Cosmetic Professional Inspires Dreamers.

Being the Unicorn queen was a chosen path, but also one that was bestowed upon her by her followers. Doe Deere, successful female entrepreneur, and advocate for women’s empowerment says, dreamers have to be dedicated to their craft, and be willing to put more work behind it than you require from others. If you’re dedicated to your dream, you’ll set goals, meet your goals, and passionately hone your craft says, Deere. In fact, she believes it’s also important for people to know everyone was not always on board with her ideas of colors, but she continued to believe in dreams.


History On Doe Deere


In her native Russia, Deere understood the importance of having products your friends will enjoy, and appreciating your following. She later discovered from an early age in her native country; how much she enjoyed marketing. As a teen, she grew up in the Big Apple, and realized the potential to live out her dreams. She would later join design school as a young adult, and the birth of her successful cosmetic line would soon be under way. Deere been tried her hand in a rock band, but was detained to live out her true passion for unique colors.


Lime Crime is a very successful line of cosmetics with over 2.4 million products sold a over 3 million followers. They offer a complete line of began products that are safe for every skin type. Their products are hypoallergenic and formulated for sensitive skin. Enjoy a rich line of water-proof eye-shadow and lipstick products. The LC touch-free liquid eye-liner is a favorite among their wearers. Celebrities and entertainers who use her products say they’re impressed, and they hold well up under the camera lights. Their pro-longed coverage is an absolute match for individuals in the entertainment industry.


Deere was one of the few people in cosmetics willing to take a risk with a new base formula. She was one of tags first to decide on using the matte formula with her color scheme for a smooth finish. Her products go on smooth with an amazing super-foul finish. She understood the need for color, but never consider how popular her intricate colors would become. The girls and guys that share her products today, have found a color option that is unique to their identify, and the Lime Crime founder says her cosmetics were created to empower her wearers. Learn more:


Deere has never hesitated to expand on the Lime Crime brand. In fact, they new have a successful e-commerce partnership with China. Their global marketing specialist  says, their was an influx of black market cosmetics with a matte base. She also says her love for animals will keep her products completely vegan Her PURR line is dedicated to the rescue of local stray area cats where her office is based in List Angeles. Many find it hard to believe that this mild mannered young lady us the face behind the popular Lime Crime brand. Make a bold color choice with Lime Crime cosmetics today.


Doe Deere – article recap

I Trusted My Gut, and Now I Am a Trendsetter, Says Cosmetologist Doe Deere

She discovered that she was not cut out for the insurance industry. On this account, she decided to try out something that had always been on her mind. Her heart was into cosmetics. She had seen the loophole in the cosmetics market, being a consumer herself, and she plunged right into it. She chose the road less traveled despite a fair share of warnings from marketing and other ‘experts.’ Her cosmetics company Lime Crime is now flourishing online business that delivers assorted and quality cosmetic products to a large client base in New York and elsewhere.

The journey picked up in 2008. Lime Crime now develops lipsticks, eye shadows, nail polishes and other cosmetic products. Together with her husband, Mark, an intelligent and humorously witty individual who also serves as president of the company, plus the talented team at the company’s disposal, Doe Deere has grown to achieve what most startup entrepreneurs dream about; brand recognition.

She attributes the recent upsurge and success in the company’s business to her ability in trusting her gut. Without which, she says, the idea to start a cosmetics company would never have seen the light of day.

Doe’s daily challenge is to navigate along with the clients. The company has developed good communication policy both for internal and external purposes. Selling products online requires terse and speedy messaging. Unlike the traditional over-the-counter marketing where a customer can try out the lipstick brand, online sampling and purchase is a radical way of engaging a customer. This is done by constant and helpful information dissemination. Doe Deere is active on social media platforms where she shares helpful information and messages. He is quite an interactive person.

Doe Deere is a very positive person. She is addicted to the bright side of life. She infuses energy in the people around her. She is also an avid reader, having read among other book titles, Donald Trump’s Think Big & Kick Ass. She reads extensively in a bid to gain new perspectives on investment and life in general.

Apart from cosmetics, Russian-born, New York-raised Doe Deere cannot hide her mad love for pets. She has three beautiful pet cats. She regularly donates to Bide-A-Wee, a pet rescue organization based in New York.

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