What will Marc Beer bring to LumeNXT?

After being appointed as the board chairman of the Boston Based biotechnology firm LumeNXT, Marc Beer seems ready to help the company accomplish its goals. He is one of the most experienced professionals in this niche and so, the company could not have settled for anyone better. Recently, the company has been involved in the development of proprietary surgical illumination products. They are hoping to provide the perfect solution to modern challenges facing surgeons when they are carrying out surgeries that are minimally invasive. Following the new appointment, it is important to look at the value that he is likely to bring on board.


The company can leverage his experience


The position of a chairman to the board of any big company requires someone with a lot of experience. This is not the kind of position that you can just give to anyone because it requires exemplary leadership skills. In addition to that, it should be entrusted to someone who has been working in similar positions. Looking at Marc Beer, it is clear that he fits this description. He has been working in similar positions for more than 25 years and so, there is no doubt that he understands what the position entails. The company can leverage his experience to get fresh ideas that will help them to move forward.


He could replicate his previous success


Marc Beer comes to the company with a success record that many professionals at his level can only dream of. In the many positrons that he has held at various companies, he has helped to grow the organizations in many ways. It is because he combines his skills with talent to come up with unique ideas. The kinds of strategies that he uses are likely to change the fortunes of any company that he joins and so, LumeNXT hope that he will replicate his success. If only he can have the same effect as the one that he had in other places, the company will be better than he found it.


He is passionate about the new position


Another reason why LumeNXT should be happy with the appointment of Marc Beer is the fact that he is excited about joining the company. Immediately after being appointed, he said that he was product to be joining one of the best companies in the pharmaceuticals and biotechnology industry. He went further to say that he cannot wait to work with the team of engineers and surgeons. If he forms a good working relationship with this team, things will be rosy at the company.


Prior to his appointment as the chairman of the board of LumeNXT, Marc Beer had been working on many other companies for more than two decades. His contribution to the development of solutions in the medical industry is priceless. Learn more: https://www.businesswire.com/news/home/20180821005199/en/Renovia-Completes-42.3-Million-Series-Financing


Terpins Rodrigo the Rally Car Driver

Terpis Rodrigo is a rally car driver who is well known in Brazilian. He serves in prestige Bull sertoes together with his brother Michael Terpins as riders and members. They have all participated in circuit racing for the professionals. Among all the Brazilian racing rallies, sertoes rally has come out to be one of the hard and more challenging circuit. This circuit involves a two man team who must be able to complete within the best timer and it is normally difficult by its nature. In the sporting world, rallies have come out to be one of the world complex sporting activity that requires one to have some skills, being able to compete under pressure and the need to work as one team which should be accompanied by being consistent and having a mutual understanding.

Rodrigo together with his partner have been able to complete within two hours one of the most competitive race where they finished among the first ten. This was beyond what they expected since were questions of the state of the car that was being driven by his partner which was suspended and people were wondering whether the car will still be used. However they were able to overcome all this challenges when they raced for 2500km during the seventh stage where they managed to come out in position 8 out of the group of 40.They came position three in the category of T1 class.

Rodrigo Terpins was born in a sporting family where his father used to play basketball and up to date he still a key figure in the sporting world despite being successful in his business. His brother also has been stated is a rally racer since his tender age where sporting activity shaped his entire sporting career.

In conclusion it is clear that Terpis Rodrigo was born in a sporting family where his father was a basketball player and has influence in the sporting world despite having retired. His brother who demonstrated love for sports during his early ages has also turned out to be a rally racer just like his brother. They both are members of prestige Bull sertoes.

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Gustavo Martinez Is Expecting Big Changes In The Marketing World In 2019

Gustavo Martinez is a marketer who has been a part of some of the greatest firms in the business industry for more than three decades.

He has also helped to create some of the most memorable ads that have become extremely iconic. Martinez has worked with J. Walter Thompson Worldwide as its chief executive officer in the past and also worked with the McCann Worldgroup as its president. Today, he provides high-end services as a consultant in the marketing and advertising industry. Read more: Gustavo Martinez | Tumblr and Gustavo Martinez | Ideamesh

Gustavo Martinez continues to deliver excellent results to the companies he works with. During a recent interview, he commented that the marketing industry is all about creativity.

Instead of working with set processes that always deliver the same exact results, modern day marketers must trust their instincts. The companies he now works with hire only the most creative individuals, and he knows that most of the other companies in the same industry do the same.

Many of these people need a more flexible schedule, and the best of these individuals are independent contractors who have been in the industry for some time.

Gustavo Martinez is now working with UV Business Acceleration and has reported he is working on something exciting. He has been helping startups to find success by streamlining many different aspects of their business. The majority of startups fail within a few years of going into business, and he is happy to be a part of efforts to help more of them succeed.

Most of these companies have to find out the hard way, so part of what he does is to guide them through the process. He is working with Massive Data Heights, which is an Artificial Intelligence company that draws on insights from customer reviews to create better marketing campaigns.

Gustavo Martinez considers himself to be a workaholic, and he gets up at 7 a.m. on most days. When he is not traveling for work, he will eat breakfast with his family and then get on to the business of the day.

