Working with Alex Hern

We are definitely in the age of advanced technology, while there is surely a technical revolution taking place before our very eyes. Alex Hern is a large contributor toward this fast movement between man and machine. His company Tsunami XR is leading us to these full-on futuristic experiences through the digital workspace. Alex Hern has already created a 3D workspace were the users can send an array of large or small files with lightning speed, raise productivity, fulfill excellent customer service while providing high attention to security. This platform is catered to specific industries.

Some of those industries include aerospace & defense, energy, automotive and healthcare & life sciences. Alex Hern designed this platform to assist these and other industries to respond to their clients’ impositions in the quickest most efficient way possible. That’s not even the best part. Tsunami XR allows you to sign into the virtual 3D platform from any device you choose. Also, most users can join from anywhere in the world! Another amazingly convenient application this workspace offers is a single sign-on application which incoherence offers storage for all of the users’ files, documents etc.

This also offers ease for the consumers using the digital workspace of not having to remember multiple passwords. You can have all your PDFs, media, presentations, images and more all under one application! This will also save a tremendous amount of time which boosts productivity. This is not Alex Herns first rodeo either. Alex Hern has been an element of the technology industry for nearly twenty years. Tsunami XR is intended not only for large industries but for all businesses that would like to incorporate accordance into their daily operations. Tsunami XR is truly a conductor into this new age of workspace.

An Executive Profile of Jeffry Schneider

Jeffry Schneider, a principal executive in Austin, is the mastermind and CEO of an upcoming Texas-based boutique investment organization. The company is famous for incorporating an outstanding model in running its business operations. Jeffry Schneider leads the investment company in performing activities related to private equity and formulation of collaboration with stabilized firms in the market. Through affiliations with mature firms, Mr. Schneider’s investment firm generates high income and minimizes its debts. Currently, the firm has expanded thus supports over 55 workers. In the latter, the organization manages its activities using a variety of resources including investment advisors, family offices and broker-dealer services. The executive believes that the firm’s achievement originates from employees dedication and team spirit.

As a principal executive, Jeffry Schneider has interacted with numerous individuals in the market. As such, multiple companies have presented their experience feedback during the time they affiliated with Mr. Schneider. The corporations that have attested on the exemplariness of Jeffry include Virtuous Financial Group, Aspyr Media Inc. and Lyons Capital LLC among others. Terrell Gates, Virtuous Financial Group founder postulated that he often feels alleviated working with Jeffry. He posits that the principal possesses extensive technical knowledge and the ability to break down a project to the required essentials. As such, other executives are fascinated by the strength of Jeffry to execute and actualize operations.

Working at Ascendants Capital LLC illustrates his zeal and expertise gained from previous professional exposure. In the past, Jeffry Schneider has served at multiple corporations working for different personnel including Alex Brown, Smith Barney, and Merrill Lynch. Through these interactions, Mr. Schneider developed the passion and energy to manage Ascendants Capital. He engages in not only professional activities but also charitable courses. As such, Jeffry directs his passion for aiding the less fortunate by collaborating with philanthropic initiatives. He thus works with the Gazelle Foundation, Wonders and Worries, and Cherokee Children’s Home.

Jim Dondero

Jim Dondero is a Chairman on the Board and Chief Executive Officer of Highland Acquisition Corporation. He has held many different positions at Highland Acquisition Corporation since 2016. Before that he held some management positions at NexPoint Hospitality Trust Inc. He served management positions at Highland Capital Management L.P. ever since 1993. Jim Dondero co-founded Highland Capital Management, and that is how he got his first job there in 1993. Since helping to found the company, Jim Dondero has managed the equity part of the business.

Jim Dondero has worked for many different companies doing many different jobs. He has a lot of experience in many different fields in the business world. He has worked in the credit line field, equity, bonds, bank loans, and so much more. He has even worked as a supplier of documents that are secured. Jim Dondero supports education, programs with veterans, and other issues with the public. Jim Dondero attended the University of Virginia. At this school he earned the highest honors he could. He attended a few other schools, and received high honors at those as well. Entrepreneur Jim Dondero worked hard to learn what he needed to learn to become successful.

Jim Dondero had big plans for his working life. He knew what he wanted to accomplish in his life and he set out to do just that. Jim Dondero wants to set an example for others that if you have the drive to work hard and the dedication to stick with your dreams, you can do anything you set your mind to. Jim Dondero says, Never give up on your dreams. Set a goal in your mind, write it down, work hard, and do whatever you have to do to accomplish that dream. Whether it is something you set out to do on your own, or working for another company. You can accomplish it.

