Isabel dos Santos’ 2 Cents And More: Women Empowerment

Times are changing and many women can be found in the board room and in high level positions, but there is still a massive gap when considering gender disparities in the corporate world. Women today that hold positions of power are making major strides ensuring that other women get a leg up. One of those women is Isabel dos Santos. In her article “INSPIRATION.WOMEN EMPOWERMENT” she states, “Managers have a duty to encourage and support women as they build their careers and take on leadership roles”. As a manager she herself is in the fight to ensure that women are given the same opportunities as men.

The fight to close the gender gap is one that has gone on for years and will take years before there is a sense of equality that is reached. In this fight, it is encouraging to see women like Isabel dos Santos in positions of leadership take on the mantle to change the mindsets that have kept the gap wide. Pushing for there to be a reform and creation of balance in salaries,and advocating that women be allotted the same access to career growth as men.

Needless to say the fight is a good one but it is made better when we as women do not look to put each other down but to build one another up. The beauty of what Isabel dos Santos does is that she does not just single out women, however she creates a space where both men and women can thrive in their own right. Isabel dos Santos’ investment in future generations allows for there to be a platform where men and women share a level playing field and one is not lorded over the other.

Isabel dos Santos can be quoted on her Instagram page saying, “There are many ways we can give voice to women and ensure their empowerment in society, whether in their families, in their villages or in their careers.For all the women out the looking for some inspiration, “Your best business bet is you, your skills, your motivation, and your passion.” – Isabel dos Santos.

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Lori Senecal Was Born to Lead

As far as leaders go, Lori Senecal, is seen as a tremendous leader amongst the business industry who has excelled in the business world and is praised on her leadership skills. This article list all the accomplishments from the amazing Senecal’s life like winning a Quantum Leap Award for having innovative and impressive leadership skills. Her leadership skills have been rewarded because she has proven time again that she can improve companies and help globalize them. Her resume has companies that she has been involved with like Sprint, Weight Workers, Nestle, Molson, and Nabiso. She has also worked as Coca Cola’s Global Accountant Director. Lori Senecal has been involved in creating awards and working with young marketers to keep inspiring them to continue along the path of marketing. Senecal is known for her passion for entrepreneurship and continues to improve on her leadership skills. This article explains why Lori Senecal has been a success in her field.

According to campaignlive, Lori Senecal attended McGill University where she graduated with a Bachelor’s degree in Business with a major in BCOM which includes Business, Marketing and Finance. Since Senecal graduated she has been working with companies in the greater New York area. She is currently working with Crispin Porter and Bogusky as the Global CEO and has been involved with continuing and maintaining the globalization with the company. She as been awarded many times while being with this company like the Creativity Innovators of the Year for 2017, while being only one of four named the “Agency Executives to Watch” in 2016. She has had a huge impact on changing the business and culture at the company and improving the innovation spirit. Lori Senecal has many skills with some of them being digital strategy, advertising and integrated marketing. You can visit media post to know more.

She has held positions at other companies before Crispin Porter and Bogusky like McCann which she co-founded a division to help young adult marketers called TAG Ideation. Then she worked at KBS (kirshenbaum bond senecal + partners) which she accomplished growing a small local company of 250 to a global company with over 900 workers. This is seen as one of her biggest accomplishments. Senecal credits her success to her older siblings because they were all successful and she wanted to achieve more than them. Check out her website


Bruce Levenson: Former Owner Of The Atlanta Hawks And Very Active Philanthropist

Bruce Levenson was the owner of the NBA’s Atlanta Hawks from 2004 until 2015 when he decided to sell the team along with his partners at Atlanta Hawks Basketball & Entertainment (AHBE). According to, the sale was finalized as planned, but now Levenson and AHBE want payments from their former insurance company, AHBE for losses relating to the contract buyout of former team GM Danny Ferry. Levenson and AHBE say that buying out the GM’s contract was covered under losses in the team’s insurance policy, and they also say they met the requirements that were needed to file a claim for these losses according to AJC. But so far the insurance company has refused to pay compensation to AHBE or Ferry, and Levenson and AHBE are now taking them to court in what looks to be a contentious battle.

Bruce Levenson not only owned the Atlanta Hawks for 12 years, he also is the founder of several companies, most notably Unified Communications Group (UCG). He got his degree from American University and served at the now defunct Washington Star for a few years. Then he and Ed Peskowitz decided to start their own publication company, and it began with an oil industry newsletter called Oil Express. It grew from there into a major conglomerate after UCG started up more newsletters covering industries from healthcare to mortgage banks. Levenson also served on the board of BIA Digital Partners.

Levenson also has donated a lot to charities, and even sat on the board of several foundations including Hoop Dreams and the I Have a Dream Foundation. Levenson is a contributor to the Washington D.C. Holocaust Memorial Museum and helped pilot the “Bringing the Lessons Home” program there. He also helped start the Center for Philanthropy and Non-Profit Leadership at the University of Maryland,, and also helped launch the Concert Against Hate just a year ago.