Greensky Credit creates real value for all parties to big-ticket retail loans

David Zalik is one of the more interesting characters in the financial technology industry. A former child prodigy, Zalik got a near perfect score on the SAT test at the age of just 12 years old. This caused him to be invited to attend classes at Auburn University, allowing him to skip high school completely. But it didn’t take long for Zalik to become bored with academia. He dropped out at around the age of 15 to pursue the development of his computer-assembly business, MicroTech.

MicroTech did well. And Zalik was able to sell the firm for approximately $5 million in 1996. At the age of just 22, Zalik had become a millionaire. He invested his capital in Atlanta-area commercial real estate. This proved to be a sound investment. By the time he was 32, Zalik was worth over $10 million. It was during this time that he first became aware of the opportunity presented by generating big-ticket point-of-sale loans.

Working with another one of his companies, e-consultancy firm Outweb, Zalik had noticed that a large number of his home-remodeling customers were losing business at the point of sale. Specifically, customers with little to no experience in contracting were systematically and severely underestimating the final costs involved in home remodeling projects. Contractors who were bidding on these projects found that customers were often so far out of the ballpark of realistic cost expectations that the bridge simply could not be gapped. Contractors were losing sales.

Zalik formed GreenSky Credit as a way to provide promotional financing for customers who couldn’t immediately afford their home-improvement projects. The genius in GreenSky Credit lies in the fact that it creates strong value for literally everyone involved. GreenSky Credit allows the customers to get the home improvements that they need, creating deep satisfaction with their homes and increasing their home’s resale value.

At the same time, GreenSky Credit delivers high-quality loans to lenders while helping contractors to nail sales that would have otherwise been lost. GreenSky Credit provides loans to mostly prime borrowers, almost eliminating the risk that lenders will have to contend with defaults.

Paul Mampilly Explains Why Bitcoin Investors Are Not Selling and Making a Profit As They Should

Think that buying bitcoin will make you rich? According to financial and investing expert Paul Mampilly, do not think that way so fast. The fact is that Bitcoin is likely to crash, according to Paul Mampilly.

The Bitcoin mania is very similar to the dotcom Bubble, says Paul Mampilly. The truth is that some people became very rich by buying Bitcoin early on. Bitcoin jumped from the price of around one thousand dollars a Bitcoin to around nineteen thousand dollars for a Bitcoin. In other words, if someone invested ten thousand dollars, their Bitcoin went up in price to one hundred and ninety thousand dollars. If they invested more than one hundred thousand dollars, they made millions. However, all these big investors are likely to lose a lot of their money in the near future.

Paul Mampilly says that investors are saying that people like him who are warning of the crash are just jealous because they feel bad that they did not make money themselves when they missed the opportunity to invest in Bitcoin. However, they said the same thing when he warned them that the dotcom bubble is going to crash! They did not believe him then and they do not believe him now, but he feels that they will soon lose out because of it. In fact, his friend who had stocks that soared over one thousand percent during the dotcom bubble refused to speak with him because he warned her that she will lose money. In the end, she lost all her money while he sold his stocks early and made a profit.

Why don’t people act like he did and sell their stocks early? Paul Mampilly explains that it is because they are too attached emotionally to their profits. They are a little too greedy, and it blinds them. They saw their investments skyrocket, and they want to believe that their investments are only down temporarily and that they will go up again to even greater heights. The fact is, though, that it often does not work that way. Once the prices go down, they often do not come up again.

Paul Mampilly is an investor. He is often invited to give over his views on investing on major outlets such as CNBC and Bloomberg. He is the senior editor at Banyan Hill Publishing.

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Roberto Santiago the owner of Manaira Shopping Mall

If there is a man, who has proven that hard work do pay is Roberto Santiago. Since he joined the business career and investment field, Roberto has built a recognition as a man of many hats. He has since gained many titles including sportsman, producer, entrepreneur, blogger and a businessman areas that he has successfully thrived in.


