable energy sources so that their customers can not just save money, but also help reduce the pressure on the non-renewable sources of energy.


Dr Jennifer Walden Talks about Myths about Hair Loss

Doctor Jennifer Walden is a cosmetic plastic surgeon. She is based in the Walden Cosmetic Surgery and Laser Centre at the Medspa NW Hills. Balding, which is a natural condition, and it is notably never accepted with ease by most people as it hits them. Naturally, as a result of this the affected just find themselves searching for more knowledge about the thinning and how it can be corrected. To follow this way, let’s first overcome some of the myths.

There is a belief that ball caps are a baldness factor. Many men blame themselves for baldness sourcing it from wearing a beanie or ball cap regularly. This is in a way tricky to deal with as a health myth, since there is some little truth. This happens only if someone wears extremely tight caps, that is swimming cap tight. This causes traction alopecia, a condition mostly associated with hair styles like tight braids and ponytails. It is therefore less worthwhile to associate the condition with wearing of hats.

Another myth comes up when you find someone blaming themselves since they use to brush the hair very often. It is true there are some ridiculous human habits to carry out on your head, but brushing is definitely not one of them. Only if you brush your hair while it’s still wet, there is a possibility that some hair will break off. With clear concise, hair breaking does not cause balding. The truth is that when hair breaks will it happens to be as if it was shaven, it will just grow again.

We will also deal with this myth that your grandfather at the mother’s side contributed to the situation of your baldness. Not only this about balding, there are also other physical characteristics associated with family tree. Some include hair texture and hair colour. Scientifically talking, this condition is from your family. To contrast it is not only from your mom’s dad, but it is a polygenic trait, meaning that that several of your ancestors have contributed towards your balding. This is a characteristic of genes, which are inherited from several generations of a family line.



Jason Hope Talks about the Benefits of the Internet of Things and How it will Change the World

Today, technology is all around us. Everyone uses technology in the form of smartphones, but it does not end there. There are plenty of things around us that are connected to us through technology and affect us in more ways than possible. Jason Hope, an entrepreneur, is exploring the different ways in which technology has taken over and that also for the better. He feels that people need to know more about the Internet of Things so that new ideas can help the world.

Internet of Things has already taken over the lives of people, but Jason Hope feels that people still do not know what it exactly is. The term IoT means that technology will connect people with things and people with people using the internet. It will make everything automated, and people can remotely access different electronics without having to spend thousands of dollars. There was a time when people thought that such technology was only for the rich people, but Jason Hope wants to change that and seeks the help of other entrepreneurs to do it. Businesses can easily use IoT technology to perform mundane tasks easily and enhance their efficiency. It helps minimize their costs and also increases their profits to a great extent. The data collected through the IoT system can also help change a lot of things in the near future.

Jason Hope shared some practical use of Internet of Things in our daily lives that many do not even realize is happening. People are using coffee makers through their smartphone so that a fresh cup of coffee when they wake up. Garage doors come with IoT technology and can be opened and closed using their smartphones. The automated lighting systems are also easily accessible through the smartphone and are a reality. The latest home security system is also accessible through the smartphone making them even more secure and safe. Jason Hope says that the interconnected world already exists and it is up to people to learn new ways to use IoT.

Jason Hope Donates To Anti-aging Research Effort As Major Discovery Emerges

Alex Hern is a freelancer

Alex Hern is a freelancer professional that goes all over the world helping other companies progress in the way they should and helping starting companies get off the ground. Alex has made his career path by going to companies that are starting all over the world and helping them not just get off the ground but thrive.

Tech genius Alex stays with all of the companies he worked with until his job is complete and the company is ready to stand on their own feet for a long time and succeed for the future ahead of them. The way in which he does this is by teaching the owner and helping that owner develop a team that can help the owner as time goes on.

