OSI Industries Strives to Dominate Global Food Distribution

From the small town of Oak Parks, Illinois, OSI Industries has spent over a hundred years growing into the corporate force that it is today. With 65 facilities in 17 countries, operated by a workforce of more than 20,000, this once-humble company now has cemented its global reach presence.

Businesses that cater to hospitality needs, such as restaurants and branded retailers, can now access the global market place that moves their preferred distributor. This allows them to access meat and animal byproducts without market restrictions.

OSI Industries has succeeded in establishing footholds in other countries without compromising their principles as a local businesses. This is made possible by carefully selecting managers locally, making use of their knowledge of domestic trends and experience in respective markets. This allows more responsibility to be delegated to managers, reducing the need layers of oversight, keeping productivity high.

€17 million was dedicated to an expansion effort of their site in Toledo, Spain. OSI Industries sought to increase their capacity for production, and managed to more than double their output. What once produced 12,000 tons of chicken, now produces 24,000 tons. This new property was also able to accommodate the production of pork and beef for the first time, producing about 21,000 tons. With an abundance of product for the region, they were able to satisfy an 8% increase in consumer demand.

Another strategy looks to local businesses, such as Dutch manufacturer Baho food, and looking to merge or partner. This opens up a wealth of resources specific to that region. It also reduces prep time before getting products to clients and allows them to develop a sense for what customers may want locally and what might be attractive despite location.

OSI Industries prides itself on knowing what their customers what and making it available for them. They even make it a point to directly consult clients to create a profile based on their business needs. But this willingness to cater to demand would be impossible without a commitment to food safety.

Dr. Kenneth Petersen, an expert in public health and veterinarian, leads Quality Assurance for the company, using experience from the private sector and the USDA to ensure that facilities and the products they produce meet the standards of regulatory bodies around the world and match the reputation of competitors no matter where they are. The attention to detail and the need to reach excellence is how this once-small company maintains and international reach.

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