The Disaster Relief Efforts of Green Structure Homes Deliveres and CEO Barbara Stokes

Green Structure Homes Delivered is one of the fastest-growing entities in a very niche market. During the past several years, we have seen the amount and capacity for destruction of natural disasters continually rise. After a major natural disaster like some of the ones we have seen recently, Green Structure Homes Delivered Chief Executive Officer, Barbara Stokes realized a major difficulty that was holding up the process of an efficient cleanup and transition and was keeping people without homes out on the street or transient. Learn more about Barbara Stokes at Crunchbase.

Barbara Stokes realized that one of the main problems that was causing a tragic ripple effect and hindering the rebuilding of areas affected by natural disaster was access to any type of housing. Houses that aren’t destroyed are typically damaged in some way, whether by water or fire or other elements that makes these homes uninhabitable. Barbara Stokes and her husband Scott decided to found Green Structure Homes Delivered (GSH) in order to fill that niche problem that was affecting people suffering from natural disasters. Follow Barbara Stokes on

Green Structure Homes provides twofold services that both entail the on-site construction of modular structures. First, when a natural disaster occurs, the immediate issue is that people are displaced from their homes. Whether it be water, fire or any other type of occurrence, many people head to places like major sports domes or city buildings to wait out the storm. However, once the storm passes many have no place to return to. This issue causes a ripple effect that traumatizes the town or region. Green Structure Homes is designed to quickly and efficiently plan and build on-site housing. These modular residences are designed to be put up at a rapid face, while still maintaining the highest of quality for a temporary residence. Barbara Stokes and her team also pride themselves on handling the entire logistical process of the transit of materials from the company headquarters in Alabama to the location that the company is needed to be at.

When looking at the issue of lack of residences, the other issue was the damage that could be done to commercial structures. Barbara Stokes noticed that there were little commercial places where relief teams and people like FEMA could gather to plan relief efforts. For this reason, GSH also builds on-site commercial structures designed to help the relief process get rolling. Barbara Stokes and her team are continuing to expand the company’s relief efforts nationwide.