Freedom Checks: Your Piece Of The Oil Industry Profits

There are several individuals who invested in Freedom Checks. They are very happy they did so. These individuals collected payments that were significantly larger than what they would receive from social security. Matt Badiali is the man to thank for spreading the word about Master Limited Partnerships. These are the companies that pay Freedom Checks to their shareholders. This was a particularly good year to invest in MLPs, as the companies paid out a total of $34.6 billion to loyal shareholders. This investment strategy has been overlooked by most of the investing community for so many years and was only used by sophisticated investors.

Now average individuals are aware of the existence of MLPs and can also profit from them. One of the most important reasons for investing in an MLP is the tax treatment you will receive as an investor. MLPs are companies that can avoid paying taxes as part of the US tax code. This same benefit is shared with a company shareholder. Freedom Checks that a shareholder receives are not taxed. A shareholder is only subject to taxation for selling MLP shares at a profit. This tax is still lower than regular income taxes. MLPs may also rise significantly in share price. The US produces more oil than it did in the past and is now recognized as a leading oil producer.

The US imports a lot less oil from the Middle East. As long as domestic oil production continues to increase, MLPs should remain profitable companies. Oil prices should continue o rise as demand rises, which will eventually lead to MLPs trading at higher valuations. Individuals familiar with stock trading will find it easy to invest in MLPs because they trade in the same manner as any common stock. There are no financial restrictions to begin investing. Someone with modest means and a financial account can start collecting Freedom Checks with several dollars. There are over 500 companies that are classified as MLPs and are allowed to issue these special payments to shareholders. Even MLPs involve risk, so it is important for an individual to use proper analysis to pick the appropriate MLP for the financial portfolio.

Vinod Gupta; Changing Women’s Lives through Donations to Schools

It looks like the modest Vinod Gupta has done it again. This time, he has chosen to invest in Rampur Maniharan, a community in his hometown. Apparently, he has donated $1 million towards the development of Ram Rati Gupta Polytechnic, an institution that was formed in 2000. Over the years, this school has changed women’s lives as they have been able to earn their postgraduate degree in about two years. Moreover, the establishment of this school gave life to a technology driven institution that has provided more focus to the success of women in addition to enabling them to stand on their feet and be independent.


Through the use of computers, this institution has empowered many mothers to be able to land technical jobs in the country’s leading corporations. Besides, with the assistance of Vinod Gupta, the school is now in a position to provide textbooks, buses and computer applications. Even with such contributions, Gupta does not forget his roots and how daunting of a task it has been to grow his career into what it is today.

The Observation

From modest beginnings, Gupta recalls how he lived in a small city in India. Straight from his junior school, he learned the value of money and how it can affect the community. As he grew up, he wanted to be something and perhaps change people’s lives in every way that he could. Having attended a small school in his community, he always wished to move to a land that would offer his greener pastures. Perhaps that is why he worked hard to become one of the few students who made it to the Indian Technological Institute. While in school, he majored in agricultural engineering. After school, he relocated to the United States of America and focused on acquiring a master’s degree in the same course he majored in while at India. This time, he joined University of Nebraska. Until now, Vinod Gupta has seeded millions in many businesses across different sectors.

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James Dondero: Life and Achievements

Highland Capital Management, LP was established by James Dondero. Dondero is both the President and Co-Founder of the company. You can find this company in Dallas, Texas. Dondero’s main passion is to make Dallas better, he is busy man who has many responsibilities.

In his college life, at the University of Virginia he studied finance and accounting. This gave him the experience to move up his career in the finance world. His first job was in JP Morgan Chase & Co in 1984. This financial training transformed into a dream job for him. He also got two Bachelor of Science degrees to hold on to. Visit to know more about James Dondero.

That dream job mentioned earlier was at the company of American Express. Dondero while working at the job managed $1 billion which was made up of fixed income funds from 1985 to 1989. Another job, in 1989 was the chief investment officer at Protective Life’s GIC Subsidiary. Dondero, with just a simple idea turned the initial concept for the company into a business worth $2 billion business. This was after many years of knowledge from the company.

In 1993 James Dondero began an investment firm. That firm was called Highland Capital Management. He gave the firm the name Highland Capital Management. While creating this firm he passed in getting reputation as one of the biggest alternative credit managers across the globe and in the United States.


The firm specializes in many things. For example, they deal with credit hedge fuds, private equity accounts, and a wide range of credit funds. Even in his busy life, Dondero makes sure to donate to different charitable organizations. He shows great concern to his community in Dallas and clutched a great amount of projects.

One project he did was n relation to the Dallas Zoo. For example, a little while back in 2001 the Dallas zoo closed its doors on the hippopotamus habitat after one of old age passed away. Then, Dondero decided recently to give $1 million to rebuild the home. But, he wasn’t alone in this venture. He and other philanthropists donated $14 million for a drastic improvement. Read more at Huffington Post about James Dondero.