When asked of how he manages to make his success in all these fields, Roberto confirms that it is all about starting low, being committed and working hard to grow to the top. Through his competence in innovations and entrepreneurial skills, Santiago has grown to the position of the most successful businessman not only in Paraiba but also in the whole of Brazil.


Back to his historical background, Santiago trailed his very first degree from the Pio X-Marist College. This was sometime long before he realized that he could do better in the business field. This zeal towards business drove him back to school where he joined the University Center of Joao Pessoa and pursued a bachelor’s degree in business Administration. It was immediately after the completion of his course that he landed his very first job at Café Santa Rosa.


Through this first job, Santiago can be described as an innovative man as it is from here that he used the opportunity to learn about how to run a business successfully. Right from his first month, Roberto learned to keep some savings from his salary, an amount that mounted up and helped him start his own first company.


He continued with the job for a few years, and after he thought his savings were enough, he quit and started a cartonage company where he manufactured and supplied packaging materials to different companies. His business was full of prosperity and even gave him some cash to purchase a piece of land at Joao Pessoa.


Right after purchasing the land, it took him two years to establish his very first mall business that he named Manaira shopping mall. At the initial position of the mall, it was meant for providing locals with a strategic shopping location, but through his visionary aspect, the mall has currently expanded and grown to one of the largest commercial centers in Paraiba.


In the past 28 years that Manaira has been in existence, it has undergone up to five expansions giving it more than 200 stores lying on over 75,000 square meters of a gross leasable area. The mall is currently not only known for its myriad of stores, but it has also been a pronounced entertainment center in the country with 11 cinema rooms offering the most recent and favorite movies. More to this, the Manaira is known to provide an arena for both education and dining thus making it a meeting point for unlimited diverse needs.


Richard Mishaan, the Innovator In Interior Design

Richard Mishaan Design firm is known for their lavish interiors matched with vintage finds. The New York based firm specializes in superior interior and architectural design. His portfolio is full of vibrant colors, bold patterns and decorative pieces. Richard Mishaan Design has been featured frequently in Elle Decor Magazine and Architectural Digest. If you are looking for a sophisticated and unique way to design your home, this is the only designer for you.Richard Mishaan Design has done interior work for the Trump World Towers and the iconic Shelburne Hotel. With over 25 years of experience, his eye for detail and elegance is unsurpassed.

Mishaan was born in Cartagena, Colombia but was also raised in Bogota and Italy. He bases his unique style on the vibrant colors of Colombian cities. He studied at the Columbia University School of Architecture before moving to New York in 1978. He started out his early career as an apprentice at Philip Johnson and became highly knowledgeable in fashion, architecture and interior design.Richard Mishaan Design combines vivid designs with quality furnishings that are nearly impossible to come by. He has a keen eye for luxury, and recognizes quality patterns and artwork while always keeping it classy.

The design firm has re-invented the Upper East Side Estate, The 93rd Street Sale Centre, The presidential suite at the St. Regis Hotel and the Kip Bay Boys and Girls Show House. In every room that he designs, an authentic and bold piece of art is used. He uses handmade porcelains, decorative art objects and artisan textiles. Mishaan embraces vivid colors and is not afraid to use them. Richard Mishaan is an expert at making antique pieces fit into a modern room, transforming it into an exotic space.

The Role of Adam Goldenberg in the Rise of Fabletics

Fabletics was founded by Kate Hudson in 2013 with the help of Adam Goldenberg. Hudson is an Oscar-nominated Hollywood actress who is famous for being successful in everything she does. She approached Adam Goldenberg for the launch of Fabletics.

