Lori Senecal a Leader that Every Organization Admires

Crispin Porter and Bogusky CEO, Lori Senecal relates her success to her early life. Having seen her older siblings succeed, Senecal says that this has acted as a motivation to what she has achieved both in her life and in her career. Just from the look of her story, Senecal has made her dreams to come true.

After leaving University with a degree in sales and marketing, she entered the labor force and proved her skills worthwhile. Over time, she has developed the talent of leadership, being able to lead companies and organizations. Her ability to bring out the best in her colleagues has made other employees to admire her services in their organizations.

In addition to her leadership, Lori is rich of other skills that see her excelling in her work. Lori Senecal is an expert in advertising, digital strategies, and integrated marketing. She also has vast knowledge in E-commerce. It is the advice of Lori to employees that they should invent the careers they yearn. Check out GCReport for more.

Lori’s love for entrepreneurship has made her find interest in meandering young people who have a motive in business. In 2014, she co-founded Isaac Awards Organization that was meant to award and honor different students for their inventions.

As a marketing leader in the creative and digital marketing, Lori Senecal has much to advice when it comes to advertising trends. In her capacity, it is her responsibility to oversee the expansion of the agency globally as well as other important management duties. The firm has nine international offices of which she coordinates. In her previous role, Lori was able to develop and execute excellent new methods and strategies in human resources and corporate operations thus making the company one of the New York City’s best. For more details visit LinkedIn.

In the business world, Lori views that a company’s marketing campaign should meet three main results. She points out that the campaign must present a message that is well-targeted for it to reach the desired people. Secondly, the message in the campaign should be understandable to the preferred group. Then lastly, the message should inspire the audience to take action. In the current world, the three can be achieved through the use of visual images and social media marketing.

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