Roberto Santiago the owner of Manaira Shopping Mall

If there is a man, who has proven that hard work do pay is Roberto Santiago. Since he joined the business career and investment field, Roberto has built a recognition as a man of many hats. He has since gained many titles including sportsman, producer, entrepreneur, blogger and a businessman areas that he has successfully thrived in.


When asked of how he manages to make his success in all these fields, Roberto confirms that it is all about starting low, being committed and working hard to grow to the top. Through his competence in innovations and entrepreneurial skills, Santiago has grown to the position of the most successful businessman not only in Paraiba but also in the whole of Brazil.


Back to his historical background, Santiago trailed his very first degree from the Pio X-Marist College. This was sometime long before he realized that he could do better in the business field. This zeal towards business drove him back to school where he joined the University Center of Joao Pessoa and pursued a bachelor’s degree in business Administration. It was immediately after the completion of his course that he landed his very first job at Café Santa Rosa.


Through this first job, Santiago can be described as an innovative man as it is from here that he used the opportunity to learn about how to run a business successfully. Right from his first month, Roberto learned to keep some savings from his salary, an amount that mounted up and helped him start his own first company.


He continued with the job for a few years, and after he thought his savings were enough, he quit and started a cartonage company where he manufactured and supplied packaging materials to different companies. His business was full of prosperity and even gave him some cash to purchase a piece of land at Joao Pessoa.


Right after purchasing the land, it took him two years to establish his very first mall business that he named Manaira shopping mall. At the initial position of the mall, it was meant for providing locals with a strategic shopping location, but through his visionary aspect, the mall has currently expanded and grown to one of the largest commercial centers in Paraiba.


In the past 28 years that Manaira has been in existence, it has undergone up to five expansions giving it more than 200 stores lying on over 75,000 square meters of a gross leasable area. The mall is currently not only known for its myriad of stores, but it has also been a pronounced entertainment center in the country with 11 cinema rooms offering the most recent and favorite movies. More to this, the Manaira is known to provide an arena for both education and dining thus making it a meeting point for unlimited diverse needs.


Richard Mishaan, the Innovator In Interior Design

Richard Mishaan Design firm is known for their lavish interiors matched with vintage finds. The New York based firm specializes in superior interior and architectural design. His portfolio is full of vibrant colors, bold patterns and decorative pieces. Richard Mishaan Design has been featured frequently in Elle Decor Magazine and Architectural Digest. If you are looking for a sophisticated and unique way to design your home, this is the only designer for you.Richard Mishaan Design has done interior work for the Trump World Towers and the iconic Shelburne Hotel. With over 25 years of experience, his eye for detail and elegance is unsurpassed.

Mishaan was born in Cartagena, Colombia but was also raised in Bogota and Italy. He bases his unique style on the vibrant colors of Colombian cities. He studied at the Columbia University School of Architecture before moving to New York in 1978. He started out his early career as an apprentice at Philip Johnson and became highly knowledgeable in fashion, architecture and interior design.Richard Mishaan Design combines vivid designs with quality furnishings that are nearly impossible to come by. He has a keen eye for luxury, and recognizes quality patterns and artwork while always keeping it classy.

The design firm has re-invented the Upper East Side Estate, The 93rd Street Sale Centre, The presidential suite at the St. Regis Hotel and the Kip Bay Boys and Girls Show House. In every room that he designs, an authentic and bold piece of art is used. He uses handmade porcelains, decorative art objects and artisan textiles. Mishaan embraces vivid colors and is not afraid to use them. Richard Mishaan is an expert at making antique pieces fit into a modern room, transforming it into an exotic space.

How Entrepreneur Sawyer Howitt Is Developing His Business Skills

Sawyer Howitt is a young entrepreneur who lives in Portland, Oregon. He comes from a family of entrepreneurs. His father, David Howitt is the Founder and Chief Executive Officer of Meriwether Group. His mom and dad also co-founded Oregon Chai, a very successful brand of tea which they founded in 2004. Sawyer joined Meriwether Group in September 2015 as a Business Strategy Analyst. His success in this role led to him becoming a Project Manager in early 2017 where he focuses on changing how commerce works.

Meriwether Group works with entrepreneurs every day that want the company’s help in order to accelerate their business and products. This has enabled Sawyer Howitt, who is a senior at Lincoln High School, learn a broader understanding of what it means to be an entrepreneur and the mindset one needs to have in order to be successful. While he learned quite a bit about entrepreneurship from his parents, learning about how others have gone about building a business has given him even deeper insight into what he plans on doing for a living. He has also deepened his skill at some of the business fundamentals he will need to have such as giving presentations and developing spreadsheets.

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So that he will have the necessary education and skills in order to attain his dreams of opening his own businesses in the future, Sawyer Howitt is planning on attending Columbia University. At this acclaimed school he wants to take part in their Entrepreneurial Finance degree program which has graduated many successful entrepreneurs over the years.