New Residential Investment Corp Update

Founded by Mike Nierenberg in 2011, New Residential Investment Corp is a real estate trust focused primarily on residential real estate opportunities. Also known as NRI Corp, this private IPO company is for profit, and explores specialized investment strategies. Operating as a qualified REIT and being a company traded publicly on the NYSE is a featured aspect of this active asset management company. New Residential Investment Corp also deals with many non-Agency residential mortgage-backed securities. Two major items that the company focuses on are active asset management as well as passive asset management. This describes New Residential Investment Corp and their method of implementing active resolution where applicable.

Handling each of the three common investment challenges. Not only have they been on top of their game when dealing with investments, facing their top three challenges helps keep the asset managers on their toes. Knowing that any strategy employed could have full scale benefit or damage to the company, these moves must be managed carefully and agreed upon in a timely fashion. The three challenges faced the majority of the time are known to be tedious tasks and not to be taken lightly. The first would be the requirement of Constant Portfolio Monitoring, and this entails a very active approach and daily commitment. Active managers in investments have to keep a very delicate balance when dealing with series of transactions.

While complex, these transactions can prove to be very difficult to even the most seasoned New Residential Investment Corp investors. The last of these three challenges is maintaining larger cash positions. While holding large balances can be beneficial, they can also reduce earnings like those from cash holdings or investment returns. All in all, New Residential Investment Corp has successfully managed to rise above such asset management challenges by creating more that one strategic solution. Implementing a crucial strategic solution such as having a team adept at tackling demanding daily issues is a must. Facilitation of investment opportunities and beneficial deals creates more business in the mortgage origination and servicing areas. New Residential Investment Corp now includes ownership stakes in both of these businesses.

Job opportunities at Fortress Investment Group – The leading global investment manager

Established in 1998, Fortress Investment Group is the chief investment manager firm internationally. The group is in charge of different assets owned by individuals, entrepreneurs and both public and private companies in the world. The entrepreneurs who invest with this company record high returns during the investment period.

This company helps the investors worldwide to know the favorable and alternative investment strategies to achieve better results with their assets. As the leading investment manager in the world, the firm is dedicated to performing exceptionally in the investment industry.

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Job openings at Fortress Investment Group

Apart from the strong dedication in offering the best investment services to its customers globally, Fortress Investment Group provides job opportunities to people from all over the world. The group doesn’t consider the person’s religion, race, age, color, marital status, or nationality when hiring. What the firm looks at is the employee’s potential and performance.

The firm has various career openings which are as follows;

  • Administrative assistant- Applicant must have a degree and at least five years of experience in a supervisory support role.
  • Business Analyst – must have a degree in Business, Accounting, Finance, Computer Science, and Information Technology. Must have at least 2-4 years of system business analysis & design experience.
  • Commercial Real Estate Analyst – Applicant must have a degree in Accounting or finance. Must also have two years experience in commercial real estate.
  • Credit Operations Analyst- The potential employee, must have 3-4 years experience at a financial services firm and a Bachelor’s degree from an accredited University.
  • Credit Operations Associate- the applicant must understand accounting theories and loan products and experience in how CLO and CDO works.

Other openings include;

  • Credit Real Estate Analyst
  • Data Engineer NRZ
  • Financial Analyst
  • NRZ Accountant
  • NRZ Private Equity Analyst

Final line

The Fortress Investment Group has various job openings which everyone regardless of gender or race can apply. Currently, the firm is in charge of multiple assets like real estate worth about $42.1 billion, according to the audit done in 2008. It has over 1,750 clients worldwide, who include both private and public investors.

Fortress dedicates itself in helping its investors to achieve more out of their assets. Even though Softbank Group completed the acquisition of Fortress Investment Group in 2007, the firm will continue to operate independently.

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Gareth Henry The Rising Business Star

Gareth Henry is a graduate at the University of Edinburgh which is in Scotland. In the University he attained a degree in Actuarial mathematics and statistics. In 2000 after graduating Gareth Henry worked at Watson Wyatt in management for a few years before joining Schroders a money management firm based in the U.k. In Schroders he was a product manager in the multiasset class group.

In 2007 he joined Fortress investment Group a company based in the U.S. Where he would help the company with its marketing efforts. He became the Managing Director at Fortress in charge of raising capital in the European, African and Middle Eastern Markets. While at Fortress investment Group he was recognized as a rising star as an institutional investor. Rising stars refer to professionals whose contribution and accomplishments in the industry has made them stand out among their peers and position them as future leaders in the industry.

Fortress Investment is a leading global investment firm which has an estimated $43.1 Billion in assets under management. It was founded in 1998 and offers traditional and alternative investment products. Gareth’s Henry hard work and relationship building has made him create great ties to pension funds, insurance companies and sovereign wealth funds.

Gareth Henry is currently the Managing Director and global head of investor relations at Angela Gordon & Co. His role will involve marketing, developing new products and distribution channels in the whole world and expanding the firm’s client relationship especially overseas .He will also be a partner in the organization.

Gareth Henry will report to the president of Angelo Gordon Lawrence Schloss. Angelo Gordon & co. is a New York based company which has an estimated $26 billion in assets. The position he currently holds was held by Garett walls who is now focusing on west coast Investor relations.

Freedom Checks are Another Name for Master Limited Policies

Matt Badiali is a successful investor because of his hands-on investigations into natural resource companies. A genuine geologist Badiali received his Masters from Florida Atlantic University. He travels around the globe personally inspecting the drilling and mining operations of top level businesses. He interviews staff and CEO’s and gains valuable knowledge directly from the source. He then shares that knowledge through two newsletters he writes for Banyan Hill Publishing, Real Wealth Strategist, and Front Line Profits. He is also the man behind Freedom Checks.

