Sandy Chin Is A Financial Professional Who Serves As A Mentor To Young Women In Her Field

Sandy Chin has been serving as an investment management professional, mentor, and philanthropist for the majority of her life. As a finance expert who works with young, aspiring women entrepreneurs, she would like to see more women stepping forward and asking for better pay, increased opportunities, and promotions whenever possible. According to Chin, a mentor can be an extremely important part of a young woman’s success, and she does her best to pass on what she knows to as many women as possible.

Sandy Chin has always encouraged entrepreneurs to never turn away a meeting, even when it is with a smaller business. She also encourages her mentees to ask as many questions as possible in all situations. In the financial world, it can be extremely challenging for women in the early phases of their career. A mentor can help to motivate younger women and help them to see things from a different perspective. They can also offer knowledge and experience that can help a younger individual to learn new skills.

Sandy Chin wants young professionals to know that a mentor can also introduce them to new connections in their field. In the world of finance, it can be very helpful to know the right people. Many younger businesswomen have excellent ideas, but they aren’t able to implement them because they don’t know many people in the industry they serve in. Mentors can help to connect these women with senior professionals in their sector and help them to build a professional network that can be of help for years to come.

Sandy Chin has been able to answer many of the questions that her mentees have had. When a person is just getting started in a field, it is very helpful to be able to have access to a mentor who can talk with them about the details of what they need to know. Chin has commented that asking questions can lead to a stronger relationship with the management of any company. According to her, it is wise to fully understand the approach that the top management is taking to run their company.

Sandy Chin is a portfolio manager who serves Tidal Bore Capital, which is a hedge fund located in New York City. She has been working as an investment management expert for more than two decades and has been in her current position since 2016. Chin has also been an example and mentor to younger women who are looking to build a career in the financial sector. She studied at Barnard College and received her bachelor’s degree in political science while there. She went on to earn her MBA while attending New York University’s Stern School of Business. To know more about Sandy Chin visit

The Incredible Work of Deirdre Baggot in Healthcare Services

The extensive experience of Deirdre Baggot runs from being a hospital executive and clinician. The Ph.D., MBA, BSN holder has pioneered various payment due to her different leadership roles. She is also accountable for the leadership and growth of various consulting practices with the aim of focusing on innovative bundled payment and payment reform for some advisory firms in the field of healthcare.

Ms. Baggot is well known in the medical profession for her contributions in speaking out and promoting the bundled payment method as a better and more efficient method of overseeing payments than the fee for service payment method. Trying to explain why she feels passionate about this subject she wrote on her blog about it. Visit to learn more

Baggot says that she has had numerous pitiful interactions with patients in her career life where patients especially those with chronic disease undergo through much stress especially with their recurring medical bills. Some of them are not able to keep up with the payments. The bundled payment mode aims at making the lives of all those who are involved. It’s a win-win for both the patients the nurses and the doctors.

The other contribution that Deirdre has made includes coming up with a checklist. She says that this will make it easier to deal with patients who need a lot of lab tests and diagnoses. Her innovative approach has today evolved to what is known as the “care protocol” which helps patients avoids undergoing numerous unnecessary test and medications.

Ms. Deirdre Baggot started her career in 1997 in Northwestern Memorial Hospital where she worked as a nurse, administrator, and resource coordinator. She then moved to Ann Harbor where she worked as a business administrator and business analyst. She was awarded the Lean/Six Sigma certification for impressive leadership skills. Working as a senior administrator at Cardiac and Vascular Institute she was able to open 11 clinic locations. Using her remarkable resume, she was able to get a position as a senior vice president. Here she worked on making the healthcare payment system better.


Deirdre Baggot talks about what she does with a lot of passion. She believes that there is no chance to fail in all her tasks. With her expertise and knowledge, she wants to make the health care system better.

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Deirdre’s contributions to the healthcare sector

Deirdre Baggot, MBA, Ph.D. is a top healthcare business policymaker and payment expert who hails from Denver, Colorado. She obtained her bachelor’s degree in nursing from South Illinois University and earned her MBA from Loyola University’s Quinlan School of Business in Illinois in addition to a Ph.D. from the University of Colorado in Denver.

Deirdre career life started at the Northwest Memorial Hospital In 1997. She served as a resource coordinator as well as the head of the hospital’s administration group. After about six years of working in the hospital, she moved on to Ann Arbor, Michigan where she joined the University of Michigan Health System. Here, she worked as an administrative manager as well as a business analyst. During her tenure, she was recognized and awarded several accolades for her outstanding leadership qualities in addition to sigma certification. Find out more about Baggot at Beckers Hospital Review

Ms. Deirdre Baggot has been invited as a keynote speaker for various medical conferences. These comprise of the American College of Healthcare Executives, American Heart Association, Innovation Summit, Healthcare Financial Management Association, Bundled Payment Congress, Institute for Healthcare Improvement and Bundled Payment summit.

As one of the most respected voices in the health care payment reform, Ms. Baggot drew her experience as a hospital executive and a clinician who pioneered bundled payments by taking center stage in the CMS Acute Care Episode demonstration at Exempla Healthcare. Deirdre has also led and built consulting practices that generated over $5 million in annual revenue for two firms.

Ms. Baggot has written various papers on the subject of payment transformation, healthcare reform, and bundled payments. Her expertise is highly sought and has featured on All Things Considered, Planet Money, and Morning Edition of National Public Radio. In 2012, she was appointed by CMS as an expert reviewer for Bundled Payments Models.

Throughout her career, Deirdre developed client relationship, planned and executed strategies and programs for sixty bundles and 200 hospitals. Such efforts resulted in improved patient experience and clinical results, at reduced costs. As a result, both hospitals and physicians shared in the savings.

Additionally, she acts as an advisor to top leadership and health boards.