Martinez is excited about the Internet of Things (IoT) and believes it is being ignored by many people in the marketing industry. There are going to be so many new possibilities in the marketing world because of it and a lot of these will have to do with personalized marketing.

Gustavo Martinez has learned that it is extremely important to pay attention to what people are saying and how they are feeling. He has commented that everyone has something interesting to add to the world and that they can be made to feel important when they are given the attention they deserve.

Gustavo Martinez was asked in a recent interview to talk about the kind of advice he would give to a younger version of himself. He commented that he would tell himself to be more patient and to always be interested in learning from people from varied backgrounds. Connect with Martinez on LinkedIn

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Renovia and Marc Beer Raise Millions For Women’s Health Issues

Marc Beer has been the CEO and Chairman of Renovia since 2016 and in this time he has focused his efforts on addressing pelvic floor disorder, a condition that affects 250 million women in the world. For many years, the life-altering disorder did not have that many treatment options available. Even to this day, options are still rather limited which is something that Marc Beer and Renovia hope to be able to remedy so these women can live with less severe symptoms.


Renovia’s first product was approved by the Food and Drug Administration in the United States in April of 2018. The Leva device was funded through Marc Beer’s first round of capital raising for the company. With the second round of funding that was just recently completed in 2018, Marc Beer is expecting more products to reach the approval phase. The Series B round raised around $42 million for the company that has a strong focus on women’s health issues. There were investors from the first round who were impressed by the progress Renovia was able to make already and decided to put more of their capital into current and future products with the last round.


The device that was approved earlier in 2018 was designed to help train the muscles of the pelvic floor in order to strengthen them and give patients more control over their disorder. The device uses an interactive system that connects via Bluetooth with an app. Through the use of training, the product by Marc Beer’s Renovia was designed to improve the urinary incontinence issues that are very common among people with pelvic floor disorders. Marc Beer plans to release a new version of the state of the art device using some of the recently raised funding.


Aside from the new Leva device, there are 3 other products that Marc Beer’s company is currently working on that will be progressed using the most recent funding. These devices are being designed for not only therapeutic purposes like the Leva but also for diagnostic purposes as well. The company is happy with the amount of support that it has received through funding and belief in the vision that Marc Beer has for the company. Learn more: https://www.cnbc.com/video/2013/01/23/aegerion-ceo-on-promise-of-biopharma.html


Marc Beer has been an entrepreneur in different sectors of healthcare for more than 2 decades and has built quite a reputation over the years. Because of his leadership, his companies have been able to get many of their products approved by the FDA. The CEO and Chairman of Renovia also serves in the position of Chairman for Minerva Neuroscience as of 2013 and Good Start Genetics as of 2010.


The Chainsmokers release new video

Dance pop duo, ‘The Chainsmokers have released a new single dubbed ‘side effects’. In this clip, released recently, Riverdale’s Camila Mendes features. In the video, an overworked employee is seen dancing through the unexpected shift. 

The new video, directed by Mathew Dillon Cohen has Camila Mendes acting as the hotel employee. As the video starts, he receives a call from her boss letting her know that she will be working all through the weekend. Surprisingly, Mende’s responds by ripping off her uniform and goes on to shimmy through the hotel that is visibly neon-lit to the bubbly dance pop from the Chainsmokers.

With the release of Side Effects, this marks the fifth song to be done by the pop duo this year. Other notable singles that The Chainsmokers have done this year include “You Owe Me”, “Sick Boy”, “Somebody” and “Everybody hates me”. Currently, the duo is working on their second album dubbed “Sick Boy” after the success of their breakthrough album in 2017 dubbed , “Memories…Do not Open”.

This development comes on the backdrop of a series of U.S. concerts scheduled for August through October for the duo.

Who are the Chainsmokers?

The Chainsmokers are a renowned production and DJ duo of Andrew Taggart and Alex Pall. The two credit their breakthrough to their 2014 song, #selfie that went on to become a top twenty in most charts all over the world. They released their debut EP, Bouquet back in 2015 and featured top hit like “Roses” that got to the top 10 in the U.S. Billboard hot 100. After winning several music awards that year, they went on to release their second EP, Collage in 2016 that led to the release of their first album in 2017.

According to Taggart, one half of the duo, their music can be described asblurring the lines between dance music, pop music and hip hop. They have cited several musicians as their role models and includes the likes of Linkin Park, Pharrell Williams and deadmau5. Since inception, their music has greatly influenced how the industry operates in terms of music genres.


Graeme Holm has the solutions for debt reduction

Infinity Group is helping customers to repay their banks in the quickest time possible by fixing the budgetary problems people have and ensuring that they are saving more towards the program.




Graeme Holm through the Infinity Group Australia is offering something that not many people have tested before. He has created a company that assigns personal bankers to clients. What does that mean? It means that every client has a dedicated professional who will help them come up with a budget plan that will lead to more savings which can go into loans repayment. Graeme believes that most of the things we spend money on, are not necessary and we can live without them.




