Dr Jennifer Walden Talks about Myths about Hair Loss

Doctor Jennifer Walden is a cosmetic plastic surgeon. She is based in the Walden Cosmetic Surgery and Laser Centre at the Medspa NW Hills. Balding, which is a natural condition, and it is notably never accepted with ease by most people as it hits them. Naturally, as a result of this the affected just find themselves searching for more knowledge about the thinning and how it can be corrected. To follow this way, let’s first overcome some of the myths.

There is a belief that ball caps are a baldness factor. Many men blame themselves for baldness sourcing it from wearing a beanie or ball cap regularly. This is in a way tricky to deal with as a health myth, since there is some little truth. This happens only if someone wears extremely tight caps, that is swimming cap tight. This causes traction alopecia, a condition mostly associated with hair styles like tight braids and ponytails. It is therefore less worthwhile to associate the condition with wearing of hats.

Another myth comes up when you find someone blaming themselves since they use to brush the hair very often. It is true there are some ridiculous human habits to carry out on your head, but brushing is definitely not one of them. Only if you brush your hair while it’s still wet, there is a possibility that some hair will break off. With clear concise, hair breaking does not cause balding. The truth is that when hair breaks will it happens to be as if it was shaven, it will just grow again.

We will also deal with this myth that your grandfather at the mother’s side contributed to the situation of your baldness. Not only this about balding, there are also other physical characteristics associated with family tree. Some include hair texture and hair colour. Scientifically talking, this condition is from your family. To contrast it is not only from your mom’s dad, but it is a polygenic trait, meaning that that several of your ancestors have contributed towards your balding. This is a characteristic of genes, which are inherited from several generations of a family line.