Isabel dos Santos’ 2 Cents And More: Women Empowerment

Times are changing and many women can be found in the board room and in high level positions, but there is still a massive gap when considering gender disparities in the corporate world. Women today that hold positions of power are making major strides ensuring that other women get a leg up. One of those women is Isabel dos Santos. In her article “INSPIRATION.WOMEN EMPOWERMENT” she states, “Managers have a duty to encourage and support women as they build their careers and take on leadership roles”. As a manager she herself is in the fight to ensure that women are given the same opportunities as men.

The fight to close the gender gap is one that has gone on for years and will take years before there is a sense of equality that is reached. In this fight, it is encouraging to see women like Isabel dos Santos in positions of leadership take on the mantle to change the mindsets that have kept the gap wide. Pushing for there to be a reform and creation of balance in salaries,and advocating that women be allotted the same access to career growth as men.

Needless to say the fight is a good one but it is made better when we as women do not look to put each other down but to build one another up. The beauty of what Isabel dos Santos does is that she does not just single out women, however she creates a space where both men and women can thrive in their own right. Isabel dos Santos’ investment in future generations allows for there to be a platform where men and women share a level playing field and one is not lorded over the other.

Isabel dos Santos can be quoted on her Instagram page saying, “There are many ways we can give voice to women and ensure their empowerment in society, whether in their families, in their villages or in their careers.For all the women out the looking for some inspiration, “Your best business bet is you, your skills, your motivation, and your passion.” – Isabel dos Santos.

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Adam Milstein and The Fight Against Anti-Semitism.

Adam Milstein is an Israeli born managing partner with Hager Pacific Properties he is married to Gila Milstein who jointly co-founded the Adam and Gila Family Foundation which provides assistance and aid to help the Jewish people. Adam Milstein and his wife live in Encino calif together with his three children. He is a philanthropist focusing on strengthening the Jewish people and the state of Israel. Adam Milstein is an author at the Jewish news syndicate where. his work is mostly concentrated on issues relating to the emerging anti-Semitic hate groups.

His recent article on the Jewish news syndicate “Unlikely Radical Alliances Fan the Flames of Antisemitism Worldwide” covers an unlikely alliance between the radical Muslims and radical leftists .recently this alliance has been growing for the radical Muslims who execute gays, stone women and also trample on minority rights and the leftists who are against this ideologies seem to have set aside their differences in order to join forces against their common enemy western ideologies, vile antisemitism, tolerance and pluralistic nationalism.

Adam Milstein says that radical leftists are able to turn a blind eye to the radical Muslims ideologists by portraying the Muslims as one people oppressed by the west. Recent activities by the radical leftists seem to suggest that the alliance is growing a recent “Disorientation Guide” publication by leftist students from the university of tufts attacking the university Hillel and claiming that Israel is a white supremacy state this exposed the antisemitism by radical leftists however one student claimed the guide was not anti-Semitic as she was of Jewish origin. The New York University had a similar published guide that condemned Israel.

Other examples of the alliance are illustrated during the Chicago dyke march that is intended to honor the LGBT community whereby three people were suspended for including the stars of David on their pride flags. Albert Milstein goes on to conclude by stating that this alliance will soon threaten the growth of America and threaten people of Jewish decent all around the world

Thor Halvorssen: An Active Human Rights Activist:

Since its creation in 2004, the Human Rights Foundation, headed by Thor Halvorssen, has not only championed the cause of individual liberty in some of the world’s most oppressive country with words, but also by their deeds. One of Thor Halvorssen’s and HRF’s primary targets is North Korea, whose people have suffered under the totalitarian rule of the Kim family for decades. The government maintains tight control over the information its citizens are allowed to access. Even watching TV shows from South Korea can be punishable by jail time.

In 2014, Halvorssen and some of his allies launched balloons with DVDs and flash drives into North Korea to give its citizens an idea of life outside the so-called “Hermit Kingdom.” North Korea’s ruler, Kim Jung Un, was so enraged it was reported he ordered agents to assassinate Halvorssen during another visit to South Korea. No actual attempt was made on his life, but he was assaulted during a trip to Vietnam. Halvorssen conducted a secret interview with Thich Quang Do, who’s church is outlawed by the government. Vietnamese authorities detained Halvorssen and beat him, but Halvorssen managed to talk his way to freedom . . . and still get the interview out of the country.

Halvorssen’s HRF has also called for the release of Thai activist Jatupat Boonpattararaksa for sharing an article on Facebook critical of the country’s new king. Halvorssen criticized South Korea’s government for what he calls its silence on North Korea’s continued human rights abuses. HRF has also launched campaigns to benefit political prisoners in countries like Venezuela, Cuba, and Bolivia.

Not only does Halvorssen champion human rights, he also has an interest in film. He served as a producer for the movies “Freedom’s Fury,” about the 1956 Hungarian revolution, and “Hammer and Tickle,” a satire about the former Soviet Union. Halvorssen currently is working on a film version of Robert A. Heinlein’s novel “The Moon is a Harsh Mistress.”