GoBuyside, a Recruitment Platform

Gobuyside is a renowned recruitment platform that deals with hedge funds, private investors, and investment managers across different areas. It relies on tactical approaches and technology to carry out its mandate and recruit best-fitted individuals. The platform has the competitive personnel, who search and screen candidates before recruiting them. It gives everyone a fair chance during recruitment, and this helps to ensure that only the best are selected. The team has educational credentials and professionalism, which helps GoBuyside to meet its targets. Currently, more than 400 people use the platform and trust it to meet their demands. The platform has managed to source talents for more than 500 cities and it is expanding operation in other areas. Read more at Wayup about GoBuyside.


Brandon Ferguson, a blogger at affiliatedork.com, wrote about GoBuyside recruitment solutions and what you stand to gain by using the platform. Investment managers and CEOs often express fears about finding new talent to deliver results. Most of the times, they find people who have no expertise in what they are doing or are not passionate about their work. This is where GoBuyside comes in handy to help managers to get talented individuals who not only deliver results but love what they do. Most managers are optimistic about recruiting investment management skills and talent with specific expertise. The surest way to end recruitment problems is by using recruiting experts that are in the management sector and know what they are doing. Also, it is advantageous to leave the work to experts because they will recruit only those who are qualified for the job. Learn more about GoBuyside’s founder at Interview.net.

Since GoBuyside is a search firm, alleviates the burden of searching for talented individuals fit for any role. They use practical methods to eliminate recurring issues and find specialized talent. Although using sector-specific recruitment experts instead of generalizing the process does not eliminate all the recurring issues, it is better than other options. It increases the chances of getting great investment management talent and reduces opportunity cost. GoBuyside is a great platform for managers and CEOs searching for talent and investment options. Using the platform is helpful when investment management companies choose to recruit firms with similar skills.

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