White Shark Media’s Approach to Client Complaints


White Shark Media is a Digital Marketing Agency. It provides online market solutions for small and medium-sized businesses. The agency has enabled a lot of companies to grow through the utilization of their online marketing methods and tools. In ensuring their constant success and credibility the agency makes itself accountable to its clients every single month. With the accountability mechanism in place the White Shark Media is able to deal with any complaints.

Clients severally complained on inadequacy of communication through their AdWords Campaigns. Clients always felt that communication was not good enough. It was difficult for them to get in touch with their contact person and this proved to be very frustrating. White Shark Media implemented scheduled monthly status calls through GoToMeeting. GoToMeeting is an online conference tool that allows the client and SEM Strategist to review results ranging from 30 days and also monthly reports.

Tracking of AdWords performance by a client seemed difficult. Since tracking is a big part of achieving success, White Shark Media introduced an in-house process. This process involves installation of conversion tracking and use of Google Analytics. The agency also avails the installation of call tracking to ensure efficient tracking of one’s AdWords Performance.

Immediately after signing up with White Shark Media client is given a contact person. Clients complained that the contact person is not as effective as the person who signed them up. To deal with this White Shark Media, has ensured that it senior SEM Consultants are in touch with each client every step of the way up to the optimization process. Through this, all questions that a client may have are answered promptly and appropriately.

White Shark Media received complaints that campaigns were created through its accounts and not the clients. This dissatisfied a couple of clients and White Shark consequently adopted a new procedure that allows for only newly created AdWords accounts. Through this a client can start from scratch when starting their campaign.

Some clients complained that their old campaigns were performing way better than the Optimized Campaigns offered by White Shark Media. The agency took it upon itself to avail experienced supervisors who are in charge of campaign management. This ensures that any existing campaign that a client may have is made better instead of necessarily doing away with it.

Lack of SEO services was also one of the complaints that clients had. Despite this, White Shark Media prides itself in being able to distinguish between a good and reliable SEO company from a bad one. Thus it helps its clients in choosing and determining a SEO company to work with.

Clients have over time acclaimed White Shark Media of their impeccable work and good customer service. The experience at the agency has often left smiles on client’s faces as they are glad to have partnered with White Shark Media.