Jason Hope Is Investing In A Brighter Future For Technology And Aging

Jason is a many with interest in many things, mostly pertaining to the future and what they could mean for mankind. Because of this, Jason is first and foremost a philanthropist and futurist for humanity, while also actively investing as a technology entrepreneur from his home in Scottsdale, Arizona. Jason Hope has achieved many of his goals for success in life and now he is looking to give back to the community and focus his efforts on positive growth in industries like healthcare, technology, and the internet. In 2010, Jason Hope made one of the biggest contributions of his professional career by donating 500 thousand dollars to the SENS Foundation.

This remarkable gift was able to help the organization build a new SENS Lab in the Cambridge institute with full equipment for research. His notable donation made changes possible for the SENS Foundation, but it is by no means Jason’s first or last contribution in Philanthropy. SENS stands for Strategies for Engineered Negligible Senescence and the foundation is focused on anti aging research through different approaches. Some of the major implications of this research could benefit individuals suffering from ailments such as health disease or Alzheimer’s. Rather than treating them when they arise, SENS aims to stop the diseases from ever happening in the first place.

Over the years, Jason Hope has put a lot of work into his philanthropic efforts and he has personally worked with dozens of different charities, this includes the True Colors Fund, Family Health International, The Tony Hawk Foundation, TGen Foundation, Teach For America, Worldwide Orphans Foundation, and many others. Anti-aging could have big implications in the future, but technology is the future. According to Jason targets various different areas of technology, typically in research and development of new technologies. In essence, technology can help improve human life through enjoyment and easier tasks while also allowing for a greater level of connectivity all around the world.

Alex Hern is a freelancer

Alex Hern is a freelancer professional that goes all over the world helping other companies progress in the way they should and helping starting companies get off the ground. Alex has made his career path by going to companies that are starting all over the world and helping them not just get off the ground but thrive.

Tech genius Alex stays with all of the companies he worked with until his job is complete and the company is ready to stand on their own feet for a long time and succeed for the future ahead of them. The way in which he does this is by teaching the owner and helping that owner develop a team that can help the owner as time goes on.

Now Alex has added another aspect to the business in which he is running as he is a virtual reality expert that is spreading the word to how virtual reality needs to be in the work place as it can provide so many benefits that people just don’t think about right now. In order to explain this Alex Hern says, he actually takes all of the gear in order to demonstrate exactly how meetings with a virtual reality setting work and can make the business so much more productive.


Jason Hope Continues To Educate The World About The Internet Of Things

Jason Hope has been following technology trends across a range of sectors for many years, and he has been talking about the Internet of Things (IoT) for quite some time. Many people have no idea what the IoT is, and that’s because the technology has been slowly growing in the background over the last decade, or so. The IoT has to do with any device or item that is network-enabled. The IoT includes smart homes, vehicles, household appliances, smartphones, or any device that is connected to the internet to enhance what it can do.

Jason Hope believes that the hospitality industry will be benefiting the most from the rapid expansion of the IoT, but he is also sure that many industries will benefit. He believes that while the technology will start out being mainly used in the home, that consumers will soon start demanding that it be made available to them while they’re out and about. The IoT has already been showing signs of rapid growth and is now expected to begin to earn more than $300 billion a year. This means that the combined value of the industry is more than $1.5 trillion.

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Jason Hope can clearly see that the IoT has many uses that will help people to get things done quicker and that will help them to feel more comfortable in their daily lives. The technology is already re-shaping many different industries and is expected to be solving some of the biggest issues of our time. When combined with modern artificial intelligence technology, the possibilities are endless. Jason Hope has written many different articles on the subject of the IoT and has also published the book “Understanding the Internet-of-Things Revolution: A quick guide for thriving in the IoT era,” which is full of useful information related to the subject.

Jason Hope is an Arizona native who is passionate about technology and helping people to live better lives. He has donated money to a wide range of charitable organizations and nonprofits that align with his beliefs.

Specifically, he has supported the Boys & Girls Club of Metropolitan Phoenix, The Andre Agassi Foundation, True Colors Fund, The Tony Hawk Foundation, The Mark Wahlberg Youth Foundation, and countless others.

Check more about Jason Hope: http://cityscene.org/jason-hope-the-entrepreneur-from-arizona/

Why to Expect Some New Innovations from Coriant

Two of the most popular terms in the tech industry are convergence and synergy. And this is often one of the best ways to predict how well a company will do in the future. When they show signs of excellence in either trait, or preferably both, they’ll typically be primed for some major innovations. This is why a lot of eyes are currently on a company called Coriant.

The company itself is heavily involved with multiple compatible technologies. This includes voice, data and mobile networks. One of the biggest trends in the past few years is the convergence of these technologies into a single whole. As such Coriant is perfectly situated to take advantage of these powerful trends. But one of the most signficiant aspects of convergence and synergistic processes can be found by examining the new CEO, Shaygan Kheradpir.

Much like Coriant itself, Shaygan Kheradpir brings a lot of different but compatible skills to the table. He’s had over 28 years of executive experience in the technology center. Some of the highlights of this period include time at GTE and Verizon Communications. Again, much of what makes this especially relevant is how all of the various pieces come together. He has a vast amount of technical experience in everything which Coriant is focusing on. This is in direct contrast to many executives who take on a leadership position while not having a strong grasp of the technical nature of their company.

But what makes Shaygan Kheradpir a true synergistic powerhouse is the fact that he combines a strong technical background with strong leadership skills. And even more importantly much of that leadership has been within the technical sphere. Engineers, and especially the most talented ones, tend to have a unique way of looking at the world. Executives who hope to properly lead them need to be able to understand their outlook. Shaygan Kheradpir has the ability to act as a bridge between those different aspects of the company. And in addition to this his experience with mergers allows him to guide the company as more assets are included within it’s overall sphere of influence. Together, this all points to a bright future for Coriant.

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