The improvements at Sussex Healthcare

The management of Sussex Healthcare has strived to be the leading healthcare provider in the region. It has invested in the employees and improved communication both at a personal or the general level.

It is true that for any institution to thrive, it must have motivated and educated workers with the required skills. Sussex Healthcare is no exception. It has incepted extensive training for its employees in all the sectors. The aim is to improve the level of service delivery to its clients. Some of their clients have made this facility their home.

The management has made drastic changes in the way they operate the company. It is very friendly to both the clients and employees. It promotes and motivates the hardworking employees with a lot of transparency. It has also announced a vacancy for the other nurses and caregivers to increase the number of employees and hence the efficiency. To find out more about job opportunities at Sussex Healthcare, click here.

Sussex Healthcare IT team has the required skills to take care of all the electronics of the firm. The team has come up with a ticket system that has reference numbers. The numbers will enhance the recording of patients and handling of visitors plus the requests.

It has incepted other projects to upgrade mobile communication at the personal and general level. It also works diligently to update the Microsoft office suite in the whole area. The project improved key company functionality like sharing documents, calendars, and room booking. It has also enhanced the feedback system and encourages the nurses to utilize the mechanism for proper management.

The company has begun to work o internet communication in the various facilities under its umbrella. His is aimed at improving the collaboration, knowledge sharing, and dynamic data information.

To show how much the company has improved on its communication sector, Sussex Healthcare advertises the vacancy for new nurses and caregivers through various media platforms. They use flyers, adverts on the websites, social media, radio, and permanent agencies.

The management projects to increase the value of Sussex Healthcare. It is focused to make sure that it remains at the brim in the provision of healthcare services in the region and beyond.

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Jeunesse Global hacks into nature’s reserve of health

Jeunesse Global has grown from a no-name startup to being one of the most important companies on the international health and beauty scene today. Founded in 2009 by industry stalwarts Randy Ray and Wendy Lewis, Jeunesse Global was able to quickly recruit converts to the company’s business model and develop some of the most cutting-edge products in the health and beauty industry.

One example of the groundbreaking products that Jeunesse Global has been able to bring to market is its Reserve health drink. Reserve is the product of over a year of development and decades of collective research. The drink allows users to get a high daily intake of resveratrol, one of the most potent health-protecting ingredients in red wine. And they can do this without assuming the often-serious risks associated with consuming alcohol.

Jeunesse recognized that there has long been a serious disconnect between the enormous benefits that red wine consumption confers on regular drinkers and the medical establishment’s almost total refusal to recommend that people consume red wine. The evidence for the health-protecting effects of red wine are now overwhelming. Many replicated studies have concluded that red wine consumption is associated with an up to 10-year increase in total life expectancy. And this is largely mediated through the drink’s ability to sharply decrease the mortality rates from cardiovascular disease.

Yet even with numbers like these, the medical establishment still doesn’t recommend that those who do not currently drink red wine begin doing so. The reason is that there is a small chance of around 5 to 10 percent that any given person who begins drinking will go on to develop a serious alcohol use disorder. The consequences of alcohol use disorders and full-blown alcoholism are so severe that even that small 5 to 10 percent chance that someone will become an alcoholic actually negates the population-level benefits of red wine consumption completely.

But now, Reserve allows users to get all of the health-protecting benefits of red wine consumption without exposing themselves to the risks associated with drinking alcohol. Reserve is just another innovative product proving that Jeunesse Global is the global leader in health and beauty.

Offering Healthcare To Special Needs In The Society

Our society has a population of people with various challenges. It could be disability, mental illness or aged people requiring special care. This population is comprised of our family members and loved ones. For one reason or another we are not able to care for them in our homes. That is why Sussex Healthcare was founded. For more than twenty five years, this organization has been a safe haven and home for such people in Sussex.

The organization is made of twenty homes but they all operate and are managed independently. The homes do their best to offer quality and comfort to the residents. For clients who live here, this is a home for them. Therefore, the organization ensures that resources are available to the residents.

Sussex Healthcare is keen on employees. It makes sure that there are adequate employees always. Hiring depends on the positions available. Among the categories hired are doctors, caregivers, nurses and other support staffs needed in the homes. Other professionals include personal trainers, educationists and therapists. In case a need arises that requires a specialist, the management will source one.

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The organization realizes that the health care field grows and advances on a daily basis. Therefore, education and knowledge is important for the employees. Specialists and other professionals have an opportunity of advancing their education, attending trainings, seminars and workshops. These opportunities have played a major role of increasing efficiency and effectiveness.

Residents have testified that they are getting good care and treatment at Sussex Healthcare. It is another home for them where they are comfortable and receive the attention they deserve. Families with relatives are happy that the homes are offering what they could not. When their loved ones are there, these families are at peace.

Every patient at Sussex Healthcare is special and handled differently. Each patient’s needs are met satisfactorily no matter how different they could be. For example some people may require services such as therapy. There are various forms of therapies. The management will source a therapist in that specialty if one is not available at the hospital. Sussex Healthcare’s mission is to give patients the best.

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Life Line Screening: Armed For A Worry Free Life

A fatal mistake that humans make is waiting until disaster occurs to find remedies for particular issues. Instead, efforts should be made to prevent reaching that disastrous point especially when it is an issue of one’s wellness. According to studies, 80% of chronic diseases can be prevented. Lifeline screening is a company that offers to screen for chronic conditions before they surface or become severe. Sometimes all the diseases test negative and in this case, the client may rest comfortably with the knowledge that a headache is just fatigue. If it is found that a client is at risk for a disease, they receive a detailed report and a personalized action plan. The report indicates what percentage of the risk can be controlled, how the risk compares to other people of the same age, weight, and most fundamentally, how to reduce the risk.

How It Goes

When a client first seeks out the services of Life Line Screening they are asked to fill out a questionnaire. The feedback form answers all questions appertaining to family history, personal data and lifestyle. After the questionnaire, the procedure delves a little more in depth with blood work to measure bad and good cholesterol, blood pressure, and glucose. The body mass index is also a matter of consideration. Life Line Screening offers a standard screening of six major chronic conditions; stroke, diabetes, cardiovascular disease, congestive heart failure, Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease and Lung cancer. Life Line Screening also offers more in-depth investigations for patients at risk of any of the above.


Be Ready

Lifeline Screening recommends a screening every three to five years for people with a clean bill of health, whose factors have not changed. For people with risk factors, these tests should be done annually to monitor the movement of the risk curve. To prepare for screening, it is necessary that one fasts for twelve hours before going in for the glucose test. A client should also wear comfortable clothing that is easy to roll up or disrobe when required, which makes it easy for the medics. Knowledge is power, and it is essential for everyone to stay armed with a wealth of it at all times. Life Line Screening will provide the arsenal required to live a worry-free life. The good thing is that there are hundreds of people appreciating the role of Lifeline Screening and responding positively.

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