Hague Wants to Change How Real Estate is Sold

Greg Hague, of Scottsdale, Arizona is an entrepreneur first of all, but he is heavily involved in the real estate market. Part of his being a business man is shaking things up, and with his new company, Real Estate Mavericks, he hopes to change some things. In an article published on the Forbes website, he talked about his “22-step Home Launch Formula and 29-Day Fast Sale Plan” as two main ways to change things.

He said the way homes are sold has not changed in 75 years, and he wants the market to adjust to the times. Instead of just listing a house, having an open house, and hoping a buyer shows up, he wants to use more modern sales techniques. He said his program would build excitement about a home before it even gets listed. His research shows current marketing results in a 3 to 8 percent drop in home prices, below the asking price.

Before the home is listed on the market, he would like to have a pre-launch marketing campaign. He would have “drip feeds” of information about a great home coming soon into the market, to create curiosity and interest. He would also show some potential buyers the property in advance. He said people like this sort of thing, and these people are more likely to pay a higher price than if the home had already been on the market for awhile.

He suggest real estate agents send out private messages to other agents, to let them know the house will soon be on the market. This might encourage them to help arrange private showings for potential, and already qualified, home buyers. If they like the home and want it, they are more likely to pay a higher price, or be more agreeable to the asking price. He also says homes that sit unsold for a long time tend to make would be buyers think something is wrong, or it makes them think the price should be lower.

He said real estate agents accidentally hurt sellers by doing things the way they have always been done. “They’ve just never been exposed to the kind of price maximization strategies used by top retail and online marketers, and how those techniques could be applied to real estate,” he said in the article.

His company, Real Estate Mavericks” is not a real estate company. He coaches real estate agents and agencies on his methods to change the way real estate is sold. His main two programs, 22-step Home Launch Formula and 29-Day Fast Sale Plan, are the main programs his company offers. It also offers coaching to real estate agents, to teach them his programs.

He also writes a blog offering tips to his new way of doing real estate business, and has a live program on his website to help people learn his system. Hague is part motivator, and teacher, as he tries to help real estate agents catch his vision of changing the way homes are sold in America.