Article Title: Igor Cornelsen Trusts His Own Knowledge And Instincts As An Investment Expert

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To become a good engineer requires great skill at complex mathematics. Before the invention of the computer and calculators, that meant engineering students had to master the slide rule. That’s what young Igor Cornelsen did in 1965 when he was enrolled as an engineering student in Brazil’s Federal University of Parana.

But it turns out that those who could master math and a slide rule were also in demand by an entirely different profession — investment banking. There was a great need to accurately calculate compounded interest rates, and Igor Cornelsen was a young man who could get the job done. Early on he made a decision to switch his focus from engineering to economics. Upon graduation, he plunged into a career in banking.

By 1974, Igor Cornelsen was sitting on the board of director of Multibanco. He would later become CEO. After Multibanco was bought out by the Bank of America in 1978, Cornelsen opted to jump ship and went to work for Libra Bank PLC, an arm of the London Merchant Bank.

A significant aspect of his new job was getting paid in U.S. dollars. That simply opened a lot of doors in terms of investment opportunities. Igor Cornelsen continued to ply his trade as an investment expert for banks until he made the leap from being essentially an employee to establishing his own investment firm in 1995. He now controlled his own destiny.

Igor brought a keen sense of reading market data and trends based on his own observations of raw data, rather than doing what a lot of other investors do, which tends to be relying on opinion pieces published by other so-called experts. Among his favorite sources of information is Reuters, he said in a recent interview.

Favoring his own judgement earned him a remarkable and long career of success.

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