Goldenberg is a successful entrepreneur and the CEO of TechStyle. Together they worked on Fabletics which is growing fast around the world with over one million VIP members and about one thousand employees. In an interview with Entrepreneur, Kate Hudson said that she wore activewear all her life, and it was hard for her to believe that high-quality yoga pants are very expensive for the common people. The objective on behind launching Fabletics was to make fitness and fashion affordable. Fortunately, the concept worked, and TechStyle was made the parent company of Fabletics. The company got the unicorn status in 2014, and a valuation of one billion dollars. Adam Goldenberg is the genius behind this success.

Adam Goldenberg is an entrepreneur by nature as he still holds the record of the youngest COO of a publicly traded company. He co-founded JustFab, Inc., and he is also the co-CEO of the company. The company is credited with successfully introduction fashion brands including JustFab, Fableics, ShoeDazzle, FL2, and Fabkids. The company enjoyed a sale of six-hundred-and-fifty dollars in 2010. JusFab has over two thousand employees. It enjoys the repute for being a leading fashion brand. Goldenberg shared how membership business model evolved from the shopping experience. It is all about properly using business insights and data. Adam Goldenberg shared these details in July 2016 when he attended the Digital Experience Workshop organized by in California.

Adam Goldenberg said that the fashion landscape is quickly changing. The reason written on Twitter why JustFab was successful was building brands online especially for the ones that had a high rate of growth. JustFab’s backbone is the membership model of the company which is a relationship between the company and its customers. The relationship is mutually beneficial. It makes a huge difference when the customer is happy. The great customer experience is when a customer opens the box, and he gets more than he was expecting. The biggest challenge that a company faces nowadays is to keep a fast pace and continue to grow. Adam Goldenberg said that the reason why he loves this business is that it enables him to work with passionate and smart people. It is always exciting to try new challenges at Goldenberg said that he plans to redefine membership for the commerce community.

Tony Petrello Takes Nabors Into The Future And Beyond With Technological Superiority–Second-To-None:

Tony Petrello is the illustrious leader of Nabors Industries, Ltd. He provides innovation of thought and pure logic in assuring that Nabors Industries Ltd., serves its stakeholders, handsomely, currently and well into the future. Tony Petrello has a great deal of team spirit, integrated into his formative style of leadership. He has demonstrated an enduring history of academic achievement and career success.

Tony Petrello incorporates strategy as a way to achieve overall value for Nabors Industries, Ltd., One area where Tony Petrello is encouraging long-range growth is in enhancing oil and gas drilling solutions within the lower forty-eight states.

Tony Petrello and Nabors Industries, Ltd., formed an alliance, recently, with Weatherford International plc (NYSE: WFT). Nabors Industries, Ltd., and Weatherford International, in February of 2017, signed a non-binding Memorandum of Understanding—-hereafter referred to as an MOU, in order to create a union, placing a focus, as stated above, in way of delivering enhanced oil and gas drilling solutions to enterprises within the U.S. market. The idea is to properly leverage the technical know-how and engineering abilities of the two enterprises. This type of union assures that a full spectrum of advanced technological solutions; equipment, and tools are made available to the client.

The integration offers a great deal of value to the operator—by way of proper performance. The placement of the wellbore is made much more precise. Too: the partnership, provides the client with lower costs—as to drilling operations.

The greater the efficiency and the more cost-effective the operation: the better the value, with regard to customer expectations. The preceding move is not at all surprising, since Tony Petrello, has a very formative capacity in which to lead. He was trained, by the best educational sources, in achieving the highest-end results as a leader.

Tony Petrello, attained two Mathematical degrees from the highly-touted academic institution of Yale University. Tony Petrello not only attained a B.S. degree from the Ivy League College, he, as well, attained an M.S. degree. He matriculated from Yale: and attained a J.D. from the Harvard Law School. Naturally, attending a school, such as Harvard, Tony Petrello, attained, much, in the way of thinking in a broad-based manner—thinking pertinent to a leader.

He easily became a Managing Partner, at the International Law Firm of Baker McKenzie. He worked for Baker McKenzie, out of its New York Office. He moved to Nabors Industries, Ltd., after his tenure at Baker McKenzie.

