Wes Edens- Leader behind Cheaper Infrastructural Advancements

Wes Edens- Leader behind Cheaper Infrastructural Advancements

Wes Edens is known as one of the prolific entrepreneur and a successful investor in the U.S. Famously, he is the Co-founder of Fortress Investment Group as well as the Owner on Milwaukee Bucks- One of the largest Basketball Arena in the United States. Aside from working in the both companies, he also a participant of philanthropy across the world. Moreover, through his philanthropy missions, he has helped change the lives of many people and the hedge fund investment industry

Over the past decade, Wes Edens has built his name in the financial world. Since the foundation of Fortress Investment Group, he has seen the company go through positive transformation. From being a global firm leading in asset managements to merging with Softbank. Over the years the company has managed over $40 billion hedge funds for various companies. Eden’s company is working with prominent companies in the global world related to different fields- healthcare, media and real estate sector among others.

To be noted under his expertise leadership, Fortress has worked with Brightline Passenger Rail as its financier. Currently, they are operating Virgin Trains USA; a company that is well known for the first privately funded rail in the USA. Aside from the West Palm Beach-Miami route operating, the company is also targeting in the development of other lines within U.S. The both companies have reformed the USA railway lines which has had many users in over 100 years. Additionally, Wes Edens has been a business leader in the New Fortress Energy development. The company’s goal is to offer solutions in infrastructure as they create sustainable world goals regarding environment and economic growth.

Through Edens New Fortress Energy established a liquid natural gas in Miami which was the first to be established in the State of Florida. He not only saw the need to provide alternative sources of fuel but also provision of more affordable and reliable fuel service within the world. Starting with its developments in the USA, LNG is hoping to extend its services in various countries across the world, making electricity a cheaper product in the infrastructural world.


Michael Nierenberg on The Value of Experience

Business executives, just like other professionals in various fields acquire a variety of skills and abilities as they as they advance their careers. During their careers, business executives learn the importance of experience in creating successful companies. The case of Michael Nierenberg is no different, the knowledge he has earned during his professional career while working at various institutions have proven to be invaluable in helping him steer New Residential Investment Corporation to become one of the world’s top firm. While currently serving as Chief Executive Officer of New Residential Investment Corporation, Michael Nierenberg has used everything he learned at different stages of his career to creating a company filled with intellects, innovative thinkers, and more innovative business ideas.

When examining strategies that are involved in foreign exchange trading, different international marketing strategies, or how adjustable mortgage rates can impact various aspects of a country’s economy, Michael has always has the habit of bringing in the best available talent. The reason for assembling the best brains is to find the right answers associated with these difficult questions and other related economic issues. Unlike many executives in corporate America and around the business world who have spent most of their careers serving one company, Michael Nierenberg’s case is different since made several career stops along the way.

Using the experience earned from the past companies he’s been able to serve in, Michael can take the best part of plans that worked in various companies and use them in tackling the challenges that face the New Residential Investment Corporation. A look at the institutions where expert Michael Nierenberg served in whether the Lehman Brothers, Merrill Lynch Bank of America, Bear Stearns, and JP Morgan prove one thing; at every point, he was faced with a complex problem, Michael was able to find a solution that left the firm stronger than their rivals. Michael strongly believes that an individual with a resume filled with various positions has a better chance of bringing out the best in any institution. And while this can be left up for debate, Michael continues to tackle the most complex problems head-on in exciting and unique ways. Click here.


Paul Mampilly : What you need to know about the business sector in 2019

Paul Mampilly is considered to be one of the most revered and sought-after investment advice consultants in the business. What makes him so qualified to give us advice on the latest and future trends? Paul Mampilly has worked on wall street for the past 20 years collecting an extensive amount of information and experience that has allowed him to understand the market better than most. A few of his positions through the years have been senior research analyst, portfolio manager, and money manager for various firms. The following are one of his few business predictions for the upcoming 2019 year.

The collection of Big Data

Although we are all familiar with big data, we also understand that only large companies have been able to utilize this information due to the expensive and round the clock work it takes to hold such data. According to Paul Mampilly, big data will soon be available to smaller companies due to the advancements in technology that has made it easier to obtain and run for these low staff companies.

The housing market

Over the past decade, the housing market has been experiencing constant growth between 5 to 7 percent. this allowed consumers to purchase homes and quickly flip them over a few years for a profit. Paul Mampilly has recently commented on the housing market stating that within this year the housing growth rate will average at 1.5 percent.

Voice Search

Voice search technology has revolutionized in the past year the way we interact with our homes, cars, and shop. This also means the way that algorithms within sites are capturing the right customer. As the technology of voice search becomes more common the method of capturing customers does as well. We will soon see large investments in making AI search more accurate and effective in the upcoming year.

Political Conditions

The current political climate is seen to be a favorable one for businesses in 2019. Businesses in 2019 will receive many favorable benefits due to President Trump’s deregulation legislation in the business sector. In addition, because of the democratic win in 2018, both houses of Congress will prevent each other from passing any meaningful legislation that could detour these dregulations for the year.