Glenn Beck’s ‘Anti-Semitic’ Attacks against George Soros Backfires on Him

Glenn Beck, a commentator at Fox News, accused billionaire investor and philanthropist George Soros as a thorn in the American way of life. His baseless claims that George Soros, one of the most prominent figures in the world is running a cabal shadow government that has taken down governments and is planning to destroy the American political system.

This anti-Semitic talk is well too known. The Hungarian far right has been dishing out the same claims for years. It is sad to listen to Beck’s promos on because clearly, they are lies propagated to portray Soros as an anti-Semite – an enemy of the Jews. Soros, record as a Democrat, an anti-totalitarian and a funder for liberal movements speaks for itself.

Soros has done more than any other person in the West to fight European Communism has. On his 80th birthday, Lord Mark Malloch Brown toasted Soros on his birthday as among the quartet consisting of greats like Ronald Regan, Pope John Paul II and Margaret Thatcher that worked to bring down communism in Europe.

George Soros was born to a Jewish family in 1930 in Budapest, the capital of Hungary. The 1930s marked a difficult period in Hungary’s history on Biography. The country was in an economic turmoil and was forced to form trade treaties with polarized fascist Italy and Nazi Germany amidst the great depression.

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These left the Jewish community in the country in a no man’s land. A communist dictatorship took over Hungary and terrorized the Jewish community forcing them to hide or flee the country. George Soros was no exception. As a young boy, Soros and his family forged documents and disguised themselves with fake identities to survive the dictatorship.

The false identity allowed George, a 14-year old boy at the time to act as a messenger of the Budapest Jewish Council. As a teenager, Soros traveled to England to pursue his college education. He enrolled in the London School of Economics where he discovered his passion in financial markets. In 1956, Soros traveled to New York where he took a job at Wall Street. His parents who had become refugees after the Soviet Union’s attack on the Hungarian Revolution later joined him in New York.

While on Wall Street, he made his wealth in a typical fashion of Wall Street folk through stock speculation. Soros is currently ranked in the top 20 of the world’s wealthiest man on Forbes. Soros has spent a large chunk of that fortune on philanthropic agendas and financing Democratic presidential candidates including John Kerry, President Obama and now Hillary Clinton.

Despite his actions, which are clear to see by anyone, Beck, with his misguided agenda is trying to paint Soros as an all-evil man to the world. Soros, however, showing his moral high ground and wanting his record to speak for itself did not take the bait put forth by Beck, a bottom feeder. Beck is a liar attempting to discredit Soros by suggesting that a teenage Soros, working as a messenger for the Hungarian Jewish Council was colluding with the Communist in persecution and execution of Jews. However, Beck’s cunning plan to take advantage of his audience’s naivety completely failed him.