Tony Petrello, too, is Director of several organizations, currently. He provides focus and meaning to the community and in his service and leadership as the CEO, President and Chairman of the Board of Nabors Industries, Ltd., in instituting strategies that serve the greatest need of the stakeholders; and the community as a whole. “Hats off,” to Tony Petrello.

Fabletics Owner Don Ressler Shows Why Deep Relationships Are Important

One interesting thing about business is that the key to success is probably counter-intuitive to some people. People who have tried their hand at started businesses have probably figured that their best way to deal with customers is to keep the connectivity at a minimum at However, when it comes to starting businesses, it is important for people to take the time to build relationships in communities they get involved in. While some customers on might take the chance to do business with a company that they know very little about, it can be easier for the more established members of a community to bring in the sales.

Therefore, Don Ressler, Kate Hudson, and others working at the TechStyle company have come up with ways to bring forth the deepest relationships. Members not only sign up and pay the membership fee, but they are also offered plenty of bonuses and incentives to continue shopping with the company. Don Ressler also understands the importance of being fair. So they make sure that the customer has a lot of freedom in their membership. One of the best aspects of membership is that members are able to interact with one another and even talk with the staff of TechStyle.

Don Ressler’s purpose of Fabletics is to be unique in every aspect that it can be. This includes the website. They take the time to make sure that each product is treated equally so that people will have no confusion about what they are buying. Fortunately, they have a team that is willing to make sure that the website is free of errors. The site of Fabletics is well done and organized on Also, the programming makes it easier for people to get a better look at the clothes that they are considering. The display images are programmed to show either a different angle or a different color of the product.

Transform Your Finances From Proven Strategies Offered From A Distance Learning Course

Many financial experts have encouraged individuals to get the Wealth Wave course created by successful financial analyst, Jim Hunt. His remarkable course is responsible for the success of several Fortune 500 companies. Hunt says, it is a matter of being smart about your financial decisions. He understands that starting your own business will generate cash flow that will give you options to build your wealth. Your naysayer’s are known for saying, you don’t have enough money r talent, but Jim Hunt VTA Publications says, you have to surround yourself with positive people in order to be successful. Positive people can give you reliable ways to jump start your ideas.

Jim Hunt is also responsible for creating the VTA Publications distance learning course. This course comes with tuition assistance for the clients that need it. You have 24/7, assistance with reliable CD’s and tutorials on Ideamensch. You can also speak to a friendly and knowledgeable representative when you need it. You never have to worry about being on your own when you are learning at your own pace because assistance is readily available. You can learn the secrets to biblical wealth that will give you hundred fold of your investment or you can learn how to trade from an usual downward spiraling stock market on Huffington Post.

Jim Hunt is adamant about his latest venture that includes making is mum a tax free millionaire. When asked by PR Newswire he says, he plans to do so, in under ten trades. Those that are interested in learning more can visit his YouTube channel for complete details. His YouTube channel is popular because of his complete transparency with his clients. They never have to worry about Hunt holding back secrets that can transform their wealth. You can buy a new home, car, boat, or save more money than ever before.

Hunt makes his course easily accessible online and his gives his clients the opportunity to learn while you earn. Jim Hunt values his clients and created the VTA Publications course that has a proven financial outlet for whatever your circumstances are. Visit the official VTA website for more details today and gain real wealth. Reference:

George Soros – the principled profiteer

Many successful business people, especially speculators, are derided as amoral seekers of profit. They’re denounced as rapacious rent-seekers whose motto is “accumulate wealth, forgetting all but self.” For strong critics of capitalism’s excesses, it becomes hard to grapple then with stereotype-shattering figures like George Soros who, rather than viewing wealth accumulation as a way to achieve their own vain goals, instead view it as the best way for the high-minded to implement their philosophies in the real world.