Graeme Holm believes that if we saved more, we could raise more to pay debts. It is not, however, an easy thing. Very few people can manage to come up with a plan that will allow them to get the maximum benefits from the industry. Graeme Holm assigns clients of Infinity Group Australia, a personal banker who will help them come up with a budget that will solve the challenges that they face. Holm is happy about the progress made by the company so far since it is helping customers to complete bank loans that would have taken 30 years in 7-10 years.




Many people tend to think that debt consolidation is the solution to debt reduction, but this is far from the truth. Debt consolidation is just as bad as the other plans that do not shorten the loan repayment period. Debt consolidation does not alter the interest rates significantly like some people might want to think. The interest rates will still fluctuate and could be bigger than what we think. The other thing about debt consolidation is that it will extend the period needed to repay the loan. The ultimate solution that the customer wants is to repay the debt in the quickest way possible. Graeme Holm is bringing a solution that will give this alternative solution; repaying your loan in the shortest time possible.




Infinity Group Australia through Graeme Holm is offering solutions that might be of great benefit to the people if well utilized. There are so many opportunities that we can benefit from if we could fix our budgets to reflect only the essential expenses. We need to get rid of many stuff we buy which we dispose of after a short time.




Graeme Holm is working with personal bankers whom he assigns to his clients. The banker will help the client come up with a budget plan that will involve only the necessary items. The rest can go to savings and debt repayment. Through this system, many of us can be able to stay out of debt. Learn more: http://australianwomenonline.com/graeme-holm-comes-to-the-rescue-of-australian-borrowers/


The Chainsmokers Member Alex Pall Gives An Inside Look Into How The Band Has Become What They Are Today In Interview

The Chainsmokers Member Alex Pall Gives An Inside Look Into How The Band Has Become What They Are Today In Interview

The Chainsmokers are a group of members who share a passion for music and use that passion to build something strong. For Alex Pall and Andrew Taggart, they barely knew each other when they decided to join together to form the new Chainsmokers band. Andrew had originally been a member of the first group when his band mate decided to leave. When that happened, he wanted to bring someone else in and that is when he met Alex. From that point on, it was all history.

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Social media has opened doors for everyone to be able to share things that before now would have only been able to be shared among family and friends. Since the start of social media, people are able to reach out to an audience unlike ever before. The new friendships also lead to fans being able to communicate with their favorite bands, actors or actresses along with even models. For bands like the Chainsmokers, they have been able to see what their fans are up to.

The shows that the Chainsmokers are putting on are new and exciting. For the band, they love to please their fans and pleasing them around the world is something new and exciting for the band. They first started out by traveling for their first official album and since then, they have been to places that they have never been before now. Original fans are still buying tickets to shows and following them and new fans are coming along for the ride as well. Since their music is ever changing, so are the fans that are following them.

Before now, Andrew Taggart and Alex Pall have put on an exceptional show with their music but it wasn’t until just recently that the pair have begun to sing for their fans. With “Closer”, Andrew has taken to the center of their shows to sing. Before this time, their lyrics to the songs were done electronically. This upped the ball game to an incredible limit that has allowed them to remain as one of the best bands out there.


Clay Hutson, dominating the music industry

Boasting of expertise spanning to over two decades in the music industry, Clay Hutson is undoubtedly utilizing his education. Clay is the holder of a Stephen M. Ross Business School MBA and a BFA in Technical Production and Theatre Design from the University of Central Michigan.


Clay’s career journey

For almost a decade now, Clay Hutson has worked with Getagrip Touring as a production manager. He has also worked with the Ronin Event Creative Firm where he is currently the vice president of the production department. Clay is the official stage manager and rigger for the rock band, Kid Rock. He is the former automation expert and rigger for One Republic the Band. He is currently working for Halsey as a stage manager.


In 2005 he was part of the team responsible for the success of the Bleed Like Me world tour by Garbage. The tour dominated in several parts of Europe, North America, and Australia. During the whole tour period, Clay Hutson served as the monitor engineer.


In 2007, he worked with One Republic as the operator of the rigging system during their Honda Civic Tour that took place in the continents of Asia and North America. Furthermore, he has experience working with individual artists like Pink and the band Guns and Roses.


Clay currently runs an organization that provides managerial and technical services for musicians and professional event organizers. Owing to his experience, Clay mainly but not exclusively works with Rock bands and musicians.


The secret behind his success

Clay Hutson has been fortunate to gain marketing skills from working in various organizations. He has also learned that in the business, dedication and professionalism are attributes that most clients are attracted to. He has been able to create a reputation for himself for being a hard worker and paying keen attention to safety and the needs of the clients.


His perfectionist nature does not allow him any rest until he ensures that there is nothing in his way that would compromise the quality of his work. Clay Hutson is also an optimistic person who only picks positive vibes from every situation. When his employers were affected by the recession, he looked at the situation as a sign and opportunity for him to start his venture. Learn more: http://www.etnow.com/news/2017/8/ver-drives-onerepublics-honda-civic-tour-productionhttp://www.etnow.com/news/2017/8/ver-drives-onerepublics-honda-civic-tour-production