Now Alex has added another aspect to the business in which he is running as he is a virtual reality expert that is spreading the word to how virtual reality needs to be in the work place as it can provide so many benefits that people just don’t think about right now. In order to explain this Alex Hern says, he actually takes all of the gear in order to demonstrate exactly how meetings with a virtual reality setting work and can make the business so much more productive.


Zeco Auriemo Is Proving He Knows Exactly What He Is Doing As JHSF’s Determined CEO

The Brazilian developer of real estate, JHSF, could not be in better hands when it comes to the group’s leadership. This is due to the amount of progress the company has been able to make in the relatively brief period during which it has had the great fortune of having Zeco Auriemo directing the organization’s business operations as the CEO. JHSF has never seen so much success before, and especially not in the new markets that Auriemo has chosen to plunge into. These new markets are luxury properties and international projects, and they have made all the difference with regards to the improvements in JHSF’s reals estate portfolio and the substantial increase in in its profits.

Creating buildings of great luxury is such a successful business model because these properties naturally attract clients and consumers with higher than average incomes, which a clever strategy when it comes to increasing revenue. JHSF’s luxurious offerings can be seen it its shopping complexes, residential developments and hotels. The group has even been involved in the creation of an executive airport. Furthermore, New York is now the home of one of the most impressive residential buildings that JHSF has ever worked on, and Uruguay currently hosts another one of JHSF’s properties as well.

Zeco Auriemo is consistently showing JHSF and the industry as a whole that he has his head in exactly the right place when it comes to finding new business opportunities, as both luxury and expansion away from just Brazil were his ideas. Since he has done so much for the company, it is a bit less surprising that he wasn’t even middle aged yet when he stepped into the chief executive officer slot at his company, although it is still a unique occasion for anyone to reach CEO status so young.

Gareth Henry Using Knowledge And Unparalleled Expertise To Navigate The Investment Industry

There are different approaches to establishing a career in whatever industry we choose. Some career is born out of a huge risk that a person took to pursue their ideas or dreams, others from skills they acquired while learning under already successful individuals, a small section is of the ones that got handed down a business mantle by their family or friend and finally, some build a career out of the education and knowledge they acquired in school. Though the later occupies a small number in the successful entrepreneur’s pie, it is not often that you hear an entrepreneur credit their class work, these types of entrepreneurs have established some of the strongest foundations for their careers. One such entrepreneur, Gareth Henry, is not shy to admit that the knowledge he acquired from the University of Edinburgh, Scotland, has played a major role in his career in the management and development of alternative assets investment.

The alternative asset investment industry experienced a great boost when banks lending regulations increased their requirements for originating the loan to private businesses. Being a relatively new business, opportunities to grow and increase returns in the business are ever increasing with different investment firms and individuals, like Gareth Henry, using them to help investors get the most of their money. Gareth Henry joined the American market when he joined Fortress Investments group, which is a global alternative asset investment management firm headquartered in New York.

In New York City, Mr. Henry provides financial services to a number of firms, independently and as a global head of the fortress group. The investment genius has specialized in private equity and private credit, hedge fund management and real estate securities among others. He is also responsible for the global portfolios of a number of financial and investment firms. Through his love for mathematics and finance, Gareth Henry has been able to maintain a reputable resume both in the United States and the rest of the world. To continue his career and keep his clients happy, the global head of investor relations keeps up with the latest trends in the industry.

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Stream Energy Work of Philanthropy

Stream Energy is a private for-profit direct selling ad connected life services company that was established in 2005. The firm specializes in the provision of energy services including wireless and protective services among others. The firm has grown in leap and bounds over the years and is now a leading global energy firm generating more than 8 billion dollars in revenue. Stream energy conducts its operations in more than ten states in the US and is recognized as one of the most trusted electric retail companies.

One cause that stream energy is passionate and committed about is giving back to the community. Stream Energy in a bid to formalize its corporate social responsibility formed Stream Care a charitable foundation that will help streamline the firm’s philanthropy work not only in Texas but all over the country. One catastrophic event that Stream Care was actively involved in aiding the community is the Hurricane Harvey that destroyed property worth millions of dollars and many Americans lost their lives. Many companies both local and international watched the sad event helplessly. However, Stream Care came to the rescue of not only its employees but also its valuable customers.

