Innovation; the pillar of Goettl’s success

Goettl Air Conditioning is a company that has been in cooling business since 1939 when it offered cooling services using evaporative cooling systems and a refrigerated AC. Its first founders were brothers; Gust and Adam Goettl. Since those days, the company is now thriving and gathering momentum in air conditioning market. Its current president and CEO, Mr. Goodrich has helped steer the cooling pioneer into a national brand through the offering of high-quality services qualified technicians that guarantee value for your money.

Mr. Goodrich mentioned that through the emphasize of operating a customer-oriented business, is what turned around the air conditioning giant to reporting over $50 million in annual sales; a 500 percent growth as reported by To change the company, Mr. Goodrich had to boost the employees’ morale.

Through decades of dynamic technology, Goettl recently made a very significant move in the entire cooling and heating market; they acquired Walton’s Heating and Air, a company that uses HVAC technology. The company operates in the state of California. Heating, Ventilation and Air Conditioning (HVAC) is a technology of in-house air conditioning that aims at providing thermal comfort and improved indoor air temperature.

This deal gave Goettl an upper hand to venture into a new Californian market on top of its largest markets: Phoenix, Las Vegas and Tucson. This acquisition also gave Walton’s a chance to grow. As reported by BizJournal, Mr. Longbrake was at first reluctant to join Goettl, but due to the good image of Goettl, he had no option but to join hands with the air conditioning pioneers.

Mr. Goodrich commented that Walton’s offered his company a platform to grow since they shared values. The similarity ensured easier transition and made sure that no business process was hindered. After the acquisition, Longbrake was retained as sales manager and field operations supervisor.

The acquisition created an additional 200 employment opportunities in Phoenix and Tucson; the two states happens to be the largest markets for Goettl Air Conditioning.

‘No one knows AC like Goettl’

This is the byline that summarizes the expertise of Goettl in their business as shown on their official website. The company has highly skilled technicians who are regularly trained to ensure quality service and premium products, writes the site. And innovation being the pillar of their services; they offer a broad range of air conditioning services that you can choose depending on your needs and capabilities. These services include installations and maintenance of the cooling systems.

Goettl Air Conditioning offers the following cooling and heating products

Ductless mini splits

Heat pumps

Central Air Conditioners

Smart Thermostats among other upgrades you can request.

Their maintenance services are the best in the market; where they help you keep your air conditioners in perfect condition to eliminate regular repairs and breakdowns.

If you are in need of any air conditioning services, consider them.