Odds are buy now you have seen a Freedom Checks ad, and have probably dismissed it as nothing more than a scam. The truth is freedom checks are actually legitimate investments from a genuine investment source. They have the possibility of producing major profits, but only through the real process of traditional investing.

Freedom Checks spawn from a tax incentive available to certain companies that deal exclusively in the transportation of natural resources. The break allows these companies to operate as if they were tax free entities but only if they follow on rule. They have to dispense 90% of their profits to stakeholders before taxes are taken out. This is great for the company but requires them to have stakeholders. This is where investors come in. The stakes can be purchased cheaply, and represent nothing more than an investment in a natural resource company. By holding the stake, the investor becomes eligible for the monthly to quarterly payouts said company makes to satisfy the tax break.

This is where the big check Badiali holds up comes from. A private check from a natural resource company. The stakes are called MLPs, Master Limited Policies. Investors can purchase as many as they want, the more stakes held the more profit paid out. They bear no controlling interest in the company, and some are even as cheap as $10 dollars. Like any investment they are only worth something if the company does good. But with Badilai’s backing such companies are most likely the best around.

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Greensky Credit creates real value for all parties to big-ticket retail loans

David Zalik is one of the more interesting characters in the financial technology industry. A former child prodigy, Zalik got a near perfect score on the SAT test at the age of just 12 years old. This caused him to be invited to attend classes at Auburn University, allowing him to skip high school completely. But it didn’t take long for Zalik to become bored with academia. He dropped out at around the age of 15 to pursue the development of his computer-assembly business, MicroTech.

MicroTech did well. And Zalik was able to sell the firm for approximately $5 million in 1996. At the age of just 22, Zalik had become a millionaire. He invested his capital in Atlanta-area commercial real estate. This proved to be a sound investment. By the time he was 32, Zalik was worth over $10 million. It was during this time that he first became aware of the opportunity presented by generating big-ticket point-of-sale loans.

Working with another one of his companies, e-consultancy firm Outweb, Zalik had noticed that a large number of his home-remodeling customers were losing business at the point of sale. Specifically, customers with little to no experience in contracting were systematically and severely underestimating the final costs involved in home remodeling projects. Contractors who were bidding on these projects found that customers were often so far out of the ballpark of realistic cost expectations that the bridge simply could not be gapped. Contractors were losing sales.

Zalik formed GreenSky Credit as a way to provide promotional financing for customers who couldn’t immediately afford their home-improvement projects. The genius in GreenSky Credit lies in the fact that it creates strong value for literally everyone involved. GreenSky Credit allows the customers to get the home improvements that they need, creating deep satisfaction with their homes and increasing their home’s resale value.

At the same time, GreenSky Credit delivers high-quality loans to lenders while helping contractors to nail sales that would have otherwise been lost. GreenSky Credit provides loans to mostly prime borrowers, almost eliminating the risk that lenders will have to contend with defaults.

Madison Street Capital Confirmed as a Finalist for the M&A Advisor Awards

The M&A Advisor made an official announcement confirming Madison Street Capital as one of the nominees for its 15th annual awards. Madison Street Capital is a global investment-banking firm, which is based in Chicago. The M&A Advisor Awards are widely respected as a paradigm of success and accomplishments in the financial industry. The M&A Annual Awards acknowledges firms’ excellence in restructuring, striking deals, and financing as well. In addition, these globally recognized awards celebrate both the contributions and accomplishments of top specialists as well as companies.

So far, Madison Street Capital has been lucky to land two nominations. These nominations include the Boutique Investment Banking Firm of the Year and International and Industrial Deals of the Year. The latter acknowledges deals, which are below $100 million in value. In the former nomination, Madison Street Capital is honored for its contributions in superintending the well-founded Dowco’s purchase of Acuna & Asociados S.A.

The Chief Executive Officer of Madison Street Capital, Charles Botchway, expressed his unfathomed gratitude for being able to facilitate one of their loyal customers with the Acuna & Asociados S.A purchase. He comprehended that it was the pleasure of his company and team to contest in the internationally valued Boutique Investment Banking Firm of the Year Award. According to Charles Botchway, the firm leverages a team comprising of practical dealmakers who put tremendous effort in connecting clients with unique and growing business ventures, which are capable of meeting clients’ versatile desires for increased growth and prosperity.

Karl D’Cunha serves at Madison Street Capital as the Senior Managing Director. According to him, the acquisition of the Acuna & Asociados S.A was linked with a very complex cross-border transaction. He pointed out the recognition by the M&A as a great motivation to him, the company and the workers. On November 9, 2016, is when the 15th Annual M&A Advisor Awards Gala will take place at the New York Athletic Club. It is during this day that the nominees for various awards will know their fate.

Madison Street Capital is a fast-growing investment banking company with a global touch. The firm is committed to reliability, excellence, and leadership. The firm as well offers exceptional services aimed at delivering corporate financial opinions, financial advisory services, valuation services, mergers, and acquisition. Madison Street Capital extensively addresses the individual needs of businesses in both the private and public sectors.

Madison Street Capital provides excellent investment banking services, which help all its clients to flourish in their global ventures. Over the years, the investment-banking firm has set up a strong base of clientele due to its unconditioned commitment to professional standards and high excellence levels. The company believes in fashioning strong relationships and businesses within communities through the United States. The company is also actively involved in philanthropic activities, and some of its works can be seen through the United Way.