Charity and philanthropy have turned out to be an essential part of a company. It is no longer about just giving out money, but it has become a critical element of building a firms brand. Many clients are attracted to companies that associate with the community through charity. Stream Energy has realized how it can leverage on philanthropy through Stream Care. The firm through philanthropy is earning respect and loyalty from customers and the general public. Philanthropic work in America based on statistics has been on an upward trajectory. In 2016 alone the American corporate world gave about 19 billion dollars to charitable causes both locally and internationally. The 19 billion dollars is not inclusive of funds that have been given out for sponsorship, cause marketing and donations in the form of money and time from individuals.

The Hurricane Harvey is not the only charitable cause that Stream Energy participated in. The firm has continued to build long-term relationships with leading philanthropic organizations such as the Habitat for Humanity and the Red Cross. Stream Care has also partnered with Hope Supply Co. in combating homelessness a cause that is so dear to Stream Care.

A look at real estate and credit business guru, Peter Briger

Peter Briger has been an instrumental figure at Fortress for close to two decades now. He joined the company during its early years and since then has contributed immensely to its success. Peter joined the alternative investment firm after one and a half decade of dealing with debt securities and real estate at Goldman Sachs. Hence he had a lot of knowledge and experience to bring to the Fortress table.

Thanks to his vast experience in dealing with real estate and illiquid investments, Peter Briger has been an invaluable asset to Fortress since day one. For instance, a few months after joining the company as principal, he successfully helped raise over $4 billion for a Fortress fund.

His prowess in illiquid investments is also unmatched as he has helped raise millions in revenue by investing in properties and assets considered useless by most investors, and then later refurbishing and selling them at a profitable price. This is an area that most business people wouldn’t dare venture in due to the high risks involved, but he has been courageously venturing in these murky waters over the years, making him the unspoken king of debt in the finance arena.

Thanks to his unique business skills, Peter Briger is living large and is among one of the world billionaires with a worth of over $2.3 billion.

Learn more about Peter Briger at

 Peter Briger and the community

Unlike most affluent individuals, Peter Briger understands the essence of the society in his success, and always goes the extra mile to empower others intellectually and financially. When he is not running his real estate and credit fund department at Fortress, Peter is usually busy giving back to his community through various charity organizations. For instance, he is a member of Tipping point, a charity organization which works towards alleviating poverty through the provision of essential amenities to low-income families in San Francisco. Peter also understands how vital self-sufficiency is in this era where lack of employment is on the rise. It is for this reason that he, together with two other alumni of Princeton, established an entrepreneur fund, through which graduates get capital to develop their startups.

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Organo Gold: Coffee That Promotes Weightloss

Millions of Americans have to have coffee to start their mornings whether it’s going through the drive-thru of McDonald’s, Starbucks, or Chic-Fil-La, it is an essential party of the morning routine to have that brew grace the lips of people that love the caffeine and the “pick me up” that a nice hot cup of coffee can provide. With thatt said, there is another coffee out there that people enjoy and it offers a solution to taking in so much caffeine. It is called Organo Gold coffee

Organo Gold coffee is the number selling product for the company Organo Gold. It offers a healthier solution with antioxidants along with a gateway taste. Once you have tried it, you will never look back. This coffee is not only made with you in mind for the heat taste but also has properties in it that promote weight loss. So you have your coffee and not feel guilty. Organo Gold sells more products than coffee. There is also a tea that has the same antioxidants and helps you to lose weight also. You can also get soaps and other products that the company sells that are really good.

Organo Gold does a great job of expanding itself across different areas to offer more than one thing. You can get Organo Gold products anywhere they are sold. If you are wanting to try some of their delicious coffee or teas, you can get them at cafes and shops that sell exotic brews.