The Better Business Bureau Gives Accreditation To Securus Technologies

The Better Business Bureau is an organization that has been providing accreditation and ratings to companies regarding service, performance, and related activities for many years. Many people know the Better Business Bureau as a trusted organization that offers consumers a resource that is objective and fair related to companies’ business operations.


Recently the Better Business Bureau stated that Securus Technologies has been given accreditation and an A+ rating by the Better Business Bureau. The accreditation and A+ rating that Securus Technologies received from the Better Business Bureau says a lot about Securus Technologies. The recognition from the Better Business Bureau shows that Securus Technologies provides good customer service and conducts business in an acceptable fashion. View the company profile on


Consumers are interested in knowing how companies provide customer service and conduct business. The Better Business Bureau has been helping consumers by providing this type of information for a long time. With so many businesses, there needs to be organizations in place that can offer information that does not come directly from the businesses. The Better Business Bureau is one of the most well known of the organizations that provides this type of information for consumers.


Securus Technologies has worked hard to achieve a level of customer service that is among the best in its industry. The company has initiated various internal programs to improve all aspects of business operations. Securus Technologies provides services and products to agencies such as public safety. The company offers numerous products and services. These include monitoring, inmate self assistance, and communications.


Consumers look to organizations like the Better Business Bureau for reliable information concerning companies. The Better Business Bureau has been helping people regarding company information for many years. The Better Business Bureau is a trusted source by many people concerning companies.


Securus Technologies will benefit greatly from the accreditation and A+ rating the company received from the Better Business Bureau.

Securus Eliminates One More Jail Hassle

Phone calls, emails, and commissary are just a few things that inmates are able to do and use thanks to the technology that was created by Securus. The company is one that looks to help out inmates, jails, and the staff by providing the simplest solution for these common happenings in the jail. Before Securus was on the scene, inmates could only call or write their loved ones. They now have the options that they need to be able to email them and even talk to them in different ways over the phone. The email program that was created by Securus is tightly monitored and may even be easier to keep up with than the phone call programs that are provided to the inmates.

Along with these other solutions, Securus now has a program in place specifically for inmates who wish to make a complaint about the jail, the other inmates, or even the staff. They simply have to fill out automated forms when there is a problem. The forms will be sent to the correct person based on the complaint and it will be able to be taken care of in a timelier manner than if they had simply been passed along through a correctional officer.

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The program works not only for inmates who want an easier system but also for the employees of the prison. Correctional officers do not have to guess on where the complaint will go or who they need to pass it to. They are also able to focus more on their own job instead of handling complaints from the inmates. The jails will likely be safer because the officers will be able to focus their attention on the safety as well as the security of the inmates who are under their watchful eyes.

Securus Technologies Reveals its Video Visitation Downloads for Mobile Devices

We as Securus is a Dallas, Texas-based firm, which ranks highest in the provision of technological solutions for both the criminal and civil justice departments. Our technical solutions revolve around monitoring, public safety, correction, and investigation agencies.

Securus Video Calls

In recent achievements, we unveiled our latest application to allow prisoners undertake video phone conversations with their loved ones through Apple devices such as iPads as well as Android smartphones. Our newest product has achieved remarkable results since we launched it into the market. A testament to this is the high number of downloads in an excess of 60000 for the Android mobile video visitation application after launching the product in the last six months. In addition, we have witnessed tremendous success with the Apple mobile version, which garnered 5000 downloads just after releasing it to the market a week ago. Download the Google Play version of the app here.

Through our video visitation applications for both Apple and Android mobile devices, the families of incarcerated individuals can connect and share memorable moments such as birthdays and sporting activities with their loved. Consequently, this has eliminated the need for family members with inmate members to move physically to incarceration centers in a bid to see a fellow family member. Our Video Visitation application has eradicated the requirement for additional hardware, tethered computers and web cameras. In addition, mobile phones users can access our application by downloading it from the Apple Store or Google Play Store.

Information about Securus Technologies

We started our operations in 1986 as one amongst the companies, which we charged with the responsibility of rendering telephone services to United States Inmates. However, we have grown and developed better services and products relating to biometric analysis, incident management, emergency response, investigation, public information, inmate self-service, monitoring, and inmate communication. On December 30, 2015, John Bell joined us as the Senior Vice President of sales in a bid to create sales teams specializing in high-tech software to meet our growing product line. This information can be obtained from,1#axzz3x4WE3xdO

At Securus, we believe in connecting what matters with an aim of bringing both the inmates with both their friends and family members. Consequently, our Video visitation products create a more convenient way of reaching incarcerated individuals by eliminating the time taken waiting in line to talk to loved ones. Our Onsite Video Visitation allows individuals to schedule their visitation before the actual visit to save on time. In this case, individuals require creating an online account with Securus before getting started.

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