From academia to Wall St.
Unlike most who fill the ranks of high finance, George Soros never had any particular ambitions of lucre. In fact, he had originally sought to become a social philosopher instead. He was quite elated when, at age 17, he was accepted to the London School of Economics and began studying under the renowned master Karl Popper. Soros was deeply swayed by Popper’s ideas on open societies. In his book, Open Society and Its Enemies, Popper lays out the vision for which he argues all societies should strive in order to maximize freedom and well-being for all. These ideas arguably formed the intellectual foundation that would guide Soros, not just through his academic career, but through his financial one as well.

Exigencies of survival
Upon graduation, Soros did not have any immediate job offers. He worked for a few years as an itinerant salesman to make ends meet. He did not enjoy that line of work and around the age of 25 resolved to go work on Wall St. Even holding a prestigious degree, George Soros was serially rebuffed by the hyper-competitive hiring climate.

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Finally George Soros landed his first job as a financial analyst at the little-known firm Singer and Friedman. Over the next 15 years, he would work for a string of Wall St. trading firms with an uneven output. Even as he eventually made his way to vice president at a major investment house, he was described as being far more interested in expounding on his philosophical treatises than tending to his job. Throughout this time, he continued to work on his theories of reflexivity, heavily derived from the work of his teacher Karl Popper.

Eventually he branched off to form his own investment fund, Soros Fund Management. By all accounts, including his own, he did not do this to make money. On the contrary, his primary goal was to test the now multiple theories of markets he had elaborated over 15 years of his own philosophical studies. The almost singular strangeness of this driving impulse almost cannot be overstated: At no point in his financial career was George Soros ever to any significant extent motivated by outsize personal gain. This is a crucial point to understand for anyone who wonders why one of the most successful speculators in history has spent the vast majority of his latter years exclusively on philanthropic activities.

Today George Soros runs his Open Societies Foundations. These are charged with finding practical means to implement the theories laid out by Karl Popper and later expanded and refined by his most notable protégé. To understand George Soros one must know that he isn’t so much a fantastically rich businessman as he is a fantastically rich philosopher.

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The Bettering of David Osio’s Davos REG through Applications.

The Davos Financial Group is a firm that has been acknowledged for offering top notch financial services in Venezuela and the Latin America. Its chief executive officer and founder is David Osio. He is a successful entrepreneur and investment advisor who has been working towards ensuring that his businesses maneuver in both the local and the global marketplace. The Davos Financial Group is a highly profitable enterprise, and it runs branches in chief financial cities such as Panama, Geneva, Lisbon, and New York. David has been devoted to offering products and services that create opportunities for business people to capitalize and also meet the market demands. The management strategies that he has set in the company are professional, and they have helped it to deliver excellent service by hiring highly trained personnel. The solutions that the Davos Financial Group has specialized in offering are banking, development of portfolios, corporate arrangement, and asset control.


The Davos Financial Group is the founder of various successful companies including the Davos Real Estate Group, which is a self-governing enterprise. The firm’s real estate solutions have been trusted in the Latin America region for over two decades. It has been creating investment plans that can solve the exact needs of the clients. Davos REG has also hired competent professionals that are dedicated to ensuring that it accomplishes its objectives.


David Osio and two directors of his company, Gerard González and Pablo Bausili, recently informed the public on the lease plans of a new application that will be simplifying work for its clients. The mobile phone software is known as the Davos Cap Calculator, and its purpose is to assist clients in making profit-related predictions as they invest in the real estate business. Mr. Gonzalez was the supervisor of the program’s development, and he ensured that the final product could offer the best service to the customers. Investors who will be using the calculator will be able to determine the profits that they can get from real estate sector and also deduct expenses that are incurred on a property.


The Davos REG’s mobile phone application can be downloaded to devices that use either the iOS and Android operating systems. David Osio believes that developing the application enhances the company’s services since it offers guidance to the client. The enterprise plans to release other supplementary software after the launch of the Davos Cap Calculator. These programs will include a Mortgage Calculator.

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