FreedomPop Wants You to Save Money

FreedomPop has made a name for itself helping customers around the United States save money. Most consumers of mobile phones state their biggest complaint is the problem with the price of using a device. The average mobile phone bill from the large service providers now exceed $100 a month. A decade ago, if someone paid half of this it was seen as far too high. For individuals looking to cut down their prices even further, FreedomPop has allowed customers to receive not only discounted services but, if they do not use their phones all that much, they can save money and actually receive free mobile phone services. FreedomPop is now looking to expand its services throughout the United States, especially with some of the most recent fines being levied out on other companies around the U.S.

Recently, the FCC brought down a $1.4 million fine against Verizon Wireless for adding something known as “Super cookies” onto the Internet browsers of users, all without them knowing about it. This super cookie is designed to source information so the company could create better adds designed specifically for the users. While the $1.4 million is more pocket change for a large company, it shows just how unlawful many of these companies are. Now, Verizon Wireless did not remove the super cookie, but instead added a feature to allow it to be turned off. Many customers simply do not know it is there or don’t know how to turn it off, so this likely is not going to do anything.

FreedomPop doesn’t want to siphon off information from users. It is why the company is always looking to add new services and why it is expanding quickly. All it wants to do is cut down on what someone pays and, in order to do this, it is not following what other major companies are doing with stealing personal information.