TalkSpace CEO Oren Frank: “Fighting Back”

Talkspace CEO Oren Frank has been the major contributing factor to the success of his company. Oren Frank co-founded the online therapy provider in 2012 with his wife Roni after the married couple underwent couples therapy. Oren Frank stated that he left convinced that everyone should have affordable and available therapy assistance. Since then, Talkspace has been able to reach and help over one million clients. A large majority of those clients stating that they had little to no assistance prior to their time with Talkspace Reviews. We recently sat down with Oren Frank to go a little more in-depth about himself and his management of the company. Check Talkspace Online Theraphy at

What are some habits that contributed to your success?

Work moderation, says Oren Frank. He goes on to comment on the extreme work culture seen not only in the United Staes but across the world. However, he has discovered that people who have reasonable hours and can partake in a healthy lifestyle that involves spending time with their families can lead to better work productivity.

What advice would you give young entrepreneurs?

Oren Frank advices entrepreneurs of any age to step back and take a minute to breathe and think. Stepping back from your work can allow you to refocus and see if you are truly putting the right things ahead of you. He further states that our work life often gets carried away and leads us astray from what is truly important.

What is one business idea that entrepreneurs can start working on right now?

Oren Franks strongly believes that algorithms will help uncover any corruption within the private and public sectors of business. The idea is not far to fetch as we’ve seen this technology used in the prevention of credit card identity theft. He further comments that this is one of the best methods of fighting back against a very destructive side of our culture.